Paradise Buffet Prices

Paradise Buffet is a resort that has successfully drawn its guests over time from diverse parts of the globe. This amazing resort features relaxed and highly efficient service as well as a tropical garden environment.

More so, Paradise Buffet offers diverse cuisines and it is majorly known for its unique feature weekends and nights. Have it in mind that this restaurant provides consumers with different varieties of breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus.

And, you will find the Paradise Cafe that serves as an intriguing place to enjoy and relax with some Cafe favorites. The Paradise Cafe is situated within the Paradise Buffet itself and it has lots of dining options.

You can glance through the full Paradise Buffet prices outlined below:

Monday-Friday, 7am-10:30am

Items Price
B Connected Emerald and Sapphire Members (Per Person) (Breakfast) $8.99
Ruby and Regular (Per Person) (Breakfast) $9.99


Champagne Brunch

Saturday-Sunday, 7am-3pm

B Connected Emerald and Sapphire Members (Per Person) (Champagne Brunch) $13.99
Ruby and Regular (Per Person) (Champagne Brunch) $14.99


Monday-Friday, 11am-3pm

B Connected Emerald and Sapphire Members (Per Person) (Lunch) $9.99
Ruby and Regular (Per Person) (Lunch) $10.99


Prime Rib Night, Sunday, Monday, and Thursday, 4pm-10pm

B Connected Emerald and Sapphire Members (Per Person) (Prime Rib Night Dinner) $15.99
Ruby and Regular (Per Person) (Prime Rib Night Dinner) $16.99

 Seafood Fantasy, Tuesday, 4pm-10pm, and Friday, 4pm-11pm

B Connected Emerald and Sapphire Members (Per Person) (Seafood Fantasy Dinner) $27.99
Ruby and Regular (Per Person) (Seafood Fantasy Dinner) $28.99

Steak Night, Wednesday, 4pm-10pm, and Saturday, 4pm-11pm

B Connected Emerald and Sapphire Members (Per Person) (Steak Night Dinner) $15.99
Ruby and Regular (Per Person) (Steak Night Dinner) $16.99



About Paradise Buffet

It must be noted that the Paradise Buffet is situated within the Freemont Hotel & Casino. The Freemont Hotel & Casino used to be the tallest building in Las Vegas at a certain point in time.

However, this historic building is now a part of what is known as the Strip. Nevertheless, Paradise Buffet and Cafe is an interesting place to get indulged in all-you-can-eat foods.

You can also choose to celebrate special occasions here or relax with a meal. It comprises diverse special occasions and champagne brunches.

More so, Paradise Buffet is widely known for its tropical garden and relaxing surroundings. Guests have described it as a Paradise island that comes with a tropical theme.


We will maintain our position on the fact that the Paradise Buffet is an amazing place to eat when you are in Las Vegas. It has a tropical garden and a menu filled with some of your favorites.

The average Las Vegas Buffet dinner price ranges between sixteen dollars to twenty-nine dollars. Interestingly, this hotel has a plethora of dining options for guests who want to enjoy different types of meals.

Additionally, you will come across diverse cafe favorites. For those who may want to start their day with breakfast, Paradise Buffet has something special for you. Their breakfast options include omelets, waffles, crepes, and even fresh fruits.


Paradise Buffet Prices

Its craved beef is juicy and tender, plus it is made highly satisfying with the diverse fixings added like dips and house-made chips. The locals and even tourists in Las Vegas love this dish.

Aside from pies and pastries, Paradise Buffet serves some other dessert favorites like ice cream and cakes. For the guests interested in indulging, there are healthy alternatives like ice cream and fruit slices.

One astonishing fact about Paradise Buffet is that it is fully equipped with the necessary supplies. And, its staff members are not just attentive, but also jovial. With their pleasant demeanor, you are sure to feel at home.

For its noise level, it is highly managed to make guests comfortable at all times. In all, this is an intriguing place to eat when you are at the Fremont Hotel & Casino.

Things To Look Out For

Even though fried chicken is quite unusual for a buffet, the fried chicken in Paradise Buffet is unarguably the best you can find out there. They are very good and great if you want to binge eat.

If you are there on Tuesdays and Fridays, be prepared as this is the fantasy night for seafood. Also, look out for their fresh seafood selection.

Though these nights are more expensive than others, ensure you book on time to avoid disappointments. Interestingly, you will love the Prime Rib Nights as ribs are served every Thursday, Monday, and Sunday. Do you want to indulge in fine meats? This is the chance to do so.

And for the steak guy, prepare to schedule your dinner time in the Paradise Buffet for every Saturday or Wednesday. You will have great steaks at your disposal. Generally, Paradise Buffet and Cafe is among the few establishments available in Las Vegas that offer meals at great prices with lovely discounts.

They have done this successfully by ensuring the old Vegas atmosphere is alive.

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