Milky Lane menu prices in Australia

The Milky Lane is a boutique burger shop that has been in operation since 2016. Along with their wide range of delicious burgers, they also offer a great selection of top-notch desserts guaranteed to be enjoyed by any sweets fanatic.

There are currently stores in Newstead, Bondi, Parramatta, Cronulla, Surfers Paradise, Canberra, Crows Nest and Newcastle.

Note that all menu prices underlisted are current as of October 2022.


Milky Lane menu prices

Menu ItemPrice (AUD)


Fried Chicken Weezy$14
Lil Weezy$14
Big L$15
Milky Lane$17
The Drake (Vego)$17
Triple Cheese & Onion$18
Kevin Bacon$24

The Milky Lane offers Juicy burgers and over-the-top desserts to meet unique cocktails in an extraordinarily iconic restaurant. Milky Lane’s been ranking up the burger chain since 2016 and won a legion of fans for their take on pleasurable moments.

There is just one thing that’s as big as our passion for good food and it’s our love of hip-hop music; this is why every one of our restaurants gives off an urban aura, with incredible artwork and local DJs keeping the vibes going until late.

You’ve seen us on Instagram; now come, have a feel of what we have to offer in reality. With a new Milky Lane’s coming along, it’s never been easier to get the crew together, grab a great burger and make an exciting night of it.

About Milky Lane

Christian Avant created the Milky Lane in 2016, combining crazy burgers and a soulful, lively environment to create the perfect mood for the nighttime. Avant put his experience in the clubbing and entertainment scene to create an urban and fun atmosphere, pumping with the latest hip hop tunes and popping with colourful graffiti.

The franchise collaborates with local DJs and street artists so that these venues genuinely come to life. Much like their aesthetic, their food is big and loud, reflected on their drool-worthy Instagram page. Since the beginning, Milky Lane has taken the Sydney boutique burger scene by storm.

It currently has five stores in Bondi Beach, Paramatta, Cronulla, Crows Nest and Newcastle, making this an accessible favourite right across Sydney. Those not in NSW also have restaurants in the ACT and Queensland and are looking to open eight more within the country in the next few months.

Beyond the aura, the Milky Lane menu is famous for its crazy-delicious food and beverages. Their burgers are made with organic Australian beef and often include two smashed patties or four patties if you’d indulge in the ‘Kevin Bacon’ special burger. They offer large portions of sides, especially the loaded fries that include cheese and cheese gravy.

Fear not for vegetarians out there—Milky Lane also has a good range of vegetarian and vegan options, including plant-based patties. Milky Lane hasn’t forgotten about desserts either, offering an enticing collection of treats, including a range of doughnut churros fries.

Much like its burgers, Milky Lane doesn’t hold back when it comes to its drinks. The Milky Lane cocktail menu features flavours inspired by iconic childhood treats guaranteed to give you a hit of nostalgia (bubble gum inspired cocktails, creamy soda and Reece’s peanut butter cups, to name a few).

So if you’re craving for a flavour hit in an exciting, vibrant atmosphere, then Milky Lane is your place.

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