Schnitz menu prices in Australia

Schnitz is a take-away restaurant serving a range of delicious and succulent chicken schnitzel based wraps and rolls. The Schnitz menu also includes a variety of salads that perfectly compliment the chicken-based menu.

Schnitz menu prices in Australia


When you order from the Schnitz menu, diners can select from the following options:

  • Chicken
  • Pork
  • Vegan
  • Beef

Schnitz menu also serves a variety of crumb options:

  • Spicy
  • Traditional
  • Corn crunch
  • Cheese and Herb
  • Crumb Free (Chicken Only) – Lemon Pepper or Moroccan Spices

Limited Time Offers

The Loaded Schnitzel$14.90
The Loaded Schnitzel Plate$21.90
3 Cheese & Ham Parma$21.90


Gravy Large$3.90
Schnitz Stick Chicken$5.20

Popular Items

Basic Instinct$11.50
Parma & Chips$14.90
Plain & Simple$12.50
Schnitzel & Chips$12.90
American Dream$14.50
The Swiss$14.90
The Aussie$15.50
The Hawaiian$14.90
Parma, Chips & Salad$19.50
Spice of Life$14.90

Schnitz Rolls and Wraps

Plain and Simple$12.50


Status Quo$13.50
Garden of Eden$14.50

Schnitzel, Parmas and Crumb Free

Crumb-Free Chicken Fillet$8.90
Schnitzel and Chips$12.90
Schnitzel with Chips and Salad$17.50
Parma and Chips$14.90
Parma with Chips and Salad$19.50

Schnitzels & Parmas

Schnitz, Chips & Salad$17.50
Schnitzel, Chips & Salad$17.50


Lovingly Fresh$15.68
Mediterranean Salad + Schnitzel$17.50
Caesar Salad$15.72
Caesar Salad + Schnitzel$17.50
Lovingly Fresh + Schnitzel$17.50
Mediterranean Salad$15.72
Garden Salad Side Salad$5.90


Vegan Basic Instinct$11.50
Vegan Plain & Simple$12.50
Vegan Garden of Eden$14.50
Vegan Parmageddon$16.50
Vegan Schnitzel$8.90
Vegan Parmigiana$11.50
Vegan Schnitzel & Chips$13.55
Vegan Schnitzel Chips & Salad$17.50
Vegan Schnitzel, Chips & Salad$17.50
Vegan Parma & Chips$14.90
Vegan Parma, Chips & Salad$19.50


Mini Basic Instinct$8.50
Mini Chip Butty$8.50
Mini Royal Chip Butty$8.50
Mini Status Quo$8.50
Schnitz Stick$5.20

Chips and Sides

Schnitz Sticks$5.20


Teeny-Weeny Pack$9.90
Itty-Bitty Pack Chicken$8.90
Itty-Bitty Pack$8.90

Sides & Sauces

Rainbow Slaw Side Salad$6.90
Garden Side Salad$5.90

Chips & Sides

Original Chips$5.21
Sweet Potato Chips$5.99
Garden Salad$5.90
Rainbow Slaw$6.90
Schnitz Dips$1.00

For Kids

Kid's Itty-Bitty Pack$8.90
Kid's Teeny Weeny Pack$9.90


Kids' Soda Top Orange$2.90
Kids' Soda Top Apple$2.90
Kids' Soda Top Water$2.90
600ml Cool Ridge Water$3.70
Voss Sparkling Water$5.20


Remedy Kombucha$5.70
Naked Life$5.20
Schweppes Ginger Beer$4.70
Charlie's Pressed Apple Juice$4.70
Pop Top Juice$2.90
Pop Top Water$2.90

Photos of the Schnitz In-Store Menu Board

Schnitz In-Store Menu Board



Schnitz Bondi Junction Westfields store

Below is a user-submitted photo of the Schnitz store located in the Westfields shopping complex at Bondi Junction in Sydney, NSW.

Menu Item Details

Please check the images below to determine the exact ingredients for each item on the Australian Schnitz menu?

About Schnitz restaurants

When the term ‘fast food‘ is mentioned, most folks instantly conjure burgers, fries, and soda images in their minds. It shouldn’t be surprising since some of the biggest fast-food chains in the world serve these kinds of food.

In addition, McDonald’s and Burger King have made these food items more readily available to diners worldwide, so for some people, fries and fast food means burgers.
But since fast food could also refer to the kind of service you’ll get from a restaurant, these eateries do not always need to offer such food items.

Several chains from different parts of the world offer all kinds of dishes in a quick-service restaurant style.

Schnitz menu prices

The Schnitz is a fast-casual dining restaurant located in Melbourne, Australia. The food chain specializes in popularly known schnitzel cuisines like beef schnitzel, chicken, pork, and. The restaurant also serves a vegetarian patty that is cooked and crumbed and as a schnitzel.

Schnitz serves schnitzels in a wide range of styles. The most popular are their “wrap” and “roll” options suitable for eating with a drink and homemade chips.

Schnitz began its operation in 2007 with the owner Roman Duduk. Both of his sons help him in the operations and management of the business to this day.

Schnitz has more than 70 stores across Australia, including Western and Southern Australia, Australian Capital Territory, Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria. In addition, the restaurant has vegan and meat options to pick off.

Roman has spent a lot of time creating the best schnitzel using only fresh, locally purchased ingredients. He has this exceptional hand crumbling and pans cooking method that adds flavour to the taste. Each Schnitz serves its customers is made with love, and an obsession with golden crumbs is done in any way you want.

It can be in a wrap, roll, a snack, or a delicious plated meal. The Gluten-free wrap, Toasted Turkish Roll, and toasted tortilla wrap are among the few famous vegan loaves of bread and wraps that Schnitz offers.

They serve a wide range of crumbs for Vegan Schnitz options like Vegan Parma, Traditional Crumbs, Crunchy Corn Crumbs, and you can also choose not to put any crumbs on it.

You can add sauteed bell pepper, smashed avocado, jalapenos, pickled chilli, paprika salt, mixed seeds, dried cranberries, and Quinoa to your wrap or sandwich.

And one of the favourite items on the Schnitz menu is the chips! Most people who eat there say the same thing – Schnitz has the best potato chips in Australia

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