Monarto Safari Park (Monarto Zoo) Prices in Australia

The Monarto Safari Park was Founded in 1983 (formerly Monarto Zoo) standout as one of the ancient and well-celebrated zoos in the country. Today, they have a solid membership base of over 45,000 people, closing in on the Adelaide Football Club numbers of more than 65,000 participants.

In late 2019 the Zoo began renewing and restructuring as the Monarto Safari Park. This process is planned to be concluded by 2021.

The Zoo itself is situated around 50km southeast of Adelaide. Mostly the travel time can be less than 45 minutes if you’re travelling from the city and then there is a minor traffic jam on the road. So if you’re thinking of visiting – You likely want to know what it would cost you are going to spend.


 Monarto Safari Park is quite similar to some other zoos, which includes the Peel Zoo over in Western Australia.


Here is the recent entry prices list to Monarto Safari Park:


Entry Ticket

Children (4-14)$20.50
Adult (15+)$38.00
Seniors (valid ID required)$27.00
Student (valid ID required)$27.00
Family (2 adults, 2-3 children)$96.00
Family (2 adults, 4 children)$102.50
Family (2 adults, 5 children)$109.00
Extra children can be added to a family pass for $6 each.

Monarto Safari Park (Monarto Zoo) Price Updates

  • July 2020 – Price increasement 
  • November 2019 – Price increasement – Children (+$0.22) – Concession (+$1.10) – Adult (+$1.50) – Family (+$2.30).
  • June 2018 – Increasement from Aug 2017 – Children (+$0.29) – Concession (+$0.49.9) – Adult (+$1.10) – Family (+$2.50).

As you can see, the prices are a little higher than other zoos within Australia; by the time you are done reading through the rest of the post, you’ll understand why.

Monarto Safari Park (Monarto Zoo) Prices in Australia

Entry Into Monarto Safari Park

Now you know the cost to visit the Monarto safari park and what you will be getting precisely. So, naturally, a whole of a lot of value is what you will be given.

In the park, Over 500 animals enjoying their peaceful pleasure existence originated from over 50 species.

Emu Track – Monarto Zoo


In the 1,000 hectares plots, the Zoo has situated 10km of walking tracks existed. But, don’t worry – they range in difficulty from easy to medium grading (all suitable for robust pushers).

A few of these include:

  • Emu Track – A 20-30 minutes stroll taking you through some of the most magnificent flora and birdlife the world has to give.
  • Ridge Track – The Ridge track is a fancy African setting when you choose the Ridge Track, and you’ll be welcomed on the journey by giraffes, zebras, and elands.
  • Bretag Track – 35 minute approximate walk time, the Bretag Track happens to be the longest in the Zoo. You’ll see rhinos, African lions, and many more.

Everyone knows what happens after a walk. No matter how leisurely it was, we got famished.

What better way to top your tank with some cool beverages, hot meals, and delightful desserts from the Ketabi Café.

Up Close And Personal

 Monarto Safari Park is quite similar to some other zoos, which includes the Peel Zoo over in Western Australia. However, Monarto Safari Park provides a variety of offers where you can take away the boundary between yourself and the animals.

At Monarto, the experiences are top-notch. These are the happening you’ll be talking about in many years ahead.

A few of the most known :

  • Meerkat – These weird animals get pleasure in meeting new people. And you could be one of them, with $45 you will let into their exhibition and part of the action.
  • Lion – Housing one of the most powerful feelings of pride of lions in the country, joining the lion keeper in serving them their dinner, putting them to sleep and listening to the roaring.
  • Cheetah – When meeting with this animal, get your running shoes ready cause you will be meeting with the fastest animal on the land planet. When visiting don’t put on clothes in bright colours.
  • Rhino – They are gentle beasts who need their feeding. Are you up for the challenge?

The Prices varies depending on the happenings, so please visit their website before visiting. 

Monarto Safari Park (Monarto Zoo) Prices in Australia

Zoo Membership

As the Zoo becomes more and more mainstream, so many people are going to be visiting the Zoo but not once.

Monarto Safari Park (Monarto Zoo) knows your want by visiting the animals frequently, which is why they offer membership packages.

Monarto Zoo Membership Prices


Membership Package

Children (4-14) $55.00

Adult (15+) $113.30

Seniors (valid ID required) $78.00

Student (valid ID required) $78.00

Lifetime $2,450

There is a joining fee of $27. The membership form is available for pick up at Adelaide Zoo or has it delivered for $5.

Not only will you receive incredible discounts by joining as a member, but the funds you give to the Zoo helps them a lot in more ways:

  • Assisting the zookeepers and workers care for all the animals in the Zoo
  • Help in ensuring the future of the Zoo
  • Support vital breeding programs and conservations effort of endangered species

As a member of Monarto Safari Park (Monarto Zoo), you’re also granted free entry into these zoos around the country:

  • Taronga Zoo
  • Taronga Western Plains Zoo
  • Healesville Sanctuary
  • Melbourne Zoo
  • Adelaide Zoo
  • Werribee Open Range Zoo
  • Perth Zoo

That’s a couple of zoos you can spend several years visiting without getting tired. 

Monarto Safari Park (Monarto Zoo) Prices in Australia

Monarto Safari Park Opening Hours

Monarto Zoo is the only Zoo in Australia to be open all days of the year with just two occasions exceptions.

First – if the temperature forecast is slightly above 40 degrees Celsius, the Zoo closes. Then the beach becomes the better option on these days anyway.

Second – if, in any event, occurs and the SA County Fire Service makes a Catastrophic Fire Ban, the Zoo closes immediately.

Besides the two occasions, the Zoo is open to the public from 9:30 am – 5:00 pm daily ( Christmas and public holidays inclusive).

Monarto Safari Park – Giraffes

The team working behind the scenes advised putting aside a minimum of 3-5 hours to get the most out of the animal experience. So get there in the morning and spend the whole day.

*Note – you can not enter the Zoo past 3 pm.

Have Fun

We do appreciate you taking your time to learn a little more about Monarto Safari Park (Monarto Zoo) and all the beautiful journey it has to provide.

Remember, the admission ticket price won’t just get you into the Zoo; it’ll allow you to give you great memories that will last forever.

As Carl Denham (King Kong 2005) once said:

There is still some more mystery left in this world, and we can all have a piece of it for the price of an admission ticket.


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