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The Rise of Veganism

Forty years ago, a ‘vegan’ was someone who refused to eat or use any animal-derived foods. People were largely perplexed by this. Nowadays, a person can become a vegan at any time. The rise of the vegan food market is undeniable, and brands are responding in a big way. 

The restaurant scene is taking notice as well. On a regular day, we will see at least two vegan options on menus of prominent chains, along with multiple vegan options at a more casual restaurant. 

Some people have had to learn how to use vegan ‘the right way’ as it’s difficult for people who have been omnivores for most of their lives to go from being lactose-intolerant to vegan in one fell swoop.

The Rise of Veganism - KFC Vegan Menu


Meet the KFC Vegan Menu

“Turn the non-vegans into vegans” — KFC. 

As hard as it might be to believe, the chicken chain that wants us all to be carnivores is the first big brand to offer a fully vegan menu in the UK. So whether you’re vegetarian, vegan, or just trying to avoid all meat, fish, poultry, and processed foods, there’s plenty on the KFC menu to keep you and your stomach happy. 

This isn’t a get-to-basic fast-food-style menu, though — it’s pretty varied, and even the non-vegetarians will get a treat. As for the meat-eaters, well, they’ll have to be more creative than “there’s a Veggie Burger on the menu — see what you can make of it.” 

Although being called the “official menu,” the KFC vegan menu is a small selection of dishes that KFC was experimenting within some countries.


Meet the KFC Vegan Menu - the KFC vegan menu is a small selection of dishes that KFC was experimenting within some countries.


A Taste Test of the KFC Vegan Menu

If there was a line of people out the door waiting to eat at KFC’s New York City vegan menu, chances are it was the same line at Olive Garden when they announced their new vegan menu. 

Considering that these two restaurants have always prided themselves in offering many choices, I was curious what the lineup would be like. 

KFC’s was completely different. It was insanely long. However, the overall review on their new KFC vegan menu, or the “Leatherette Vegan Bucket,” as it’s called, was unanimous and positive. 

You can now get the chicken strips in the meat dish or get them as a salad dressing. You can get a small for $2.99 and a large for $5.99. In addition, you can get their new “Pancake Combo” for $2.99, which includes two thick-cut Kentucky hotcakes and two buttermilk pancakes.


A Taste Test of the KFC Vegan Menu


No one can blame vegans for not knowing where to start when they get started; it can be overwhelming when you first start. 

It is essential to get familiar with the basics and know what to consider before making any definitive moves in your diet. 

We hope that this article has been able to help make that step a little easier. The key to sticking with a vegan diet is to be on the lookout for those oh-so-heart-warming animal welfare stories and give to those who may need the support. 

So give some money, check on how the farmers are faring, donate food. 

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