Samsung Phone Prices In Canada (2021)

Did you know that Samsung is a Korean-hanja word? Yeah! And it actually means “three stars.” In the culture, the number three refers to something that is big, numerous, and powerful.

And it’s safe to say that they definitely have lived up to the meaning of their name.

Although Samsung has been around since 1938, they were into a whole lot of things. Of which electronics wasn’t one of those things. But, somehow, they became extremely popular for their amazing top-notch, high-end smartphones.

The Samsung Group owns many subsidiaries including Samsung Electronics, Samsung C&T Corporation, Samsung SDS, Samsung Heavy Industries, Samsung Engineering, Samsung Life Insurance, Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, and Cheil Worldwide.

Amazing isn’t it? Here’s something even more amazing. The Burj Khalifa in the UAE was built by Samsung’s construction branch – Samsung C&T Corporation!

I know right? They’ve been killing it from the beginning till this moment.

Samsung entered the electronics business in 1960 but released their first Android smartphone in 2008 in the line of the Samsung Solstice devices before expanding it into the Samsung Galaxy line, which exponentially grew Samsung’s popularity.


Samsung Phone Prices in Canada


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Now, let’s check out the Samsung Phone Prices in Canada

Samsung Phone Prices in Canada (2021)


Samsung Galaxy S Series Prices

Galaxy S20 5GC$ 699.99
Galaxy S20 Ultra 5GC$ 699.99
Galaxy S20+ 5GC$ 699.99
Galaxy S20 FE 5GC$ 699.99
Galaxy S21 Ultra 5GC$ 1,414.99
Galaxy S21+ 5GC$ 1,229.99
Galaxy S21 5GC$ 1,049.99
Galaxy S10+ PlusC$ 449.99
Galaxy S10eC$ 329.00
Galaxy S9 64GBC$ 279.00
Galaxy S8C$ 269.99


Samsung Galaxy A Series

Galaxy A71C$ 599.99
Galaxy A51C$ 408.98
Galaxy A21C$ 268.00
Galaxy A11C$ 208.99
Galaxy A52 5GC$ 529.99
Galaxy A32 5GC$ 299.99
Galaxy A12 LTEC$ 209.99


Samsung Galaxy Note Series

Galaxy Note 8C$ 449.99
Galaxy Note 9C$ 389.99
Galaxy Note 10C$ 1,199.00
Galaxy Note20 5GC$ 1,169.99
Galaxy Note20 UltraC$ 1,359.99


Galaxy Z FlipC$ 1,156.00
Galaxy Fold (5G)C$ 2,190.00
Galaxy Z Flip (5G)C$ 1,254.99
Galaxy Z Fold 2 (5G)C$ 2,109.99
Galaxy Z Flip3 (5G)C$ 1,329.99
Galaxy Z Fold3 (5G)C$ 2,409.99


Please note that these prices should serve as a guide. Changes in prices of these Samsung phones can occur at any time but we will constantly update this post to give you the most recent market prices.

Also, prices could vary depending on the seller you are buying from. However, the prices shouldn’t be too far from what has been listed in this post.


What are the best Samsung phones?

Samsung always has been one of the top tech companies in the world. They’re reputable for their revolutionary products. Their yearly releases come with some of the most amazing features.

This is what makes people look forward to what they have to offer next. And beyond the smartphones, Samsung dazzles us with new, innovative accessories to pair them with.

The Galaxy S21 Ultra that was released earlier this year, is Samsung’s ultimate smartphone in the market today.

Both the Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S21 Plus are super-gadgets in their own right, with their fast processors, dynamic displays, and lower price tags compared to the Previous S series models.

With the release of Galaxy A52 5G and Galaxy A32 5G, we now have are cheaper options. The Galaxy S20 FE launched last year also remains a great option to access flagship features at a lower price. Although a new version could be coming before the years runs out.

With a three-year update promise to back them up, any of these are superb back-to-school options.

For the ultimate foldable phones, The Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3 top the table. While the former happens to be the outstanding one (with its giant screen that gives us a 120Hz refresh rate), the Galaxy Z Flip 3 remains a compelling option, thanks largely to its lower price tag.


How to choose the best Samsung phones

Your choice of Samsung phone to buy is mostly driven by your budget considerations. If you’d be going for a Galaxy S21 Ultra, for instance, you’ve got to be boxed with at least C$1,400 even if you would be spreading the payments out over time.

But there are other factors that need to be well-considered too.

Let’s start with the purpose for which you are getting your smartphone. If it’s primarily a device for productivity, you would want to check out the Galaxy Note lineup. This is specifically because of its large screen and the powerful S Pen that it comes with.

If Photography is what drives your choice of device, Then you should consider the S series! The Galaxy S series is the flagship for Samsung’s camera innovations.

Budget-minded buyers may want to consider the C$529 Galaxy A52 5G or the even cheaper Galaxy A32.

With the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3 selling fast, we can now look towards Samsung’s future smartphone releases. The company has said it has no plans to release a Galaxy Note 21 this year 2021.

Instead, they might release the Galaxy S21 FE in the next couple of months. After that, we should be expecting the Galaxy S22 to launch early in 2022.

Samsung has a range of discounts and offers. You can find discounts on Samsung phones by buying directly from the phone maker and trading in your current device. or check the list of Samsung smartphone discounts in Canada here.

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