Osvaldo Lugones Net Worth 2022 – Income, Height, Age, Bio

If you love the fitness world, you should have an idea of the athlete Osvaldo Lugones. So, without much ado, it must be noted that as of 2022, Osvaldo’s net worth is a whopping $2 million.

However, everyone must note that Osvaldo is an American calisthenics athlete and a fitness instructor that is popular as an Instagram star.

You can find him among the list of the top ten calisthenics athletes globally. Osvaldo is among the most famous athletes in America as he has managed to gain fame in other countries aside from the US.

If you love fitness, you must know he has more than three hundred and five thousand owners on Instagram. He became more popular outside the US when he was seen in the official Thenx video.

He currently has a YouTube channel that he created on the 17th of December 2012. He has more than one hundred and thirty-one subscribers on his YouTube channel.



Net Worth of Osvaldo Lugones

Many sources will let you in that Osvaldo’s Net worth is two million dollars.

He has a monthly income of over eighty thousand dollars, and the majority of his income is from the fitness industry and his social media account.

He gains money from both Instagram and YouTube. He is known to upload home workouts, workout challenges, and vlogs on YouTube.

Each year that passes, he gets successful in the fitness world, and his net worth keeps growing. As of 2018, he was worth $0.4 million, which grew to $0.7 million in 2019.

By 2020, his net worth was pegged at one million dollars and rose to $1.5 million in 2021. As of 2022, he is worth two million dollars.


NameOsvaldo Lugones
Net Worth 2022 $2 Million
Monthly Income $5,000 +
Yearly Income $80,000
Income SourceSocial Media
ProfessionCalisthenics Athlete,

Instagram Star


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Personal Life And Career


Personal Life And Career


Osvaldo was born in Cuba on the 21st of August 1991.

He will be 30 in 2022, and his passion for bodybuilding began in his childhood when he saw his uncle doing dips and pull-ups in the backyard.

In the year 2004, his family moved to Miami for better opportunities, and he was thirteen at the time. Also he did not attend school for three months when he got to Miami.

However, he entertained himself by watching videos of bodybuilding, and in no time, he started lifting weights. At the age of thirteen to twenty, he focused on lifting weights and by the time he was twenty-one, a friend of his invited him to a park to work out.

At first, he had no idea what calisthenics was about, but his friend put him through it. He properly learned about calisthenics through videos on YouTube, and in no time, he was the one to represent his gym in competitions.

But he later revealed that he did not like competing. However, he later met with Chris Heria. Chris helped him build his physique.

Some months later, Chris opened his gym, Calisthenics academy, and Osvaldo was there once in a while. When Chris opened Thenx, he asked Osvaldo to work with him.

At this point, Osvaldo quit his job to follow his long time passion. Remember that Osvaldo is among the most successful fitness athletes and social media stars in the US.

And as you would expect, he lives a luxurious lifestyle. He is known to own a luxurious apartment in Miami, Florida. The first choice is athletes when it involves supplements, brand’s endorsements, and event sponsorships.

For example, Osvaldo is among the top Calisthenics athletes in Miami, and he endorses lots of supplement brand’s from which he makes a good ton of money.


FAQs On Osvaldo Lugones

FAQs On Osvaldo Lugones


What is Osvaldo’s net worth?

Currently, Osvaldo’s net worth is two million dollars.

How much does he make yearly?

His annual income is pegged at over eighty thousand dollars.

How old is Osvaldo?

Osvaldo Lugones will be thirty years old by August 2022.

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