Mason Morfit Net Worth 2022: Income, Salary, Career, Bio

Investment banking or the stockbroking sector is one of the most delicate industries for one to delve into because of its volatility. It’s difficult to predict what could occur, but regardless they are some brave men and women who have turned out to be millionaires in the industry. 

Some of us must have heard stories of people like Jordan Belfort (especially after watching “Wolf of Wall Street”); it shows that some have found a way to make it in such a high-risk industry. 

In this article, we’ll be looking at the life of millionaire Mason Morfit, his net worth, income, salary, career and biography. The American is one of many who have achieved success in the Investment corner of the banking system, and we would like to share his experiences with you.

Personal Life & Biography

Morfit was born on the 27th September 1977 to American parents, of which his father is a former diplomat. As a result, Morfit and his family moved a lot and lived in India and Indonesia.

He was born in California but eventually settled down in Washington DC, attending the Sidwell Friends School. On graduation from the DC-based school in 1993, he attended Princeton University in New Jersey, studying political economy.

Morfit was born on the 27th September 1977 to American parents



After Mason Morfit graduated from Princeton University in 1997, he was employed in 2001 by Credit Suisse First Boston, where Morfit worked as a research analyst. During his time at Credit Suisse First Boston, he was more particular about working in the managed care industry.

After that, Morfit went on to work for Microsoft Corporation, and in 2013, Mason suggested to Microsoft a strategy on how they can increase profits which turned out to be successful. 

Mr Morfit became one of the board members at Microsoft Corporation in 2014 while working at ValueAct Capital. He eventually resigned as a board member from the Tech company in 2017. He also served as a director at C.R. Bard Inc., Valeant Pharmaceuticals International, Solexa Inc. and Advanced Medical Optics. 

In 2011, he joined ValueAct Capital, an investment company founded by Jeffery Ubben as Chief Investment Officer. In 2014, ValueAct decided to include him on the board of directors after his impressive work as the head of investment. ValueAct Capital elected him, after his 19 years of service, as Chief Executive Officer in January 2020. 

ValueAct Capital ended up successfully selling Microsoft stocks worth $0.5 billion, thanks to Morfit’s grounded knowledge of his former employers. ValueAct Capital, created in June 2000, is known for creating wealth for investors and their company shareholders. 

The company trades stocks of businesses that were once out of favour to investors before the stocks begin to attract much value. They do this by implementing changes to the businesses to provide a long-term profit and value of the company, which subsequently profits them. 

At ValueAct Capital, Mason Morfit helped the investment company sell all of Rolls Royce’s state

capital in August 2020. As a result, the American businessman has been pivotal in the company’s growing net worth both as Chief Investment Officer and C.E.O. As of 2019, ValueAct Capital had an A.U.M. (Assets Under Management) worth about $9 billion. 

Mason Morfit had earned compensation of about $2.5 million as C.E.O. of ValueAct Capital. One of the reasons for such payment was his play in selling $0.5 billion worth of Microsoft stocks.

He was also vital in helping the company secure investment in Valeant Pharmaceuticals. This move allowed the company to make up to $3.6 billion in profit. 

Mason Morfit career


Salary & Net worth

The American investment banker and businessman are reportedly earning a yearly salary of about $5 million as of early 2022. Morfit has seen an increase in his net worth over the years after working for top companies in the U.S. His net worth saw a 133.3% increment counting from 2017 to date, as he is said to be worth about $70 million in early 2022. Mason Morfit also has individual stocks in significant companies, but his primary source of income is his salary as C.E.O. of ValueAct Capital. Though, he isn’t the type to be known for a flamboyant lifestyle and tends to keep talks about his properties private. 


Name:Mason Morfit
Net Worth:$70 Million
Country:United States
Income:$5 Million (Annual)
Last Updated:2022


Mason Morfit got married to Anna-Mieke Ortiz in 2004 but ended up getting a divorce in 2020 after having four kids. He is currently dating the “Fast and Furious” star Jordana Brewster after she divorced her husband, Andrew Foam, whom she was married to for 13 years.

Mason Morfit got married to Anna-Mieke Ortiz in 2004



Getting ahead of the game in an industry many consider abstract isn’t a feat many people achieve. Moreover, the unstable nature of many investments makes many people doubt the potential gains, even when it’s proven to be safe.

It’s, for this reason, quite a several investors entrust their money to investment bankers and investment companies. Mason Morfit has proven to be a professional in the investment world, creating huge profits for Microsoft and Valeant Pharmaceuticals.

His exploits in the investment world have earned him an excellent reputation and, subsequently, a remarkable net worth. Looking at his career, we see the very reason why he is one of the richest men in the U.S. 




When did Mason Morfit join ValueAct Capital?

  • The investment company employed mason Morfit in 2011.

Who is Mason Morfit’s Wife?

  • The American businessman is divorced but currently dating Jordana Brewster.

What is Mason Morfit’s Salary?

  • Mason Morfit earns about $5 million annually.

Where was Mason Morfit born?

  • Mason Morfit was born in California in 1977.

Does Mason Morfit have kids?

  • Yes, the American has four kids; three boys and a girl. All were from his ex-wife, Anna Mieke Ortiz.

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