Tate McRae Net Worth: How Rich is Canadian Singer Actually?

Tate McRae is a very talented Canadian dancer and singer. She became a well-known figure when she appeared on So You Think You Can Dance, an American reality show.

You may know Tate from her hit single “You broke me first”.


Net worth Of Tate McRae

Some people claim she has an estimated net worth of roughly $800000. Others claim it is approximately $4.8m. However, this $4.8m net worth is based on her YouTube advertising revenue.

Yearly, she earns an estimate of $1.2 million, and on YouTube, she gets more than $667.04 thousand views daily.

Note that monetized YouTube channels can generate income by playing adverts for each thousand video views. Averagely, YouTube channels can earn between three to seven dollars for every one thousand video views.

With these estimates, Tate McRae can reach $80.04 to $2.16m yearly. Nevertheless, it is pretty unusual for stars on YouTube to depend on one source of revenue.

Most successful YouTubers have sponsors, earning more by promoting their products. They can also attend speaking presentations.

Net worth Of Tate McRae

Early Life and Career

Born on the 1st of July 2004 in Calgary, Albert, to a German mother and Scottish father, Tate spent her early childhood in Oman. While she lived in Oman, she learned how to dance from her mom.

By the age of six, she began training in recreational dance. As she grew up, she became very interested in dancing. She went on to participate in some dance competitions with Drewitz Dance Productions.

Tate McRae has successfully trained herself in every dance form from the YYC dance project company. Tate’s mom owned this dance company. She further took classes on ballet from the school of Alberta Ballet.

Known as a dancer, she managed to grab lots of awards, beginning from the 2013 dance awards. Tate also danced in platinum-certified single tagged Rule The World.

Furthermore, she got the Best female dancer award at the 2017 dance awards for the second time.

And she won it for the third time in the 2018 dance awards. She managed to earn vast recognition when she reached the finale on the So You Think You Can Dance show.

She is recognized as the first Canadian to be a finalist on the show. Aside from dancing, she is a gifted singer and her first single, One Day, was able to gain thirty-five million views on YouTube.

The song was a certified Gold in Canada, and after such early success, she continually uploads self-written songs on her YouTube channel.

Her songs Dear Parents and Dear Ex Best Friend were very popular. After releasing some hit singles on YouTube, Tate was noticed by RCA Records, and they signed her under their label in 2019 August.



On the 24th of January 2020, she released five tracks from her first EP titled All the Things I Never Said. The release of her debut EP gained her a new success height, and the Tear Myself Apart single became a big hit alongside All My Friends Are Fake.

These singles have managed to garner over sixty million streams on Spotify. She continued her successful journey in 2020 with the new single, You Broke Me First. This song was from her second untitled EP.

It got a massive response from music lovers, and she went on to release Vicious, her second EP, in 2020 June. She featured Lil Mosey, the American rapper. In addition, a big hit song from her R U OK album was released in 2020 December.

It got to reach billboard’s list of ten cool new pop songs of that week. It further peaked at the nineteenth spot on the hot singles chart in New Zealand.

While she is still single, everyone knows that she is more focused on her career. As a result, she has a huge fan base on Instagram and YouTube.

Her subscribers on YouTube are up to 3.19 million, and her Instagram has 1.4 million followers.


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