Olivia Rodrigo Net Worth: How Rich is the Singer Actually?

If you wonder who Olivia Rodrigo is, you may know her from the Disney Channel show titled Bizaardvark.

However, Olivia is an American actress and singer known on Bizaardvark for her role as Paige Olvera. She has a fantastic career and is currently worth five million dollars.


Net Worth Of Olivia Rodrigo

As stated above, Olivia’s net worth is estimated to be $5 million, and most of her wealth is from her record deal, her time on Disney and enormous music sales.

However, Olivia is much more than an actor and among the most prominent female artists in the music industry.


Early Life And Career

On the 20th of February 2003, Olivia Rodrigo was born in Murrieta, California, to a therapist, father and schoolteacher, mother.

Olivia is Filipino-American and vegan to get involved with music as young as she was in kindergarten. At a very tender age, Olivia showed she had immense talent.

She began taking vocal lessons in kindergarten and learned to play the piano. In elementary school, she began acting in theatre productions.

When she was thirteen, she started auditioning for diverse television roles and landed her first gig in An American Girl: Grace Stirs Up Success.

This was the beginning of her entertainment career. A little while after her first onscreen appearance, Olivia landed a big role on Bizaardvark and became fan’s favourite.

The show aired for three seasons. She was later picked as the lead role of Nini Salazar-Robert’s High School Musical: The Musical: The series on Disney+ when the show went off the air.

Furthermore, she wrote the song All I Want and co-wrote Just for a moment. The two songs were the soundtrack for the series.

Olivia beautifully displayed her talent as an artist and actor and has shown that she can do both at a pretty high level.

By the following year, Olivia signed with Interscope Records, a renowned music label that works with Dr Dre, Eminem and even Dababy.


Olivia Rodrigo Net Worth: How Rich is the Singer Actually


Olivia brilliantly negotiated this deal and owned the rights to the masters of her music. More so, she has total control of what they do with her albums and songs, and she gains every bit of the profits.

Under this label, she released her popular debut single titled Drivers License. This song was a huge success, and it broke the record of Spotify twice for the most daily streams ever for a non-holiday song.

This song had more than 15.7 million global streams on the 11th of January. And, it got more than seventeen million by the next day.

It was on the Billboard Hot 100 as number one. In 2021 April, Olivia kept the ball rolling when she released her Deja Vu song.

This song ranked number eight on Billboard Hot 100 and made her the first artist to launch their first two releases in the top 10 of the Hot 100.

More so, the singles generated lots of buzz and fans could barely wait for her first studio album. On the 14th of May 2021, she delivered and released Sour, and the album was ranked highly on the Billboard 200 chart.

She has managed to solidify herself among the most versatile artists of Gen Z’s. It must be noted that Olivia has been working on her craft as an actor and musician since her early childhood.

The hours she put into her art has successfully set her up for monetary freedom and vast amounts of popularity and fame.



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