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Nandos menu prices in Australia


Nando’s is a South African fast-food chain specialising in Portuguese dishes. It started in 1987 and presently, it runs over 1,000 restaurants across the world. They are well known for their specially spiced chicken burgers; the Peri-Peri sauce is legendary.

In addition, the Australian store menu consists of items not available in other countries.

Underlisted is the most recent Nandos menu list and prices for 2021:

Note that all prices are confirmed correct as of February 2021.


Menu ItemPrice


Grilled Chicken Tenderloin$3,45
Cheesy Garlic Mini Pita$3,95
Sweet Potato Chips$6,95
Creamy Hummus$6,95

Flame-Grilled PERi-PERi Chicken - For One

1/4 Chicken$8,95
1/2 Chicken$13,95
Grilled Chicken Tenderloins$10,95
Whole Chicken$21,45
Whole Chicken with 1 Large Side$28,45
Whole Chicken with 2 Large Sides$35,45
2 Whole Chickens with 2 Large Sides$55,45
2 Whole Chidkens with 3 Large Sides$62,95
All Rounder Platter$33,95

Burgers, Wraps & Pitas

The Halloumi$14,95
Chicken BLAT $14,95
Green Goodness$14,45
Double Cheese and Bacon$15,45
The All in Burger$16,45


Chips - Regular$5,95
Chips - Large$7,95
Chips - Seriously Large$9,95
Swet Potato Chips$6,95
Corn on the Boc - Regular$5,95
Corn on the Boc - Large$7,95
Spicy Rice - Regular$5,95
Spicy Rice - Large$7,95
Side Salad - Regular$5,95
Side Salad - Large$7,95
Garli Bread - Regular$5,95
Garli Bread - Large$7,95
PERinaise Dip$1,95
Creamy Chip Dip$1,95


Superfuel Salad - Salad Only$11,95
Superfuel Salad - With Chicken$16,90
Superfuel Salad - With Superfood Veggie Patty$16,90
Superfuel Salad - With Great Pretender Protein$17,90
Mediterranean Salad - Salad Only$10,95
Mediterranean Salad - With Chicken$15,90
Mediterranean Salad - With Superfood Veggie Patty$15,90
Mediterranean Salad - With Great Pretender Protein$16,90


Paella Grande$21,45


3 Grilled Tenderloins$11,45
Pequeno Mini Pita$11,45


Chocolate Mousse$4,45


Soft Drinks - 390ml$3,95
Soft Drinks - 600ml$4,95
Mount Franklin Still Water - 600ml$3,95
Mount Franklin Sparkling Water - 450ml$3,95
Bundaberg Naturally Brewed Drinks$4,95
Lipton Ice Tea$4,95
Charlie's Juice$4,95
Pop Top Fruit Drink$2,95


Nandos have menu items in Nando’s Sauces, Meal Bundles, Snacks, Flame-grilled PERi-PERi Chicken, Salads & Bowls, Burgers, Wraps & Pitas, Great Pretender Faves, Sides, Kids, Drinks and Desserts in Australia

Information about Nandos

Coming from South Africa, Nando’s is the largest and perhaps also the most well-known, Portuguese-style grilled chicken chain globally.

They opened their first store in South Africa’s largest city Johannesburg in 1987, with over 1000 locations worldwide. Nando’s menu showcases this heritage by offering an extraordinary line of Peri-Peri, which goes perfectly with the grilled Chicken, utilizing the Peri-Peri or African Bird’s Eye chilli introduced to South Africa by Portuguese settlers.

But perfectly grilled spicy Chicken is not their only dedication.

Along with their initiative of “Changing Lives, Together”, Nando’s is involved in efforts to achieve net-zero carbon emissions throughout their restaurant stores, also in helping out the rural South African communities, growing their chillis and providing them with decorative artwork by investing in the community and offering them reasonable prices in exchange for their goods and services.

Nandos menu prices in Australia

The Nandos menu list in Australia revolves around its signature Peri-Peri chicken, marinated for at least 24 hours before being flame-grilled to juicy and tender perfection.

They serve their Chicken with the legendary Peri-Peri sauce, made according to in-house recipes from South African Peri-Peri chillis. Fear not even if you’re not the biggest fan of spicy food, though, as this sauce comes in five different spice levels from Mild to Extra Bloody Hot, along with a Lemon and Herb flavour, which is extra gentle on the taste buds.

And while Nando’s Chicken is fantastic enough on its own, pair it with some of their excellent sides, like the Peri-Peri chips, Spicy Rice, Corn on the Cob or Garlic Bread for a complete meal.

You may also try the Chicken in a burger, wrap or sandwich, as a topping on their salad bowls. But, no matter your choice, their amazing Chicken is sure to satisfy.


I visited Nandos for the first time and had an excellent first impression of them. Firstly the staff and customer service give a welcoming ambience, secondly the meals even before you taste it, just the aroma, tells you, you are in the right place.

A referred me and this is me testifying. So give Nandos a visit and thank me later.

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