Towbar Prices And Installation Cost In Australia

Towbars are of incredible advantages for your vehicle(s). They do not only serve to do their primary purpose of towing exceptionally well, but many attachments also are available to use as kayak holders, bike racks, and more.

Mostly, new vehicles aren’t fitted with a towbar but can be purchased as an additional add-on during the sales process. Although truthfully, the stated method will cost you much more. So as such, a 3rd party towbar is recommended. 

If you already own a vehicle – great! Time to get that towbar attached.

Two components come together to form the total installation price of the towbar: the towbar itself and the labor required to install it. The total cost is determined by the car, the kind of towbar, and the capacity of the towbar you desire to get.

Towbar Prices And Installation Cost In Australia

You can get a little guide as much as it cost and the installation price list:

  • November 2019 – Updated prices on the towbar.
  • November 2018 – Prices that seem to have slightly increased across several cities. Our team has confirmed this with further research into several specific installers in the major cities.
  • June 2018 – Price has not changed in the past six months.


Towbar Type

Light Weight (1200kg-1600kg)$329
Medium Weight (1600kg-2000kg)$440
Heavy Weight (2000kg+)$520


Towbar Installation Cost$200

What is included in the towbar installation?


The towbar and the installation are included. One little thing that some people aren’t aware of, which is “the tow ball isn’t part of the towbar.” The tow ball is a shiny chrome spherical in shape attachment which is always obviously seen affixed to the towbar.

Towball Attachment

One major thing to be sure of is if the Towball attachment is included in the price or not beforehand. Nothing is worse than agreeing to the installation while you believe the tow ball is inclusive when it is not. Then you get surprised with the extra charge of $200 


It’s always advisable to know the electrical components are sorts as well. Most times, they are brake lights and indicators that come with the trailers and a variety of other items that would be towed.

Depending on what you be towing, you may require some custom electrical work. So you are to decide if you want to purchase the towbar at one place, then get the custom electrical work purchased at another location, or look for one place that’ll be able to do it all at once.


Towbar Prices And Installation Cost In Australia


Lastly, one of the essential considerations you should take is the warranty and guarantee with the towbar.

You want to be towing half of your entire savings backward when you take a look back, and rather than seeing your trailer, it’s just a route of carnage. So instead, ensure you’re gaining a superior quality product with a long-enduring warranty or guarantee 

It will help you ensure the price you pay for the installation initially won’t be the start of many troubles to come further down the road as the towbar is being used for towing. 

One of the susceptible means you can make use of this yourself is to be involved in a highly estimated enterprise firstly.

Good Luck

Excellent – now you have a little knowledge or more about the cost of installing a towbar, you’re more prepared for when you decide to get an accurate quote.


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