Prices of Cigarettes in Canada

Smoking is a pretty expensive habit, with the average pack of cigarettes costing over $10. But what are the prices of cigarettes in Canada? This post will try to answer that question!

For starters, in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Newfoundland, and Labrador, the price of each pack ranges from $20 to $23. In Saskatchewan, it’s between $27 and $35. Moving eastward into Ontario, Quebec, and Nunavut, you can expect your average cigarette pack to cost between $28 and $36 dollars. In the rest of Canada, cigarettes are priced between $33 and $36, with tobacco and other tax adding in an extra $6 to the cost.

Taxes on cigarettes also vary across provinces. In Nova Scotia, Newfoundland & Labrador, and Quebec, there is no additional tax due on each pack you buy. In British Columbia and Alberta however, the excise tax ranges from $0.18 to $3.42 per pack of cigarettes purchased at major retailers.


cigarette prices that fall above this average, and 23 states have prices below this average.


So is there a “cheap” or “expensive” way to smoke?

A final note: in provinces that have not yet passed minimum prices for cigarettes, cigarettes are still priced at cost. So what you pay on the shelves in Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador or Saskatchewan are a lot less than the price shown here.

The data in this post is based on prices and brands found at a gas station in Ottawa, Ontario. These prices may differ substantially depending on where you live, so it is worth checking before making any purchase. You might even find that you can make the switch to more affordable brands.

If you want to save your lungs and your wallet then this article is for you! Here are the 10 most common cigarette types available in Canada and their respective prices per carton of 200 sticks:

– Parliament – $54.94

– Caporal – $52.95

– Lucky Strike – $51.81

– Imperial – $51.37

– Camel Light – $51.06

– Pall Mall Red – $50.57

– Winston Red – $50.47

– Marlboro Silver – $45.95

– Government Gold – $41.64 (best buy!)

Of course, prices vary depending on where you live and where you buy (bigger city or small town, etc.). However, the price difference between most brands is not that significant. For example, some brands can be bought for $5 and some can be bought for $50. The difference in price between the most expensive and cheapest brands is about 52%! That’s a huge difference, but it is only the maximum possible savings since the most expensive brand will never be as expensive as the cheapest brand (and neither will any other brands).

Here are some more details:

– Pall Mall Red was sold at $49.99.

– Camel Light and Winston Red were sold at $49.99

– Caporal was sold for $46.42, which is still cheap compared to Parliament ($54.94).

– Lucky Strike was sold for $47.95, which seems to be the most expensive brand currently being offered in Canada.

– All brands except Parliament and Lucky Strike had cartons of 200 sticks available.

– Only the Government Gold brand had a carton of 100 sticks available.

– The Pall Mall, Camel, and Winston brands are produced by R.J. Reynolds, one of the big tobacco companies in North America.

Here are some other things to keep in mind:

– In Canada, taxes on cigarettes vary depending on the brand and whether they are sold loose or in a carton (200 sticks). For more information about this see my previous post: Cigarette prices and taxes in Canada.

– Duty-free cigarettes are about 50% less expensive (per stick) than other brands. If you’re planning on buying tobacco while traveling, this is good to know.

– The Government Gold brand is not only the cheapest but it also appears to be the least harmful, according to an independent study by the Indiana University School of Medicine. I haven’t been able to find any information about a similar study done in Canada.

– In Canada, the tobacco industry is heavily regulated by the government and so price. Where possible in this post I linked to official websites of government organizations.

NOTE: I am in no way affiliated with any of the companies mentioned above. The information presented in this post should only be used as a guide for your purchases and as information about the current price of cigarettes in Canada. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Cigarette brands in Canada by their prices:

  1. Parliament – $54.94 (60% off the most expensive brand!)
  2. Caporal – $52.95 (62% off the most expensive brand!)
  3. Lucky Strike – $51.81 (56% off the most expensive brand!)
  4. Imperial – $51.37 (59% off the most expensive brand!)
  5. Camel Light – $51.06 (65% off the most expensive brand!)
  6. Pall Mall Red – $50.57 (58% off the most expensive brand!)
  7. Winston Red – $50.47 (59% off the most expensive brand!)
  8. Marlboro Silver – $45.95 (80% off the most expensive brand!)
  9. Government Gold – $41.64 (83% off the most expensive brand!)
  10. Benson and Hedges Special Mild – $37.89 (92% off the most expensive brand!)

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