Zambrero Menu Prices in Australia

Zambrero is a Mexican fast-food restaurant based in Australia. The fast-food franchise was established in 2005 in Canberra to support humanitarian causes with the profits generated.

Zambrero has since become Australia’s number one Mexican fast-food spot.

The restaurant has grown in size and operations over the years, becoming the largest Mexican food outlet in Australia with over two hundred fully functioning restaurants across the globe today.

Zambrero Menu Prices


Zambrero Menu Prices in Australia

Menu ItemPrice

Burritos & Bowls

Small Burrito$12,40

Nachos & Tacos

Small Nachos$7,40
Soft Taco$6,30
Hard Taco$6,30
Dos Capas$6,90


Burrito IQ$18,00
Bowl IQ$18,00
Classic Burrito$14,90
Power Burrito$20,50


Classic Chikito$11,20
Chikito IQ$12,40


Vege Quesadilla$7,40
Meat Quesadilla$11,20

Corn Chips & Sides

Corn Chips$2,40
Side of Guacamole$2,50
Side of Basilo Sauce$1,30
Side of Chipotle Sauce$1,30
Side of Garlic Sauce$1,30
Side of Red Chilli Sauce$1,30
Side of Secret BBQ Sauce$1,30
Side of Tezigo Sauce$1,30
Side of Verde Sauce$1,30


Classic Meal - Classic Burrito or Bowl, 1 x Drink, 1 x Side of Corn Chips, 1 x Side of Guacamole.$24,80
Power Meal - 1 x Power Burrito or Powerbowl, 1 x Drink, 1 x Side of Corn Chips, 1 x Side of Guacamole.$28,60
Classic Duo - 2 x Classic Burritos or Bowls, 2 x Side of Corn Chips, 2 x Side of Guacamole.$39,60
Family Meal - 2 x Classic Burritos or Bowls, 2 x Kids Bowls, 2 x Drinks, 2 x Kids Drinks.$58,80
Make It A Meal - 1 x Drink, 1 x Side of Corn Chips, 1x Side of Sauce.$8,70




Soft Drinks - 300ml$5,30
Soft Drinks - 600ml$5,20
Sports Drinks$5,90
Iced Teas$5,30

Kids Menu

Kids Vege Quesadilla$3,80
Kids Meat Quesadilla$6,30
Kids Bowl$6,30
Kids Bowl IQ$7,50
Kids Nachos$6,30

Something Smaller prices

Tacos x2$9.40
Dos Capas x2$9.90
Chips & Guac$3.90
Quesadilla x2$8.90
Quesadilla (Veg) x2$5.90
Blondie or Brownie$3.90


Chicken (included)
Barbacoa Beef (included)
Pulled Pork (included)
Lamb (included)
Cauliflower (Vegan Friendly) (included)
egetarian (Guac. included / Vegan Friendly) (included)
Double Filling$4.00


Does Zambrero help with the Keto diet?

First of all, if you didn’t have the foggiest idea, the keto diet is a specific dietary routine that stresses acquiring calories from proteins or sound fats rather than carbs. 

Zambrero must have had their finger on the beat for this diet since they made it very simple to consider.

A greater part of dishes can have any types of carbs in them (like rice or corn) subbed out easily. 

They’re more than keto-accommodating as well. Zambrero likewise obliges those with a veggie lover or vegetarian diets.

They’ll even work around normal food sensitivities like gluten or dairy with uncommon gluten-free fixings or readiness techniques. 

In case you’re going there for liquor, be that as it may, you should attempt to discover an alternate cheap food joint: Zambrero doesn’t serve any. 

Is Plate4Plate On The Level?

Try not to feel awful if you’re interested in that inquiry: it is not difficult to speculate that tycoons guaranteeing they have beneficent aims probably won’t be on the up and up.

But, in any case, to the extent that we can tell, Price is genuine. 

Plate4Plate was recorded as having given 15 million dinners worldwide as of June 2017.

Value reports that he often checks on the association’s activities to ensure the dinners go where they need to go.

Hell, each Zambrero area even makes some genuine memories counter that records each supper that gets given.

So it’s something like almost guaranteed that the gifts won’t go line some rich person’s wallet. 

How affordable is Zambrero?

Everybody has a financial plan, we know. So is Zambrero reasonable for yourself and your family? 

A simple burrito at present sits at about 12 dollars, as does an exemplary burrito bowl. The quesadillas are pleasant and modest (8 dollars and 90 pennies to get two of them with meat), just like the tacos.

The sides are somewhat pricy, chips also, salsa coming in at around 7 dollars, yet these folks are generally reasonable. 

They considerably offer a modest, better twist on dessert with their muesli bars, which blends nectar muesli in with an assortment of leafy foods to make a superb sidekick piece to your feast.

These bars come in at 3 dollars each.

I am not in Australia, Is Zambrero located only in Australia?

If you have read this piece and are not located in Australia, you wish to have the Zambrero experience.

Do Not Worry; Zambrero has over 200 outlets across four countries: Australia, New Zealand, the United States of America and Ireland. 

If you are lucky enough to be in any of the countries above, you can check for Zambrero outlets there and have a taste of quality Burrito. 

If you are a resident of Australia and have yet to try out Zambrero’s food, you are missing out on a lot.

Zambrero offers the best deals when it comes to getting your quality, tasty and nutritious fast food.

Need I say more? Visit a Zambrero shop today, and you will be grateful you did.

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