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Qdoba Menu Prices in Canada 2021


The entire menu of the Qdoba Mexican restaurant can be fully customized. In other words, you can approach the counter and select how you want your meal built for you.

Their menu list comes with a number of available options of which there will always be something appealing for everyone.

In this post, I will share with you the complete menu list of Qdoba Mexican eats as well as their respective prices.

While the casual restaurant is not a full-service or sit-down restaurant, they do have dine-in seating.

As you will see in their menu list, Qdoba provides a variety of delicious, fresh ingredients which is used in making amazing tasting Mexican meals.

Their menu list consists of items like burritos, tacos, and quesadillas. They also frequently add specialty items like mango salsa to their menu items. This gives them an edge over some of their competitors.

It is better to check out their menu for new and great-tasting menu items. This is the right place for that.

Without wasting much time, lest run through the complete Qdoba menu list and price

Qdoba menu list and price 2021

Signature Flavors

Menu item Price
Queso Burrito (Grilled Chicken or Vegetarian) $7.80
Queso Burrito (Grilled Steak or Shredded Beef) $8.40
Queso Burrito (Ground Beef) $7.80
Queso Burrito (Pork) $8.40
Gumbo (Grilled Chicken or Vegetarian)
Mexican Gumbo (Grilled Steak or Shredded Beef)  $8.40
Mexican Gumbo (Ground Beef) $7.80
Mexican Gumbo (Pork) $8.40
Smothered Burrito (Grilled Chicken or Vegetarian) $7.80
Smothered Burrito (Grilled Steak or Shredded Beef) $8.40
Smothered Burrito (Ground Beef) $7.80
Smothered Burrito (Pork) $8.40


Menu item Price
Vegetarian (with Guacamole) $7.80
Grilled Chicken $7.80
Grilled Steak $8.40
Shredded Beef $8.40
Ground Beef $7.80

Taco Salads

Menu item Price
Vegetarian $7.80
Grilled Chicken $7.80
Grilled Steak $8.40
Shredded Beef $8.40
Ground Beef $7.80
Pork $8.40

Grilled Quesadilla

Menu item Price
Cheese (Cheddar & Monterey Jack) $7.80
Grilled Chicken $7.80
Grilled Steak $8.40
Shredded Beef $8.40
Ground Beef $7.80
Pork $8.40


Menu item Price
Three Taco Combo $7.80
3-Cheese Nacos
Grilled Chicken $7.80
Grilled Steak $8.40
Shredded Beef  $8.40
Ground Beef $7.80
Pork $8.40

Qdoba Kids Meal

Meal Includes Side and Drink

Menu item Price
Kids Burrito Bowl $4.00
Kids Quesadilla $4.00
Kids 3-Cheese Nachos $4.00
Kids Taco $4.00

Chips and Dips

Menu item Price
Chips and Salsa Small $1.00
Chips and Salsa Regular $2.00
Chips and 3-Cheese Queso $4.00
Chips and Queso Diablo $4.00
Chips and Guacamole $3.00


Menu item Price
Tortilla Soup $3.00
Guacamole $2.00
3-Cheese Queso $1.50
Queso Diablo $1.50
Salsa $0.70
Cheese $0.70
Sour Cream $0.70


Menu item Price
Fountain Drink Regular $1.80
Fountain Drink Large  $2.20
Bottled Water $1.90
Bottled Soft Drink $2.50

This is all on the Qdoba menu list and price. The casual restaurant currently has over six hundred and forty locations scattered all over the U.S and Canada. In recent times, we have not been able to lay hands on a fixed price for some of their menu items and choices.

This goes to say they have succeeded in differentiating themselves from the competition as they now have full-service bars in some locations.

With close observation, you will agree with me that they are on a mission to customize each restaurant for the location they are in.

My review of the Qdoba menu price list

As you have seen in the menu list above, the Qdoba Mexican restaurant provides several menu items that are then built by the customer and start at under $10 each.

If you visit any of their locations, you will notice that they prepare the food directly in front of customers. Some of the popular menu items they offer include tacos, burritos and bowls, salads, soup, and quesadillas.

I also like that their kid-sized menu items are served with applesauce and juice or milk, and it is affordable (under $5).

The  Salads they offer can be served in a bowl made of a taco shell. Customers are also presented with the option of choosing rice, beans, salsa, and extra flavors such as chipotle cream and guacamole.

I have also learned they make available a catering service that has a variety of options. This means that you can cater your event with a hot naked burrito bar, a hot taco bar, or a hot nacho bar.

Wrapping up

All in all, I would say the Qdoba restaurant is worth your shot if you have not been there before.

If you are looking for a great place to grab a meal, it can be your favorite spot.

It is also a nice place for family dinner, a business lunch, or a quick snack, thanks to the variety in their menu items. It is also worthy of note that they offer a clean, comfortable seating setting for customers.

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