Price Of Keratin Treatment For Hair In The US

Want to know the about the price of keratin treatment for hair, its advantages, duration, how it works or you plan to do a keratin treatment at home?, this article will greatly help you shed more light and explain in details the required things for doing keratin home treatment.

Keratin Treatments. Keratin treatments are a popular hair treatment that can be used on all types of hair. The treatment is done in the salon, and it involves applying keratin to the hair to create a protective layer on the hair shafts. This helps smooth out your hair, making it easier to style and manage at home while improving its overall look and feel.

Price Of Keratin Treatment For Hair In The US

Keratin hair treatments are designed to smooth, straighten and protect your hair. They can be used on all hair types, including coloured, relaxed and natural hair.

Keratin is a protein that naturally occurs in the human body. It’s found in your nails, skin, hair, and blood. When applied to the surface of your hair, it becomes a protective coating that bonds with the cuticle of each individual strand. This helps to repair damaged areas and prevent future damage from occurring.

A keratin treatment is similar to a relaxing treatment because it temporarily changes your curl pattern. However, unlike relaxers, which break down the bonds between the protein chains (or disulfide bonds) in the cortex of each individual strand of hair, keratin treatments do not alter or weaken these bonds.

Instead, they bond with them to create a protective layer on top of each strand—kind of like putting an invisible cap over each one!


How Does It Work?

Keratin is a protein found naturally in the body that’s responsible for keeping our hair strong and healthy. When applied to the hair during a keratin treatment, this protein bonds with the individual strands, creating a protective coating that locks moisture in and prevents damage from heat, UV rays and chemicals.

The process begins when your stylist applies an alkaline solution to your wet or dry hair (depending on their preferred method). Then they use either flat-ironing or blow-drying techniques to seal this solution into your strands. Once this has been completed, they’ll apply another layer of solution — this time a neutralizing one — then rinse it out with shampoo before rinsing again with water.

Benefits Of A Keratin Treatment

Keratin is a protein that is found in the hair, skin and nails. It is what makes your hair strong, smooth and shiny. Over time, natural damage can occur to the keratin in your hair. The result is frizzy, dry hair that is hard to manage. A keratin treatment can give you the healthy, manageable locks you’ve always wanted.

There are many benefits of having a keratin treatment performed on your hair. The following are some of them:

  • Straightening Hair

The primary benefit of using a keratin treatment is that it allows you to straighten your hair permanently without damaging it. This means no more blow drying or flat ironing your hair every day! You can just run a comb through your tresses and go about your day with freshly blown-out locks every morning.

  • Softer and shinier

Keratin treatments make your hair softer and shinier by coating each strand with an oil-based protein coat that seals in moisture and helps prevent frizziness.

  • Natural heat protection

Heat styling tools such as straighteners or curling irons can cause serious damage to your hair if they’re used too often or at high temperatures without proper protection. A keratin treatment will protect your locks from heat up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit (232 Celsius), so you don’t have to worry about overdoing it when styling your hair!

  • Lasts up to six to seven months

A keratin treatment will last between three months and one year, depending on how often you shampoo and condition your hair. If you wash every day, the treatment may last about three months.

  • Less Damage To Hair

The biggest benefit of straightening your hair is that it doesn’t damage it as much as other methods of blow drying and styling. This means that you can use heat on your hair more often without worrying about how it will affect the condition of your tresses.

Keratin treatments use heat to make your hair straight, but they don’t damage it as much as other methods because they use proteins that help rebuild damaged strands and strengthen them against future damage.

Price Of Keratin Treatment For Hair In The US

Costs vary according on the salon and your location, but typically, keratin treatments cost between $250 and $500. Consider it this way, though: If you frequently blow dry your hair or spend a lot of time on it, the convenience a keratin treatment offers is kind of, sort of worth it.

If you’re looking for a true keratin formula, know that you probably won’t pay less than $200 (and if you are paying less, definitely call ahead and ask about the ingredients in the treatment since you won’t be able to guarantee your results with an off-brand formula). Keep in mind that there are many hair-smoothing treatments that salons market for less (some of which might work totally fine for your hair texture!).

How Long Do Keratin Treatments Last?

The answer, of course, is that it depends. The longevity of your keratin treatment will be determined by the quality of your keratin treatment, the health of your hair and how you care for your hair.

The best way to keep a keratin treatment looking fresh is not to wash your hair too often. Experts recommend waiting 48 hours or more before washing to allow the product to set in properly. You should also follow up with a good conditioner after each wash.

If you follow these steps and take proper care of your hair during and after the keratin treatment, then you can expect to enjoy beautiful shiny locks for six months or longer!

How Long Do Keratin Treatments Take?

The time it takes to apply a keratin treatment depends on the length, thickness and colour of your hair. Typically, it’s about an hour for shoulder-length hair. For longer hair, you’ll need more time.

You can expect to come into the salon for your appointment about 30 minutes before your scheduled start time.

When you arrive at the salon, the stylist will wash your hair and towel dry it. Next, they’ll section your hair into three parts and begin applying the product from root to tip.

The stylist will ensure they’ve covered every inch of your hair before moving on to the next section. If you have thick or long locks, this process could take several hours because they will have to reapply the product multiple times throughout each section of hair.


In general, a keratin treatment can last anywhere from 4 to 6 months. Again, how long it lasts will depend on your hair type and how you maintain it after your appointment. If you give your stylist a call or visit him/her again, they will make specific recommendations on what they believe works best with your hair type and lifestyle. Keep in mind that if you see your hairstylist regularly (every 4-6 weeks), your keratin treatment may last even longer.

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