What Fast Food Places are Open 24 Hours?

While fast food is not rated among the healthiest cuisine generally, it also should not be eaten every day. However, if you need a swift and sumptuous meal when the majority of the companies out there are closed, we will be providing you with some places you can count on.

These places are open twenty-four hours every day. Although you will find most McDonald’s restaurants open for twenty-four hours, some of them are not open. It is dependent on if the restaurant is a franchise and your area of residence.

When you crave good food right in the middle of the night, which restaurant do you turn to? Which fast-food business do you know that is open 24/7 daily?

Today is your lucky day as we have compiled a list for you to have in mind. Irrespective of whether you are with friends on a date or alone with a grumbling tummy, there are diverse late-night restaurants that will serve a minimum of their half menus into the early hours of the morning.

Some practically stay for the full twenty-four hours. You will find lots of breakfast or late-night alternatives out there. Interestingly, they range from Pizza and fast food to sandwiches and taco restaurants.

N.B: If the main building does not open until the hours for shopping the fast-food restaurants in these shopping malls and certain shopping centers will not be able to function.

Also, they cannot stay open for twenty-four hours daily. However, the Burger King on a very busy street or highway will most certainly be open for its daily business.

24 Hours Food Places

Some of the food places that will attend to you for twenty-four hours daily are:

1. Waffle House

waffle house - According to their website, each of their locations is open twenty-four hours daily.

According to their website, each of their locations is open twenty-four hours daily. And, this is for the whole year. Waffle House is the go-to spot if you need home-cooked meals at very affordable prices. It is a very prominent chain restaurant.

The amazing thing about Waffle House’s menu is that there is no difference between when you get in to order during the day and when you make your way there at midnight. This means that though the restaurant serves its breakfast, lunch, and supper, you can get these meals available at any time of the day you visit.

In other news, if you need a T-bone steak by 3 am, a T-bone steak you shall get at Waffle House. And when you need it at dinnertime, you are sure to get it.

2. Denny’s

For those unaware, Denny’s is kept open twenty-four hours daily for the whole week. This includes its delivery service. If you want their grand slam breakfast at any time of the day, you can get it delivered to your home swiftly.

However, if you want your food hot and need to visit Denny’s, the chain locations are always available to listen to your demands.

3. Jack in the Box

Jack in the Box has 2250 restaurants and they are open twenty-four hours all through the week

Jack in the Box has 2250 restaurants and they are open twenty-four hours all through the week. Plus, they offer drive-thru services, dine-in options, take-out options, and of course, delivery.

Before 2013, their drive-thru sales accounted for most of the revenues they gathered during the late nights. For customers to be able to dine in after 9 pm, they modified their atmosphere from 9 pm to 5 pm.

They also made plans for a special late-night menu plus special combinations were made for people who came in after drinking outside. For mornings, they had items on their menu like burgers with sriracha curly fries or burgers with grilled cheese sandwiches for buns.

4. Steak ’n Shake

The majority of Steak ‘n Shake shops out there are left open for twenty-four hours weekly. They are known for their handmade milkshakes and steak burgers. The entire menu is accessible for the whole twenty-four hours.

This means that you can have anything you want to be delivered to you, or as a take-out meal and even dine-in. Sadly, Steak ‘n Shake only offers breakfast sandwiches, breakfast sides and breakfast plates from 6 am to 11 am.

So, if you are interested in eating eggs and bacon by midnight, this is not the option for you. Well, the rest of the items on the menu are still very much accessible.

5. Dunkin

Dunkin’ doughnuts - shop are left open all through the day that is 24 hours.

Previously known as Dunkin’ doughnuts, some outlets of this coffee and doughnut shop are left open all through the day that is 24 hours. But, some are closed. They have more than eight thousand locations all over the US.

So, you will surely have the opportunity to find one branch that opens for twenty-four hours around your neighborhood. Differing from the menus of other fast-food restaurants, Dunkin’s menu features more traditional and premium sandwiches, doughnuts, cold and hot beverages.

If you are among those that are always on the go, some of their shops offer drive-thru services.

6. Whataburger’s

Judging from their page, they have eight hundred Whataburger’s locations and all of them are left open for 24hours daily. Although you can access all they have on their menu at any time you wish, their special breakfast menu is only made available at certain times.

One good news is that it is open from the hours of 11 pm to 11 am. This means that if you want a pancake plate of the breakfast on a bun, you can order it or pick it up at their local store before the socially acceptable time for breakfast.

7. McDonald’s

Most of the McDonald’s locations are left open 24/7.

Most of the McDonald’s locations are left open 24/7. You can choose to visit them or you can order your meals via UberEats. Nevertheless, not all of their locations are left open 24/7 but a whopping twelve thousand McDonald’s locations in the US are open for 24 hours. This is roughly ninety percent.

As for the remaining ten percent, they close after 11 pm and open up by 6 am. The reason for this is because of low customer traffic. So, they will not be making any profits if they open past the usual business hours.

Some of the staff in these locations have claimed nobody comes to the restaurant when they used to open 24/7.

8. Subway

This restaurant is known to have surpassed McDonald’s in 2011 when it came down to global locations. This was nine years after Golden Arches surpassed Subway when it came to locations in the US.

Anyway, if you are up late and hungry, we are positive you will find a Subway sub. Most of them stay open till noon or midnight, while some open for 24 hours.

9. Wendy’s

The operation of each Wendy’s tend to differ from franchise to franchise.

The operation of each Wendy’s tend to differ from franchise to franchise.

However, it is quite easy to find out the time they are open so that you can eat during the late nights. In a bid to find out the nearest after-hours Wendy’s, you just need to click on the option tagged “open late” on their location filter.

Their menu features some of the best spicy and hot dishes for those who love spicy cuisine.

10. Krystal

If you never knew, Krystal is regarded ad the second oldest fast food restaurant in the US. The restaurant is known to specialize in making square hamburgers even though ut serves corn pups and puppies.

Some of its restaurants are left open for 24 hours while some others close by 10 pm.

11. Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme

Although some of its stores close by 9 pm, you can always find some open till midnight especially during the weekends.

Their doughnuts are made in diverse flavors from exotic to traditional.

12. IHOP

Most of the IHOP locations are left open for 24hours. Note that, its shops are compulsorily open until Friday and Saturday by midnight. Then, opens on Sunday and Thursday at 10 am.

When you join its E-club and register your birth date, you will get a free bag of its popular Rooty Tooty Fresh’N Fruity pancakes.

13. Buffalo Wild Wings

Most times, Buffalo Wild Wings stays free until midnight if you want some late-night sauces and wings.

Some of its restaurants do not close till 1 am. When you get there at night, you can order some burgers and non-buffalo dishes.

14. Perkins

Its three hundred and sixty-eight shops are open in the US. And, most of them operate for 24 hours daily. However, some of them close pretty late, especially on weekends.

You can join Perkins’ E-club and receive a twenty percent discount on any order you make next. During birthdays, you will receive presents for kids under twelve in your home.

During birthdays, you will receive presents for kids under twelve in your home.

15. White Castle

White Castle has been noted over time to be the inventor of the slider. Plus, its tiny square burgers have been in existence for close to a century.

While some of its sites are left open for 24hours daily, however, they stay till midnight on Friday and Saturday nights.


16. Yum-Yum Donuts

This is another alternative to the popular Dunkin’ Donuts. Yum-Yum Donuts has a huge bakery and vast selection of deli sandwiches and breakfast. Interestingly, its locations have been open 24/7 since 1971.

On a general note, if you need a fast food place that is open for 24 hours, make a wild selection from our list.

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