Sudesh Lehri Net Worth 2022 – Income, Salary, Cars, House, Bio

If you love Bollywood movies, you probably have come across a Sudesh Lehri film. He is a known name in the comedy genre. Dive in with us as we cover the career, income, and net worth of one of Bollywood’s top stand-up comedians, Sudesh Lehri, who made it regardless of race and language.


Personal Life

Sudesh Lehri was born on the 27th of October, 1968, to a blacksmith father. He has two siblings. When asked, he said that he would have become a Goldsmith like his father if he wasn’t doing comedy. Sudesh’s love for television and comedy has been in him since when he was a boy.

As an influential and famous celebrity, Sudesh lives a lavish lifestyle and owns a beautiful mansion in Mumbai, India, where the actor resides with his family. 



Sudesh Lehri is married to Mamta, and together they have two beautiful daughters; Madhuri and Sakshi.


Sudesh Lehri Net Worth 2022 D


Sudesh Lehri made his debut in the India comedy show, The Great India Laughter challenge, in 2007, together with Kapil Sharma and Chandan Prabhakar. Unfortunately, he was the third runner-up of the competition, but this was only the beginning of the many great things that would take place in his life.

Afterwards, Sudesh became popular in the television and movie industry. Some of his comedy shows are; Comedy Circus with Krushna Abishek, Comedy Live Night, and Comedy Live Bachao. In addition, Sudesh Lehri’s appearances in Bollywood blockbuster movies have earned him popularity and influence.

The 2007 film, Wagah, was Sudesh’s first Punjabi film, starting his path in the Indian acting sphere. Some of Sudesh’s hit movies are; “Ready” produced in 2011, “Jai Ho” produced in 2011, “Munna Michael” in 2017 and “Total Dhamaal” in 2019.

The actor has featured in 17 movies in Hindu and Punjabi languages. Sudesh’s comic acting, funny facial gestures and expressions have earned him so much love among his fans both at home and abroad. Moreover, he knows how to make viewers relax and laugh. Sudesh Lehri is famously known as a Joy and Happiness giver.


Salary and Net Worth

As of 2022, Sudesh Lehri has a net worth of $2 million, a monthly income of over 25lakh and a yearly income of around 3 Crore. The primary source of Sudesh’s revenue is from comedy and acting. In addition, it is reported that Sudesh earns 6-7lakh from appearing in an episode.

Sudesh Lehri has many luxurious and expensive cars, and some of these cars are of the latest edition, including Mercedes Benz C-Class and C220d (the most expensive in his collection). Also, he has the Toyota Fortuner, a 2019 model, and a MINI countryman Cooper D, a 2014 edition.



Because Sudesh Lehri is a renowned stand-up comedian, many companies want him to be their brand ambassador to enable the company’s reputation. Although no significant brand is publicly associated with the comedian, Sudesh earns a lot of money from endorsing top organizations.


Fun Facts

  • Sudesh’s favourite sport is Cricket.
  • Dancing and hanging out with friends are Sudesh’s favourite things to do.
  • London and New York are Sudesh’s favourite travel destinations.




Sudesh Lehri has made it clear that the sky is the stepping stone for whatever career one wants to go into, irrespective of race, language or colour. Although based in India, he also has a lot of fan base outside India who he inspires and motivates through his acting, funny characters and gestures.



What is Sudesh Lehri’s favourite sport?

  • Sudesh Lehri’s favourite sport is Cricket.

What is the name of Sudesh Lehri’s first Punjabi movie?

  • Sudesh Lehri’s first Punjabi movie was Wagah, produced in 2007.

Who is Sudesh Lehri’s Wife?

  • The comedian is married to Mamta.

How many children does Sudesh Lehri have?

  • Sudesh Lehri currently has two daughters.

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