Tesla Powerwall 2 Prices in Australia

Tesla Powerwall is one of the most known home battery systems available on the market today. With the Powerwall 2 being the most recent model – how much does a Tesla Powerwall 2 cost, and is it worth installing one? Let’s find out!

Here are the recent Powerwall 2 batteries in Australia:

price list

UnitPrice (AUD)
Powerwall 2$10,000
Powerwall 2 Supporting Hardware$1,700
Powerwall 2 [fully installed]$12,500 - $15,000

What is the Powerwall 2?

The Powerwall’s target is to be the ender of the traditional electrical grid. It” s a self-contained battery system that saves energy from the sun by installing solar panels on the roof and spreading it out on request.

Practically, as long as the sun keeps shining and rising from the east and goes down at the west – this Tesla power system could give all electricity needed in a home. In addition, the Tesla power system can provide electricity during the day via solar panels and at night from the stored energy.

By Tesla’s website, the Powerwall is 100% self-powered on a regular day. Meaning the unit will continuously produce more power than you use during the day (unless you are running a Bitcoin mine) and keeps the energy in its battery for usage by the time sun’s gone down to rest, so you’ll never be out of power.

Each unit weight is 125kg and can be daisy-chained to fit ten teams within a single home. To get the amount Tesla recommends you install, you can use their calculator to calculate.   

Tesla Powerwall 2 Prices in Australia

What are the Powerwall 2’s main benefits?

We’ve mentioned a few of the significant benefits so far, but let’s put it all together into something a little easier to understand.

Here are its main advantages:

  • Power storage –  The solar panels do not only give you power by the day alone. The storage capacity of the Powerwall 2 will enable you to keep using the power also at night.
  • Little maintenance – It was designed with a carefree lifestyle in mind. It requires very minimal maintenance to keep the system functioning smoothly.
  • End cost –  Initially, the price may be high; later on, it will be discovered that it saves more as the cost will be reduced though it may be worthwhile to wait a little longer.

How much will you save on electricity?

Unfortunately, there’s no accurate answer to the question. How much it saves depends on sunrises, the panels’ efficiency, the number of power walls installed, and a range of other factors.

Tesla Powerwall 2 Prices in Australia

How soon will the price go down?

 The question can be answered depending on how long the soon is. If you are referring to the next 1 or 2 years, it’s unlikely we’ll see a significant enough drop in the cost of the Powerwall 2 to make the wait worthwhile. That is, rather than just going out and getting it anytime you want it.

With that being said, if you’re checking through the market, searching for various types of units, with one of the Powerwall 2 inclusive, we would recommend you wait for another 3 to 5 years more.

Sure, Tesla is one of the forerunners in the home battery market, but that means the market itself is yet to be mature, and prices are still high.

Several other international organisations are getting their feet in LG Chem’s industry – the most significant chemical company in South Korea.

  • Sonnen –Presently leading the home energy storage systems market in Germany
  • Simplify Power – US-based company with a head office in California

As the industry is still growing, competitors are not consistent. One of those recently industry parting way is the Mercedes-Benz calling it quits as they failed to keep up with the ever-innovating market.

What’s the catch?

Though it is not wise to get power wall 2 installed by yourself, technology is constantly and exponentially developing. It has just hit the consumer markets within the past few years of existence.

We expect prices to dramatically reduce shortly, especially the Powerwall 2 as it becomes more accepted.

In addition to that,  with other designers entering the market, providing an extensive range of solar-powered home battery depository units to choose from, expect to see a race to the bottom in the pricing department—a great win for the Australian end consumer.


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