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Sub Zero Ice Cream Menu


The Mysterious Sub Zero Ice Cream – Nitrogen ice cream is an enthralling treat for everyone. You get to use your gourmet imagination while also witnessing an interesting method of chilling your ice cream.

Sub Zero ice cream meets your sweet needs with a wide range of flavors from which to chose and blend. The ice cream is smooth and creamy, which is the greatest part.

The Sub Zero Ice Cream Menu:

9 Unique Flavors Developed at -58 Degree Fahrenheit

Foodies now have a new place to go for their culinary interests – Sub Zero Ice cream. Sub Zero Ice Cream prides itself on making unique flavours at 38-degrees Cooler than any ice cream maker in order to provide you with the most sensorial ice cream experience possible.

Check the blog post below to see just how they develop these one-of-a-kind ice cream flavours.


Sub Zero ice cream meets your sweet needs with a wide range of flavors from which to chose and blend.



Frozen Yogurt

Frozen Yogurt1 oz.$0.39

Premium Old Fashion Ice Cream

Ice CreamSingle$2.49
Ice CreamDouble$3.69
Ice CreamTriple$4.79
Ice CreamPint$5.79

Soft Serve Ice Cream

Ice CreamSmall$1.69
Ice CreamLarge$1.99
Waffle Cone$1.00
Energy Boost$0.50

Hand Spun Milkshakes


Refreshing Smoothies




Types of Ice Cream

We offer two types of ice cream: Artisanal and gelato. The gelato contains butterfat, milk, and sugar. It is generally a smoother and denser consistency than the Artisanal flavours.

Artisanal ice cream contains less butterfat than gelato, no milk or other non-dairy products and relies on the whole dairy for creaminess.

What is Sub Zero?

Sub Zero Ice Cream is a dessert restaurant in Scottsdale, AZ, that offers a limited menu of 9 unique flavours that were developed at -58 degrees Fahrenheit.

The limited menu is due to the cooldown needed to keep the ice cream from melting.


Sub Zero Ice Cream Menu


The Unique Flavors at the Sub Zero Ice Cream Menu

Sub Zero ice cream is made out of fresh, high-quality ingredients mixed with liquid nitrogen to create our signature, hypercoolingly delicious flavours.

The range of flavours includes nine unique tastes, including pistachio salted caramel, salted coconut milk, cookie dough chocolate chip, peppermint maple syrup and more.

How Did Sub Zero Start?

Sub Zero Ice Cream was born in a University of Wisconsin refrigerator lab.

A Princeton geology major was craving ice cream and needed a way to provide a solution for a current engineering project on how to reduce food spoilage rates by using liquid nitrogen at extremely low temperatures.

How Do They Create the Vape Pods?

There are two parts to the process. There’s the “crunch” when the mixture is frozen in a dry ice machine, churning them at a rate of 120 miles per hour.

Dairy proteins in the ingredients turn into a powdery type of thing that resembles powdered sugar.

The site is amazing to children. For families, couples, and groups, the flash of liquid nitrogen is amusing. There is plenty of seating inside, as well as extra space outside for spillovers.

You may select from a variety of tastes and “no sugar added” alternatives. You may combine tastes to create a one-of-a-kind flavour.

Chocolate and peanut butter are two popular flavours at Sub Zero Ice Cream. Yoghurt, low-fat or lactose-free soybeans or milk are all alternatives.

The service rendering is fast, and the staff is kind and inviting. What takes the longest is deciding on flavours, especially for first-timers.

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