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Melting Pot Prices in Canada 2021


One thing that is lovable about melting pot is the reasonable range of their menu prices. This means that they will not actually melt your dollars away. Melting Pot is is a food chain restaurant that currently have more than one hundred and forty locations across the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

If you are looking for a place where you will get all the current menu items of Melting pot, as well as their respective current prices, then you are at the right place.

This post contains the updated list of Melting pot menu prices. you will also be briefed on the opening hours of Melting pot as well as their latest updates at the later end of this post.

Check out the latest Melting Pot menu prices below.

Melting Pot Menu Prices 2021

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Melting Pot Chocolate Fondue Menu Prices

  • Choccocino
  • Bananas Foster
Endless Mimosas $12
Endless Mimosas  $12
The Original $8.95
Bourbon Pecan $9.95
Peaches N’ Cream $9.95
Chocolate S’mores $9.95
Create Your Own $9.95
Flaming Turtle $9.95
Caramel Toffee Crunch $9.95
Pure Chocolate $8.95
Yin & Yan $9.95

Melting Pot Cheese Fondue Menu Prices

Wisconsin Cheddar $8.95
Loaded Baked Potato Cheddar $9.95
Cherry Pecan $9.95
Spinach & Artichoke $9.95
Craft Your Own Wisconsin Cheddar $8.95
Apple Cider Alpine $9.95
Classic Alpine $9.95

Melting Pot Salad Menu Prices

The Melting Pot House Salad $5.95
Caesar Strawberry $5.95
Spinach $5.95
California $5.95

Melting Pot Beverage Specials Menu Prices

Irish Coffee $5.95
Almond Mocha $5.95
Chocolate Raspberry Kiss $5.95
Chocolate Warm-Up $5.95
Hazelnut Java $5.95
Hot Scotch $5.95
Cafe Caramel $5.95
White Chocolate Cappuccino $5.95

Melting Pot Gourmet Coffee Menu Prices

Coffee/ Decaffeinated Coffee $2.50
Hot Tea $2.50
Espresso  $2.95
Cafe Latte $3.95
Cappuccino $3.95

Melting Pot Main Menu Prices

Fun-due For The Kids $10.95-$19.95
Very Berry Lemonade $3.95
Coop’s Cherry Luau $3.95
Chocolate Milk $3.95

Melting Pot Small Plate Menu Prices

Lobster Quesadilla $9.95
Braised Beef Bouchee $9.95
Savory Satay Skewers $8.95
Mediterranean Flatbread $7.95
Hawaiian Flatbread $8.95
Chicken Potstickers $7.95
Kobe Beef Sliders $7.95
Honey Almond Brie $9.95

What we think about Melting pot prices

When we consider the level of deliciousness of Melting pot menu, we can easily understand why their food is expensive. No hard feelings, but we would most likely recommend the rich to casually eat here. This is major because the price of most of its foods is very pricey as you have seen on the menu.

Unlike its food chain competitors, you can see that a Simple Cheddar Cheese Fondue in the melting pot menu is $10.00, while a Whole Four course meal can cost about $50.00.

Regardless, it remains one of the most famous food chain in Canada as there is a lot of variety offered to customers. If you are a lover of chocolate, you don’t want to miss the Chocolate fondue on the menu. The Honey Orange Duck Breast is also worth trying.

When we also consider the taste of these various foods, we can conclude that they are worth every penny and celebration by guests.

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Opening hours of melting pot 

Now that you know the menu list of Melting pot as well as their current prices, it is also good to know their opening hours. The good news is that The Melting Pot remains open till late hours, allowing you to enjoy delicious fondues any time of the day.

While their Breakfast Menu starts from 12 PM and continues till 4 PM in the evening, the Lunch Hours starts from 11 AM and continues till 3 PM.

The table below shows detailed schedule of the restaurant as well as their daily working hours for the week

Monday   5.00 PM – 10.00 PM
Tuesday   5.00 PM – 10.00 PM
Wednesday   5.00 PM – 10.00 PM
Thursday   5.00 PM – 10.00 PM
Friday   5.00 PM – 10.00 PM
Saturday  4.00 PM – 10.00 PM
Sunday   5.00 PM – 10.00 PM


The melting pot restaurant is a nice place to be, not only because the staff are friendly but also because the overall ambiance of the band is cozy, clean, and intimate.

Customers are also offered the choice of seating themselves with private booths or more open tables. This is coupled with the hygiene that is good for being so expensive.

Another good thing is that despite how popular it can get and how much crowd are expected especially in weekends, the wait times aren’t too bad. Plus, reservations are provided.

The melting pot is a worldwide brand, and if you plan to visit any of the one hundred and forty stores across the world, you have been exposed to the current Melting Pot Menu List 2021.



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