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Tia Clair Toomey Net Worth 2022 – Income, Wiki, Height, Weight, Bio


The Australian weightlifter and CrossFit games athlete Tia Clair Toomey has a net worth of three million dollars. So when you seek the fittest female athletes globally, Tia’s name will surely come to people’s minds.

One thing to note about Tia is that she is among the finest athletes globally that have won lots of medals all through her career. As a result, Tia has a considerable fan base in Australia and other countries.

Bear in mind that she has more than 1.7 million fans that follow her on Instagram. She amassed fame after she participated in the Crossfit games. This was the turning point she had in her career.

Aside from all these, Tia has a YouTube channel named Tia-Clair Toomey & Shane Orr was created on the 31st of March 2017, and she has more than 180k subscribers.


Net Worth Of Tia Clair Toomey

Based on some sites, Tia is worth three million dollars, and she is regarded as the number one Crossfit athlete globally that has won lots of games in the history of Crossfit.

Her monthly income is over $12k, and she has won the champion medals for Crossfit roughly four times. As expected, her net worth increases yearly. Bear in mind that Tia’s yearly income is roughly $340k.

Most of her income are from her businesses, the fitness industry and interestingly, she wrote a book tagged How I Became The Fittest Woman On Earth: My Story.

As far as we can tell, she earned much from this book. Moreover, she charges money from diverse brands to endorse their brands. She also promotes lots of fitness brands as well as their products.

As a result, she makes good cash from her endorsements. Tia’s net worth as of 2019 was $1.4 million, and it grew to two million in 2020; however, by 2021, it was pegged at $2.5 million.

Currently, it sits pretty at three million dollars.


NameTia Clair Toomey
Net Worth 2022 $3 Million
Monthly Salary $ 12,000 +
Yearly Income $ 414,000
Profession Fitness Trainer, CrossFit athlete
Zodiac SignCancer


Personal Life And Career

updated Net Worth Of Tia Clair Toomey

Born on the 22nd of July 1993 into a Christian family in Nambour, Queensland, Australia, Tia will be 29 years old in 2022.

She schooled at the Western Cape College in Australia and graduated from the Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia. Tia has two younger sisters, but no one knows their names.

For fans who truly want to know, Tia is married to Shane Orr. Shane is a head coach, strategist and mentor in the Crossfit industry. She met Shane when she was in high school, and they got married in 2017.

In 2019, they both moved to Cookeville, Tennesse. Since her high school days, Tia has always dreamed of being an athlete. And she began her career in CrossFit competitions games in 2013.

At the start of her career, she learned the fundamentals of weightlifting during her Crossfit sessions. Tia qualified for regionals by the coming year though she was ranked eighteenth in the Australian regional.

In 2015 and after two years of working hard, she qualified for the Crossfit games and became the runner up of the show. This turned her career around, and she was tagged Rookie of the Year.

By 2017, she won her first Crossfit Games in a powerful finish where she beat Kara Webb by two points. This was a shocking occurrence for the two athletes.

By the following year, Tia also won the Crossfit games and received many medals. In 2021, Tia participated in the Crossfit Games and broke all of the records when she set a new record of thirty-three event wins.

Aside from these, she appeared in the Commonwealth Games and won gold in 128 pounds event. Furthermore, Tia is the brand ambassador of ‘NOCCO, a leading sports and performance drink company.

She also endorses brands like A Shoe brand NOBULL, ‘PRVN and plenty more.


Her Diet

If you are interested in knowing what she eats, Tia eats about 2900 calories daily to fuel her training.

She has shared her meal plan on her YouTube channel several times.

She lives a sophisticated lifestyle with Shane in Nashville, Tennessee.

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