Tella Balls menu prices in Australia

Tella Balls is a fast-food outlet that specializes in doughnut creations. The Tella Balls menu features the world-famous Tella Balls and the original Tella Ball shake. You can wash these delicious doughnuts down with hot coffee or tea.

Tella Balls have menu items in Drinks, Sweet Crepes, Waffles, Pancakes, Dessert, Kids, Sundaes, Gelato, and Shakes

Underlisted is their menu and price list, which is as current as of December 2021;



Burgers & Savoury Crepes

Tella Classic
Angus Beef patty, iceburg lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, pickles, topped with our burger and American cheese sauce.

$14.00- -

Chicken Schnitty
Crumbed schnitzel breast fillets with shoe string fries and tomato sauce.

$14.00- -

Grilled Chicken
Chicken breast fillets, slaw, avocado, and chipotle sauce.

$14.00- -

Double or Nothing
Two Angus Beef patties, free range fried eggs, pickles, onions, BBQ, and American cheese sauce.

$16.00- -

Our Desserts - Classics

Club Tella
Four pancakes, melted nutella®, strawberries, banana, crushed peanuts, cadbury flake, poco wafers and vanilla bean gelato.

$25.00- -

Nutella Lasagne
Chocolate mousse with fresh cream, chocolate biscuit layers, lashings of nutella® and vanilla bean gelato.

$15.00- -

Oreo Shake
Premium blended oreo shake, dipped in white chocolate, sprinkled with crushed oreos - inside and out.

$9.00- -

Monte Carlo
Vanilla and strawberry gelato, monte carlo® biscuit, Belgian milk and white chocolate shavings, poco wafer and drizzled with fresh strawberry coulis.

$14.00- -

Banana Split
Nutella® gelato, vanilla bean gelato, whipped cream, nutella® crushed peanuts and chocolate shavings.

$12.00- -

Original tella ball with nutella® gelato, topped with extra nutella® and crushed cadbury flake®.

$12.00- -

Our Desserts - Signatures

Donut kebab style bun, white, and milk Belgian chocolate, rotisserie shavings, strawberries, banana, whipped cream, and lashings of nutella®.

$12.00- -

Waffle Burger
Two scoops of vanilla gelato, sandwiched between two waffles, lashings of nutella® with strawberries and banana.

$22.00- -

The World Famous Tella Ball - From
Our world famous tella ball.

$5.00- -

Giant Gelato Bowl
Four scoops of assorted gelato, whipped cream, cotton candy, kinder bueno®, ferrero rocher®, fairy floss, assorted lollies, and sprinkles.

$25.00- -

The Original Tella Ball Shake
Our world famous tella ball is placed on top of the most delectable nutella® milkshake.

$11.00- -

Our Desserts - Waffles, Crepes & Pancakes

Melted nutella®, fresh strawberries, banana and vanilla bean gelato.

$18.00- -

Golden Gaytime
Golden gaytime® gelato, golden sauce and golden gaytime® crumb.

$18.00- -

Tim Tam
Belgian milk chocolate, tim tams, fresh strawberries fairy floss, poco wafers and chocolate gelato.

$18.00- -

Choc Fruit & Art
Melted Belgian milk and white chocolate, fresh strawberries, fresh banana, and fresh kiwifruit.

$18.00- -

Happy Choc
One buttermilk pancake topped with melted Belgian chocolate, fresh strawberries and vanilla bean gelato.

$12.00- -

White Belgian chocolate, strawberries, coconut, marshmallows, fairy floss, vanilla bean gelato, with a raffaello® tella ball.

$22.00- -


Hot Chocolate with Nutella
$6.00- -

Belgian Hot Chocolate
$6.00- -


English Breakfast Tea
$4.50- -

Earl Grey Tea
$4.50- -

Peppermint Tea
$4.50- -

Chamomile Tea
$4.50- -

Sencha Green Tea
$4.50- -


About Tella Balls restaurant

The Tella Balls is a contemporary dessert bar, having four years of industry experience. Two innovative visionaries founded it in Sydney, Simon Kappatos and Aki Daikos.

They visualized a lovely place where people flock together to satisfy their wildest dessert desires and keep coming back for even more. Tella Balls started its operations in 2016, where the founders established their first store in Canterbury Road, Dulwich Hill, in Sydney.

They chose this location intending to harness the perks of the evolving hospitality industry in the area. Since they launched in 2016, Tella Balls have been growing very fast.

They opened a second store in Moore Park Entertainment Quarter and the third one in Concord. Presently, they operate ten stores in areas with high traffic and convenient conditions. They even have many awards for their incredible service and premium quality desserts.

Tella Balls have reshaped and reimagined the game with new desserts beyond your regular favourites; they have also transformed the typical meal into delicious desserts. Rolling ahead, Aki and Simon have intentions to open more stores in Australia and beyond.

Tella Balls specializes in desserts and is well known for their brioche doughnut style ball, which they serve in various flavours.

Tella Balls menu prices in Australia

Most of their desserts come with the special ingredient, Nutella, spread over crepes, pancakes, waffles, doughnut ice cream cones and served alongside favourites like Ferrero Rocher, Kit Kat, Oreo, Kinder Bueno, Cadbury Flake, and more. Enhance the flavour with add-ons like whipped cream, crushed peanuts, and chocolate pearls.

Do not miss out on their exciting Nutella lasagne. Ice cream lovers can try out the Gelato cones or sundaes. For drinks, guests choose tea, milkshakes, smoothies, soft drinks, and coffee.

Tella Balls also have a bunch of sweet treats for kids and a set of gluten-free and vegan options.

If you are more into savoury, try out their burgers and savoury crepes along with some sides like Buffalo Wings and Shoe String Fries. Delicious desserts, blended with the artistic design and friendly ambience at Tella Balls, give you a unique dessert experience.

If you are searching for a fantastic dessert restaurant in Sydney, without a doubt, Tella Balls are the place for you.

Tella Balls menu prices in Australia


I heard about Tella balls from a friend in Australia and got such a good review; it was a top reference from her when she found out I’d be visiting. Getting to Australia, she picked me up at the airport and surprised me by driving to Tella balls for a take-out.

I couldn’t wait to see what all the fuss was all about. I noticed the doughnut with a chocolate filling, the packaging was lovely and the aroma made a good impression, but I couldn’t wait to taste it.

I did! the only word I can use to express it is outstanding. Personally, it was a wonderful welcoming surprise.

I recommend Tella balls if you are a fan of desserts. You won’t regret it.



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