Kayla Itsines Net Worth 2022 – Income, Salary, Career, Height, Bio

It was challenging to find women in sporting careers, fitness and lifestyle coaches, etc. But as time went by, women started taking baby steps in such professions, and now, some women are fitness trainers and instructors.

Many celebrated women in the world, but in this article, we will be concentrating on Kayla Itsines, her bio, her net worth, and her career. She has proven to be a woman of influence, a mother, a fitness instructor, an entrepreneur and an author. 

Personal Life

Full Name/Birth NameKayla Itsines
Stage NameKayla
Religious BeliefChristianity


Kayla Itsines was born in Adelaide, the southern part of Australia, on the 21st of May, 1991. Kayla’s parents (Mr Jim and Mrs Anna Itsines) are both teachers; Kayla has a younger sister Leah, a personal trainer, a fitness instructor and a food stylist. Kayla Itsines is of Greek descent, crediting most of her diet and food choices to Greek.

Kayla Itsines graduated from the Institute of Fitness, Australia, at the early age of 18 as a master fitness trainer and coach. Kayla was once a hard drinker but eventually gave it up.  



She met her heartthrob, Tobi Pearce, at a gym in 2012, getting engaged in April 2018, but unfortunately calling it quits on the 21st of August 2020 for reasons best known to them. The pair have a daughter together, born in May 2019, known as Arna.



Kayla Itsines Career


Her career started at a women’s gym in Adela, Australia. Kayla also trained her sister’s friends, whose goal was to be fit and able to play Netball for their high school team. Kayla coached them on nutrition, focusing on their legs as a powerful tool and their strengths to enable the team to achieve the targeted goals.

Videos of the training sessions surf the internet, especially on Instagram, getting Kayla thousands of followers with positive reviews and feedback.

Tobi Pearce advised her to compile all her fitness exercises and routines, turning them into eBooks that could sell online as a source of income. Itsines and Pearce also co-founded “The Bikini Body Training Company” in March 2013, with Pearce as Chief Executive Officer and Itsines as Director.

They published the first two “Bikini Body Guides” with information about Itsines workout in one volume. It also contained guides on nutrition by Dieticians Julie Dundon and Anne Schneyder. These guides have taken the interest of many people, with total downloads of over 1 million. 

Kayla has also gone on world tours in New York City, Los Angeles, London and Australia’s major cities. She is a role model to both the young and old, male and female alike.


Salary and Net Worth

Kayla Itsines has a net worth of $70million, a monthly income of $0.8million and an annual income of over $10million. 




Kayla Itsines Endorsements


Itsines featured in the “Apple watch” advert for Apple company in April 2015, demonstrating the heart rate monitor feature of the “Apple watch” product.



Greatness is not particular about gender, age, religion or race, but it goes to whoever seeks it; as a woman, put no limit to the things you can accomplish with dedication, consistency, and determination.





What year did Kayla and Tobi have their daughter?

  • Kayla and Tobi had their first daughter in May 2019.

What is the name of Kayla and Tobi’s daughter?

  • The name of Tobi and Kayla’s daughter is Arna.

What are the names of Kayla Itsines’ parents?

What is the name of Kayla’s sister?

  • The name of Kayla’s sister is Leah.

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