KFC UK Menu Prices 2022/2023

In this article, I will be showing you KFC UK Menu Prices List 2022/2023. This post will help you choose yummy food when you are hungry.

KFC, also known as Kentucky Fried Chicken, is a fast-food eatery that specializes in fried chicken. It offers several classic chicken meals such as Colonel’s Classic, Chicken Littles, and Family Meals, including a mix of chicken wings and drumsticks.

The company was founded in 1930, in North Corbin, Kentucky, by Harland Sanders, the man who would become the company’s face. In a few short years, he became a huge hit and was given the highest title of honor in Kentucky — Kentucky colonel. Since then, he has always been known as Colonel Sanders.

Colonel Sanders, a businessman, turned chef, started the fried chicken business from the ground up. However, it wasn’t until the mid-seventies that people began to recognize him as the face of KFC.

Kentucky Fried Chicken initially started as a roadside restaurant selling fried chicken. Much later, the first “KFC” franchise opened in Utah in 1952.

KFC was one of the first American fast-food chains to expand internationally. By the mid-1960s, they opened outlets in Canada, UK, Mexico, and Jamaica.

Today, KFC has its headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky, and has nearly 19,000 branches in over 120 countries worldwide. It is the second-largest fast-food restaurant in sales after Mcdonalds’.

Today, KFC offers more healthy alternatives to fried chicken, such as the grilled chicken. Unfortunately, for this reason, KFC menu prices generally tend to be a little more expensive than an average fast-food restaurant.

KFC UK updated Menu Prices

KFC Menu Prices United Kingdom



Fillet Tower£4.99
Zinger Tower£4.89

Toasted Twister

Original Recipe£4.49

Original Recipe

3 Pieces£4.99
2 pieces£3.99


2 Pieces, 2 Hot Wings & Mini Breast Fillet£4.99

Popcorn Chicken

Popcorn ChickenLarge£4.99
Popcorn ChickenRegular£3.99

BBQ Rancher


Cajun Boxmaster

Cajun Boxmaster£4.99

Boneless Dips Meal

3 Mini Fillets£4.99
4 Mini Fillets£5.99
Tomato Ketchup 2Hot4U Classic Mayo Spicy Mayo
Sweet Chilli Kentucky BBQ

Kids Choice

Kids Meals are served with a main dish, side, drink, and dessert for £2.99

Main Dish

Small popcorn chicken
Kids Burger


Corn Cobette
Baked Beans


Fruit Shoot
Soft Drink


Innocent Fruit Tube
Munch Bunch Yoghurt

DELI DELUXE (includes Drink and Fries)

BBQ Rancher Burger£4.99
Cajun Boxmaster£4.99

Toasted Twister

BBQ Rancher£4.69
Original Recipe£4.69


BBQ Rancher£4.99
Original Recipe£4.99

Bargain Bucket (All include 4 Fries)

6 Pieces£10.99
10 Pieces£13.99
14 Pieces£16.99

Family Feast (All include 4 Fries, 2 Sides, 1.5 ltr Bottle)

6 Pieces£13.99
10 Pieces£15.99

Ultimate Dips Box (All include 4 Fries)

12 Mini Breast Fillets, 6 Dips£12.99
16 Mini Breast Fillets, 8 Dips£15.99

Deluxe Boneless Feast (All include Large Popcorn Chicken 4 Fries, 2 Sides, 1.5 ltr Bottle)

8 Mini Breast Fillets, 4 Dips£14.99
12 Mini Breast Fillets, 6 Dips£16.99
4 Pieces or 4 Mini Breast Fillets£3.39 Extra
8 Hot Wings£3.39 Extra


Strawberry Shortcake£1.99

Freshly Ground Coffee


Kream Ball

Summer Fruits Meringue£1.89
Indulgent Chocolate£1.89
Caramel Fudge£1.89



Mega Box

Hot Wings2-Piece£0.99
Mini Fillet£1.49



Lunch Box

2 Mini Breast Fillets, XL Fries£2.99

Snack Box

Small Popcorn Chicken£1.99
1 Mini Breast Fillet£1.99
2 Hot Wings£1.99
1 Piece£1.99

Chicken Pieces

1 Piece£1.89
2 Pieces£2.99
3 Pieces£3.99

Its first location opened in the United Kingdom in 1965 in Lancashire. Since then, the franchise has expanded to about 900 locations in the UK. KFC UK serves burgers, wraps, salads, and rice boxes, along with box meals like the Boneless Banquet and Big Daddy.

They are also well-known for their “For Sharing” group meals, including the Bargain Bucket, Family Feast, Party Bucket, and Wicked Feast.

Lastly, KFC UK partners with a food delivery service called Just Eat so that you can place orders for delivery on their website.

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