Montezuma’s – Crows Nest in Australia

Hola! Tienes hambre (are you hungry)? If yes, that is good as our job here is to stimulate your senses with amazing Mexican dishes. In Australia, you will find Montezuma’s Mexican Restaurant Crows Nest at your service.

One thing to note about Montezuma’s Mexican Restaurant Crows Nest is that it provides both authentic and freshly made Mexican food. You will be served alongside friendly customer service and a highly festive Aztec environment.

As a fully licensed restaurant, a very relaxed dining experience and the value for your money is guaranteed.

In this article, you will find contact details, phone numbers, and overall information about Montezuma’s restaurant found in Crows Nest.

This restaurant has been built in this location for many years. And unsurprisingly, it has grown into a special dining location for the locals who love Mexican recipes.

Interestingly, you can check it out on your own!
Ensure to click on the link to have a look at the complete Montezuma’s menu and prices.

Montezuma’s – Crows Nest in Australia


Menu ItemPrice (AUD)


Dips – Queso Fundido$10.90
Dips – 3 Combo$11.90
Dips – 4 Combo$16
Dips – Ranchero$8
Dips – Frijole$8
Dips – Guacamole$12.50
Chilli Con Carne$12.90
Nachos – Beef$16.90
Nachos – Chicken$16.90
Nachos – Vegetarian$13.50
Nachos – San Antonio$15.50
Nachos – Con Reacaudo$21.90
Tostado – Frijoles$11
Tostado – Picadillo$11.50
Tostado – Beef$12.50
Tostado – Chicken$12.50
Tacos – Frijoles$5
Tacos – Picadillo$5.50
Tacos – Shredded Beef$5.50
Tacos – Chorizo$5.50
Tacos – Chicken$5.50


Montezuma’s Delight – Vegetarian$17.90
Montezuma’s Delight – Shredded Beef$19.90
Montezuma’s Delight – Chicken$19.90
Enchiladas – Chorizo$19.90
Enchiladas – Chicken$19.90
Enchiladas – Shredded Beef$19.90
Chilli Verde$18.90
Chicken Mexican$22.90
Burrito – Shredded Beef$21.50
Burrito – Steak$21.50
Burrito – Frijoles$19.90
Burrito – Chicken$22.50
Burrito – Garlic Prawns$21.50
Tamale Pie$19.90
Mole Poblano$24.50
Sanan Andres$25.50


Taco Platter$19.90
Santa Fe$19.90


Mexican Date Cake$8
Platano de Pina$8
Mexican Flan$6
Chocoalate Mousse$8
Helado con Kahlua$9
Helado con Kahlua Coffee$9


For those interested in Mexican dishes and never dined at Montezuma’s Mexican Restaurant , do not delay any further. The meals we make here are fresh since they are curated from products that are grown locally in the city.

More so, they are cooked in mild, senora style in convection ovens. If you are a patron and you want something really hot, do not hesitate to request the hot or extra hot sauce.

For vegetarians, you are not exempted as we offer gluten-free, vegetarian, and allergy-specific options. You can bring your whole family to this restaurant as they will be duly satisfied with all we have to offer.

You will love the special children’s menu that we have in place for your tiny amigos!. The restaurant is built close to the public, and if you own a car there are lots of on-street parking spaces.

There is also the undercover parking space that is adjacent to Montezuma’s Restaurant. We must say that this restaurant is situated in a good location for all of your occasions. If you want a real-life experience of what dining here feels like, ensure you visit us as you will enjoy not just the pleasing aroma of the meals but the ambience of serenity.

Name: Montezuma’s – Crows Nest

Address: 51 Alexander Street, Crows Nest NSW 2065, Australia

Phone: (02) 9901 3533



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