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Tim Stokely Net Worth: How Rich is the CEO of OnlyFans Actually?


Tim Stokely is a British tech entrepreneur best known for being the founder and current CEO of the platform called OnlyFans, a billion-dollar company. Stokely has been part-taking in several entrepreneurial ventures, but OnlyFans has been his most successful venture after launching in 2016. As of 2021, Tim Stokely’s net worth is around $150 million.

Full Name: Tim Stokely

Birth Date: July of 1983

Birth Place: Harlow, Essex, United Kingdom

Profession: Tech Entrepreneur

Relationship Status: N/A

Net Worth: $150 million

Early Life

Tim Stokely grew up with his siblings. His father’s name is Guy Stokely, who has been very successful in finance; he already previously worked as a Barclays Investment Banker.

After his high school studies, Tim went to Anglia Ruskin University, where he graduated with Property and Surveying.

Tim has had a keen interest in entrepreneurship from a very tender age seen since his days in school. During that period, he came up with the idea of getting orders from a fish & chips shop and selling the food to his friends by taking a margin.

Tim Stokely Net Worth and Career

Tim Stokely Net Worth and Career


Tim worked on many ideas related to the adult industry by creating internet platforms. Some of his businesses included GlamGirls as well as Customs4U. Finally, though, he would decide to start OnlyFans in 2016 with the help of a small loan from his father.

His father had said that this would be the last loan he’d give to Tim, so he made use of it by ensuring he didn’t make the same mistakes as in his earlier businesses.

Tim was already aware of what would work best through his previous experiences, which led to him building some fantastic features in OnlyFans, such as a referral system for the fans. Over time, this internet platform started to catch on among people.

Today, more than 2 million creators are already on the platform, which shows its vast popularity. However, some have criticized his venture for being known for its sexually explicit content.

In addition, the payment partners that he currently works with are starting to have problems with this. As a result, Tim’s OnlyFans has updated its policies on banning sexually explicit images and video.

Tim may need to pivot his plan for OnlyFans, but that might be challenging considering that a significant majority of the platform’s success has been the sexually explicit images and videos that the creator posts.


Personal Life

Tim has kept his relationship status, so it is unclear if he is still single or in a relationship.

However, Tim’s life is revealed on all his social media platforms, where it is obvious he is living a life of luxury. He lives in Hertfordshire in a reportedly worth $3.4 million mansion.

He is also involved in some of the most expensive bars and clubs. In addition, according to his Linkedin profile, Tim is also a big fan of the New England Patriots and loves to watch the matches of West Ham United. 

Tim Stokely Personal Life



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Tim Stokely Net Worth

As of 2021, Tim Stokely has a calculated net worth of almost $100 million. OnlyFans takes a monthly subscription to fans for the content of their favourite creators.

In this process, the company takes 20% from the creators. It is how Tim has built an enormous empire by monetizing the creators’ content directly through subscriptions.

His huge net worth is not a surprise, considering OnlyFans has done more than $1 billion in revenue and is multiplying.


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