Kelon Henderson Net Worth: Income, Salary, Career, Bio

In learning about Keion Henderson’s biography, net worth and even age, there is so much you can read up in this article. For starters, Keion has a net worth of roughly eight million dollars.

If you are wondering what he does, you are in for luck as Keion is an American pastor, singer, author, speaker, social media influencer and, of course, a CEO.

He came into the publicity when he became the senior pastor and speaker of the Lighthouse Church and Ministries in Houston, USA.

According to multiple sources, Keion’s yearly income is pegged at $500000.

And for those interested, his primary source of income comes from his profession as a Pastor, CEO of Tax Solutions, different collaborations and brand promotions.

His social media accounts have been able to fetch him some fantastic amount of money. You can find his accounts on Instagram and YouTube.

Full NameKeion Henderson
Birth DateJuly 6, 1981
Birth PlaceGary, Indiana, United States
FianceShannie O’Neal
Net Worth$7 million


Keion’s Net Worth Trend

Keion was born in the United States on the 6th of July 1981. He will be forty-one years old this year and has a net worth pegged at eight million dollars.

Of course, his net worth has grown over the years, and we will take a cursory look at it all. As of 2017, Keion was worth five million dollars, and he moved to six million dollars in 2018.

By 2019, he was worth $6.2 million, and by 2020, it further moved to $6.5 million, in 2021, his net worth moved to $7 million. Finally in 2023, his net worth was stated to be $8 million.

Who knows? We might see an upward movement before 2022 ends. Biography of Keion Henderson.

As stated earlier, Keion was born in Gary, Indiana, USA, to an African American family. He grew up with five siblings and went to Central High School in Chicago.

He got his grade in the field of interpersonal communications at Indiana University. In the year 2006, he finished his Master’s program from Faith Evangelical College in theology.

Later on, he began preparing sermons since he aimed to be a Pastor. By 2007, Keion married Felecia, and they had a child together.

But, they separated and got divorced by 2019. However, he got engaged to Shaunie O’Neal in 2021.

She is an American television personality. Other things to know about Keion is that he weighs 80kg and his height falls on 1.8m.

Keion's Net Worth Trend

Career Life Of Keion

One thing to note about Keion Henderson is that his career as a pastor began when he attended the Tree of life Missionary Baptist Church.

While there, he learned and even received his preaching from the book written by Dr Cato Brooks Junior. In 1995, Keion gave his first sermon and tagged it “Faith: Where is yours?”.

Aside from this, he also delivered numerous sermons in diverse parts of the globe, like at the New Horizon Baptist Church.

As of 2008, he was made the CEO of a Tax solutions company, and by 2009, he moved to Houston to establish the Lighthouse Church and Ministries.

To date, he is presently serving the church as its senior pastor. To earn a side income, Keion hosts diverse events and podcasts such as the yearly Well Experience Singles Conference.

In addition, he is a very active social media influencer, and he posts motivational speeches and stories for his followers to watch and listen.

Regarding his work, Keion has gotten several awards and honours, such as The great man of the year award, and he has been honoured amongst the Top fifty educators.

In addition, Keion has been featured in several magazines

Career Life Of Keion

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FAQs On Keion

How much is Keion worth?

Keion Henderson is worth eight million dollars.

What is his yearly income?

Diverse sources claim Keion’s yearly income is pegged at $500000.

What Exactly does Keion do?

He is known as a senior pastor, a motivational speaker, an author, a signer, an entrepreneur and even a social media influencer.

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