Oporto menu prices in Australia

The Oporto chicken is a classic Aussie chicken burger restaurant in North Bondi in 1986. The Oporto menu list features a vast range of flame-grilled chicken products.

Oporto chips are one of the most rated due to the high-quality cooking oils and unique tasting salt.

They also have an Oporto delivery option through all the regular 3rd party delivery services.

data-preserver-spaces=”true”>Listed below is the complete Oporto menu with updated prices as of january 2023:

Menu ItemPrice



Bondi Burger$11,65
Bondi Burger Meal$17,50
Halloumi & Chicken Burger$14,95
Halloumi & Chicken Burger Meal$20,80
Triple Fillet Bondi Burger$14,25
Triple Fillet Bondi Burger Meal$20,10
Oprego Burger$11,65
Oprego Burger Meal$17,50
Triple Fillet Oprego Burger$14,25
Triple Fillet Oprego Burger Meal$20,10
Otropo Burger$13,65
Otropo Burger Meal$19,50
Triple Fillet Otropo Burger$16,25
Triple Fillet Otropo Burger Meal$22,10
Veggie Burger$11,65
Veggie Burger Meal$17,50

Chicken Specialties

Crispy Chicken Strips - 3 Pack$7,15
Crispy Chicken Strips - 5 Pack$10,40
Crispy Chicken Strips - 5 Pack Meal$16,25
Crispy Chicken Strips - 8 Pack$13,65
Crispy Chicken Strips - 8 Pack Meal$19,50
Grilled Tenders 4 Pack$11,65
Grilled Tenders 4 Pack Meal$17,50
Quarter Chicken$9,10
Quarter Chicken Meal$14,95
Half Chicken$14,30
Half Chicken Meal$20,15
Whole Chicken$22,10

Wraps and Salads

New Chicken Salad$12,95
New Chicken Salad Meal$18,80
Pulled Chicken Bowl$16,85
Pulled Chicken Bowl Meal$22,70
Chicken Rappa$11,65
Chicken Rappa Meal$17,50
Pulled Chicken Wrap$12,30
Pulled Chicken Wrap Meal$18,15

Kids' Meal

Kids' Chicken and Cheese Burger Meal$10,40
Kids' Rappsnacker Meal$10,40
Kids' Crispy Chicken Strips Meal$10,40


Meal for 2 - 2 burgers of your choice with 5 Chicken Crispy Strips & Dips, choose a side to share plus 2 x 390ml drinks$40,00
Burger Meal for 4 - 4 Burgers of your choice along with 2 share sides$50,00
Chicken Meal for 4 - Whole flame grilled Portuguese Chicken, 8 Crispy Chicken Strips & dip along with 2 share serve sides of your choice$45,00
Chicken and Burger Box - Choice of burger, 1/4 piece of succulent basted Chicken and single Chips$22,10
Build Your Own Box - your choice of Double Burger Meal, Snack, Sauce and 390mL Drink.$21,45
Feast Together Meal - Whole flame grilled Portuguese chicken, 4 mains and 4 sides of your choice$78,00

Sides and Snacks

Chips - Single$5,15
Chips - Shared$7,80
Chilli Cheese Chips$9,10
Spicy Bolas - Single$5,15
Spicy Bolas - Shared$9,10
Jalapeno Bites$5,15
Spicy Rice - Single$5,15
Spicy Rice - Shared$7,80
Crunchy Slaw - Single$5,15
Crunchy Slaw - Shared$7,80
Corn - Single$5,15
Corn - Shared$7,80
Portuguese Tomato Salad - Single$5,15
Portuguese Tomato Salad - Shared$7,80
Garden Salad$5,15
Pita Bread and Garlic Dip$5,15


Authentic Garlic Dip$0,00
Original Chilli Sauce$0,00
Extremo Picante Chilli Sauce$0,00
Prego Tub$0,00
Lemon and Herb Tub$0,00
Mayo Tub$0,00
Chilli Jar$0,00
Prego Jar$0,00


Chocolate Mousse $0,00
Churros 6 Pack$0,00
Churros 10 Pack$0,00


Soft Drinks - 600ml$0,00
Mt Franklin Water - 600ml$0,00
Mt Franklin Sparkling - 600ml$0,00
Keri Juice$0,00
Fuze Peach Ice Tea$0,00

Oporto Gluten Free

Now, as more Australians come to realise the health benefits of a Gluten-Free diet, many food outlets are changing their menu to sort things out.

Unfortunately for those that can’t do without Oporto chicken, they currently do not have a Gluten-Free option.

Oporto Senior Management recently commented on this issue:

“We now understand the importance of options and information when it has to do with celiac disease or gluten intolerances. But, unfortunately, due to the risk of cross-contamination of wheat products in our stores, we do not have any 100% gluten-free products.”

Latest news about the Oporto chicken franchise

The Oporto has been serving its incredible flame-grilled Portuguese chicken in Australia since 1986, expanding from just a single store in North Bondi and now have up to 180 stores today located across Australia and New Zealand. Founder Antonio Cerqueira opened the first store because nobody in Australia was serving the Portuguese-style chicken he enjoyed as a child when he lived in Portugal, and the rest is history.

Oporto menu prices in Australia

However, even as the chain experienced incredible growth, they have never forgotten their original philosophy of creating delicious food that satisfies their “familia” or customers.

A purpose proven in the Oporto’s menu list consists of fresh ingredients served “the authentic way”. And with their specific commitments to making the world a better place, which includes efforts to use only chickens grown at RSPCA approved by welfare industries and making donations to Foodbank, the Australian food charity programme.

Step into an Oporto’s store today, and the first thing you would notice is the mouth-watering smoky aroma of freshly grilled chicken.

The famous Flame Grilled Portuguese Chicken is the most popular recipe that patrons come visiting to have a taste of, and it features fresh Australian chicken with no added hormones, flame-grilled and made for order all the time.

This tasty bird goes well in a burger, either in the spicy Bondi style with crisp lettuce, mayo and an original chilli sauce, cheese, or in various other kinds, including a variety of additional toppings bacon, Halloumi and grilled pineapple.

Or, get the chicken served as usual in a Chicken Box with any sides such as coleslaw, chips, spicy rice, or grilled corn. For a lighter meal, salad bowls and wraps are also available, all of which include their amazing grilled chicken as a topping.

You can also complete your meal with snack items from Oporto’s menu, like crispy chicken strips and jalapeno bites.

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