Tasmania Zoo Prices in Australia

The entire world is aware of the island thanks to a single animal – the Tasmania Devil. Though the Tasmanian Zoo has more than a few of the gorgeous little beasts waiting for you to come and visit them. Here are the latest Tasmania Zoo prices.

Of course, if you are thinking of visiting Tasmania and checking the Zoo, or if you’re already in Tasmania, you’ll want to know how much it will cost to get in.

Tasmania Zoo Prices in Australia

Here are the current entry prices for Tasmania Zoo:


Entry Ticket

Children (2-15)$17.00
Adult (16+)$29.50
Seniors (valid ID required)$26.00
Students (valid ID required)$26.00
Group rates are available. Please contact Tasmania Zoo directly for them.

On top of the fantastic rates you see in the table above, there are further discounts for those on school tours, coming from childcare centres or any standard educational facility.

Are you taking a tour on a bus across Tasmania? Lucky you, they have discounts set up and ready to go for the whole bus as well.

*They accept all forms of payment except for American Express and Diners Club.

Tasmania Zoo Opening Hours

The Zoo is always open from 9:00 am – 4:30 pm.

About The Zoo

One of their main selling points- we’re sure you’ll be sold on it – is that Tasmania Zoo is the only Zoo in Tasmania to be fully accredited. As a result, they also have the most extensive collection of Tasmanian natives in the states.

You’ll find the Zoo situated in the island’s northern part, around 10km west of Launceston. From Hobart, it’ll take you about 2 hours and 30 minutes to drive up there. However, it’s well worth it.

Tasmania Zoo Map Location

Unlike other zoos, it looks like Tasmania Zoo, unfortunately, doesn’t offer membership for extra-keen visitors. So if you are looking to check out the exotic animals quite regularly, you’re going to have to pay the entry price each time.

Of course, visit enough, and you’ll likely become friends with the workers. Hell – you could even get yourself a job there if you’re that keen!

In July 2017, the first of the endangered species of Red Panda arrived at the Zoo. There are plans to rejuvenate the species and bring them back up to a healthy population.

Altogether, Tasmania Zoo houses a massive 1000+ individual animals, spanning 100 species. Parrots, reptiles, cats, monkeys, mammals, and more.

Tasmania Zoo Prices in Australia


The Zoo itself has much more than simply animals to keep you entertained for the day. And you’re always welcome to bring along with your picnic and take full advantage of the beautiful Australian bush setting.

They even have a specific area of the Zoo set aside for picnics and BBQs. Perfect for taking a midday break and letting the kids run around for a bit.


Feeling a little hungry, are you taking in the animals?

No problem. Head to Meerkat Munchies cafe and top up your tank with a vast selection of hot/cold delights and beverages.

Entry To Tasmania Zoo

Gift Shop

No zoo is complete without its very own gift shop. And with each Zoo in the world being unique from one another, the souvenirs you’ll find in each of their gift shops follow suit.

The gift shop is Tasmania Zoo is jam-packed to the top with a massive range of merchandise. Magnets, caps, stuffed toys, postcards, T-shirts, postcards, and more. You name it – they’ve got it.

A perfect place to pick up something small for your friends back home. Who wouldn’t love a little Tasmania Devil plush toy?

Tasmanian Devil Plush Toy

Just look how adorable that is!

Tasmania Zoo Prices in Australia


As we like to do, we took to the internet to see what a few people had to say about their experience.

Their Google review listing had plenty to choose from, and it was tough only to select a few. But we doubled down and got the job done.

Here are a few that we found:

Fantastic day out close and interactive with animals well worth a visit dinosaur enclosure very well done….entry admission affordable surprised to find out no government help


It was a pleasant surprise by how large the Zoo is. It has a variety of animals and reptiles, and the zookeepers are knowledgeable. Meerkats would have to be my favourite. – Tris Long

Tassie Devil was feeding well to watch. It can get nice and close to most animals. Can interact with the baby animals. Good private Zoo that needs us to keep coming so they can keep improving. – Darrel Reiser

A Good Day Out

There you have it, ladies and gentlemen. Now that you know, all that is needed is to go and visit the exquisite Tasmania Zoo.

As you’ve seen at the beginning of the article, entry prices into the Zoo itself are pretty reasonable. And we’re pretty positive you’ll walk out (if your legs can still carry you) feeling you got your money’s worth.

If you have any questions about their prices, please let us know in the comments below.


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