McDonald’s Secret Menu prices in Australia

Patrons of the McDonald’s chain in places outside Australia have been treated for a long time to an option of particular food items hidden in the standard Maccas menu list.

The McDonald’s restaurant’s Secret Menu is a list of various dessert and burger creations that you can only be accessed if patrons know the way to discover the list of items.

Different users online (YouTube, Reddit) have uploaded videos and step-by-step instructions on how to access and order these hidden (secret) items on the menu.

Unfortunately, we have not seen this method make its way to any Australian McDonald’s restaurant – Stil! However, do not be afraid.

We will guide you through the Top 5 items on Macca’s Secret Menu list that are available in the USA and how to crack the secret of the local menu list here in Australia to get the same options for yourself.

McMuffin Pizzas
Here is one of the most simple but tasty of the hidden menu items. To create your own version in a location in Australia, you can order yourself an English muffin, divide it open in halves, make an order of some premium cheeses, and choose from your favorite type of toppings.

Now you can say your very own Maccas pizza is ready.

McDonald’s Secret Menu prices in Australia

Strawberry Sprite
Here is one of the specials from the drinks ranges on the Secret Menu list. First, order yourself a standard Sprite soft drink (with or without ice, depends on your choice).

To that, you then add a splash of Strawberry Thickshake Syrup. We’ve tried this one ourselves – delicious!

Monster Mac
Warning. Do not try this one unless you are starving. You can hack the listed Australian McDonald’s menu to create your own Monster Mac by first ordering yourself a standard Big Mac hamburger. Then you order a side of x6 extra meat patties.

That’s right – x6 extra! Next, open up your Big Mac and carefully assemble the additional meat patties on top. After that, eating manners would be put to the test. Take a good grip of your burger, start munching freely.

If you see any of the patties slipping out, make sure to stop and adjust the layers; otherwise, this delicious McDonald’s tower of meat could come toppling all over you.

Do not try this one unless you are starving.

Land, Sea & Air Burger
Here is the McDonalds version of the traditional Surf & Turf, but with a Maccas twist. Even novices can recreate this mouth-watering creation from the McDonald’s Secret Menu. Begin with ordering a regular Big Mac burger for yourself – i.e. the Land component.

Order yourself a Filet-O-Fish burger, the Sea component. Lastly, order yourself a McChicken burger (grilled or crispy), with this you now have the final piece of the puzzle, the Air component. Afterwards, the most challenging part of the creation begins.

Start with the Big Mac by opening it up and separating it from the layers. After that grab your Filet-O-Fish and insert the fish patty onto one of the layers of the Big Mac.

Next, apply this combo with the McChicken patty. Of course, you can also add the buns if you’re feeling extra adventurous, for a mega creation. The final step is to combine them all and do your best to wrap your mouth around your stack of this Maccas Secret Menu favorite.

McDonald’s Secret Menu prices in Australia - Land, Sea & Air Burger

Apple Pie McFlurry
This hack features two separate items from the desserts menu list. Begin with making a plain vanilla McFlurry for yourself, without having flavorings or toppings. You’ll like to order the McFlurry because it comes with a large paper cup and sturdy spoon, which will be helpful in the next stage.

Next, you would want to move on to the crunch factor option. Order an Apple Pie of your choice off the menu. For the Maccas purist out there, it’s recommended that you go for the signatory Hot Apple Pie on the list.

Make use of the plastic spoon from your vanilla McFlurry to mash the apple pie into small bite-sized pieces and then put them in the McFlurry. Once more, use the spoon to swish around the pie pieces, making sure that each of them is coated evenly with that delicious McFlurry ice cream.

The crispy, deep-fried goodness of the hot apple pie is a delightful twist against the coldness and smoothness of the vanilla ice cream in the McFlurry. It’s no wonder that many Maccas-freaks rates this hack from the McDonald’s Secret Menu as the best overall.

Apple Pie McFlurry

Seen Any Others?
The hidden menu at Maccas is constantly changing and developing in many countries. Australia might not have authorized access yet to the official items on the Golden Arches hidden menu.

Still, we can all enjoy and experience them ourselves right here in AU with these menu hacks. Have you ever tasted or heard particularly of any other menu hacks not listed in this article?

If yes, please send us a message in the comments section below and join the conversation.

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