Peel Zoo Prices in Australia

Peel Zoo

The Peel Zoo is a boutique, hands-on Zoo in a beautiful setting on the banks of the Murray River. Being nestled into a fertile wetland means our surroundings are naturally impressive. But, apart from a location worthy of envy, what makes Peel Zoo different from other zoos is our desire to ensure visitors get a ‘hands-on experience’.

That means, at Peel Zoo, you can get up close and personal with over 150 different species of animals.

The Peel Zoo Experience

Peel Zoo provides a truly fantastic experience for children of all ages. We encourage people to feed the kangaroos with hand wallabies, emus, deer, Hold a snake, pat a fox, tickle a ferret, Relax in the shade and enjoy our FREE BBQ facilities. Peel Zoo is so tranquil, and it’s therapeutic.

More Than Just A Zoo

Peel Zoo is a fantastic location for children’s parties, school camps, and group excursions. We can even come to you if that suits you. It’s a pleasure to provide children with opportunities they might otherwise never experience.

About Peel Zoo

Peel Zoo is a privately established zoo and wildlife refuge. We aim to be an excellent boutique zoo in Australia. We strive to gain this by making sure everyone who visits us has a unique and personal experience. Visiting Peel Zoo is a bit like seeing one of your own family, who happens to have hundreds of pets.

Breeding animals is a crucial concern for us. And, in that regard, our Tasmanian Devil raising program is of significant value. The wild ones threaten this species because of a deadly facial disease. We hope our struggles contribute to the long term future of the Tassie Devil.

This year we bred 11 joeys, which makes us the most successful breeders in Australia.

Peel Zoo Prices in Australia

The Difference

The difference between Peel Zoo and other zoos is the “Hands-On Experience” you’ll get when visiting peel zoo. We give more than just walking past c. When you come to Peel Zoo, our incredible team of Volunteers will guarantee you have a wonderful time every time if you want to hold a Stimsons Python, no problem.

If you don’t want to, but your four-year-old son, who knows no fear, does, we can help with that. Maybe a ferret is more to your admiration. Or a koala. We’ll ensure to help you give you beautiful memories of your visit here.

It’s Not Just Us

We do not know the only ones who rave about Peel Zoo. However, this place does have a profound effect on most people.

“Wow!” Jim, Val & Betty Warnbro, WA

“Great day out for the kids.” Kylie Merriden, WA

“Best zoo Eva.” Lilly Victoria Park, WA

“Better than Perth Zoo.” Penni Albany, WA

“Beautiful creatures.” Peter Saskatoon, Canada

“Brilliant. Loved it, Fabulous.” Ferrie Family Scotland

“Staff helpful.” Jacquelyn Suffolk, England

Peel Zoo Facilities

Peel Zoo is a family-friendly wildlife park. Our facilities include many shaded areas to sit and enjoy your morning tea, lunch, or afternoon snack. Ensure you look at our BBQ and Picnic pages to see what awaits you on your next visit to Peel Zoo.

Disability Friendly

The tracks through Peel Zoo are all paved. In other words, they are wheelchair and walking frame friendly. What’s more, the Zoo is compact and dense with exhibits, so it’s straightforward to see a lot in a short space of time. So if you’re planning a family gathering, make sure you invite the Grandparents. Peel Zoo is a fun and relaxed day out for children of all ages.


Can’t make it to the Zoo? Don’t worry. We can bring the Zoo to you.

Peel Zoo has a wealth of experience when it comes to presenting interactive, wildlife experiences. We even have a name for our unique presentations: Zoo2U. Zoo2U delivers a wide range of up-close and personal experiences in an equally diverse range of locations.

Below is a list of presentations we can do, but give us a call to think of something different. We’re a delight to work with you to achieve a fun and memorable outcome.

• Schools

• Pre-school, Kindergarten, Childcare Centres

• Vacation Care Programs

• Shopping Centres

• Private Parties

• Corporate Events

• Film & Television

• Customised Events

Peel Zoo Prices in Australia

Peel Zoo For Schools: now that’s “edutainment.”

Peel Zoo takes education exceptionally. However, we also think it should be pleasurable. That’s why we provide for schools what we call “edutainment”.

Our goal with “edutainment” is to support teachers in delivering a variety of educational subjects. These subjects might include Research Skills, Science, Animal Care, Ecosystems, Conservation, English, and even the Arts.

Peel Zoo values Animal Care, Conservation and Education. What’s more, we trust the best way to grow the values in children is to offer them hands-on, practical, and authentic experiences. This approach motivates student learning.

The experienced staff at Peel Zoo offer animal-based activities that range from animal care, safe animal handling, observation, and facts about each animal and the ecosystem in which they live.

If you’re a teacher, call Narelle or David to ask about how Peel Zoo can enrich the lives of your students today.

Peel Zoo Prices in Australia

School Camps

Peel Zoo is proud to offer you the opportunity of a lifetime. For the first time, it’s now possible to sleepover at the Zoo. Just bring your tent and sleeping bag while every other thing will be provided with the rest. But, price does depend upon numbers. 

Prices & Times For Peel Zoo


Entry Ticket

Children (3-15)$12.00
Adult (16+)$23.00
Seniors (valid ID required, Australians only)$17.50
Family (2 adults, 2 children)$60.00
See below for annual pass information.

Peel Zoo Admission Prices

Adult (16yo+) $18

Child (3-15yo) $9

Australian Senior $13.50

Family (2 adults, two children) $48

Peel Zoo Opening Times

Weekdays 10 am – 4 pm

Weekends 9 am – 5 pm

Public Holidays 9 am – 5 pm

School Holidays 9 am – 5 pm 


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