Winklevoss Twins Net Worth: How Rich are the Brothers Actually?

If there is one thing you should noted about twins generally, it is the fact that they have a very powerful connection. As a result, they tend to do everything together and enjoy their own company most of the time.

Nevertheless, not many twins have attained so much achievement as a team, like the Winklevoss twins named Tyler and Cameron. If their names ring a bell, then you will know them as the twins involved in the sage with Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg.

They were born on the 21st of August 1981 in Southampton, New York. The Winklevoss Twins grew up in Greenwich, Connectivity and loved the company of one another.

Also, from the onset, it was pretty clear that they would be a great team.

While Cameron is left-handed, Tyler is right-handed. They have formed a pretty cohesive unit that has made them excel at everything they did together. This includes playing music and building Lego sets.

Their father is a mathematician, actuary and professor named Howard. He had lots of books that made him successful, and he works as a consultant with diverse investment firms and companies.

Note that Howard’s mathematical approach was unique and helped organizations deal with risk assessments. He went on to establish a net worth of over $200 million.

This gave his sons an upper-class lifestyle. Their father married Carol née Leonard, though it is unclear what she does for a living.


The net worth of The Winklevoss Twins


Full NameCameron and Tyler Winklevoss
Birth DateAugust 21, 1981
Birth PlaceSouthampton, New York, U. S.
ProfessionCryptocurrency and Bitcoin Investor
Relationship StatusN/A
Net Worth$6 billion


Winklevoss twins have a combined net worth of roughly two billion dollars. They have earned so much from diverse investments such as bitcoin trading and their Winklevoss capital management company in 2012.

They have their Gemini currency exchange company and even did well with their real estate investment.

The inception of Winklevoss Twins Career - Winklevoss Twins Net Worth


The inception of Their Career

Since they lived together as twins already, the Winklevoss twins chose identical academic journeys. They had interests in languages like Ancient Greek and Latin in high school. In addition, they both loved the classical piano.

In 2004, they graduated from Harvard with an A.B in Economics. Even though they began rowing in high school, they became better at it in college and joined the popular God’s squad.

More so, they joined the Hasty Pudding Club and Porcellian Club. Finally, they moved to Oxford Said business school together and stayed closely united all through.

They got an MBA from Oxford, which made them proud of all they have ever achieved. Furthermore, the twins created Harvard Connect with Divya Narendra.

Even though it is not popularly known, it has made it easier for students to be linked through a virtual platform. Within a short while, the school expanded it to other schools, and the twins rebranded the name to ConnectU.


Evolution Of The Twins

Evolution Of The Winklevoss Twins : Winklevoss Twins Net Worth


More so, their platform could not grow as they expected because Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook. It was made known that Mark stole their idea to create Facebook in no time, and it even became a court case.

The true story to all of these is that they hired Mark to help with programming, and he advised them to keep it private till the whole programming was completed.

But unfortunately, they were unaware that he was delaying theirs while creating his social network app. The twins were lucky to have enough evidence proving their claim.

When a lawsuit was filed against Mark, Facebook had already successfully switched over the social network world. However, they won their lawsuit in 2008 and were paid sixty-five million dollars as their settlement fee.

The twins spent eleven million dollars of the cash in buying 110000 Bitcoins. And, they made a total of $1.2 billion from selling it. This turned them into instant billionaires to this day.




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