Jollibee Menu prices

Jollibee is a highly prominent fast-food chain that is known for its Chickenjoy, jolly spaghetti, and of course, yum burger. No matter your age, you will enjoy dining here and the Jollibee mascot allows all kids to eat with joy.

Jollibee Menu Updates

Since last year, 2021, there have been minor changes here and there on the menu. So far, they brought back the amazing champ Burger, and additionally, Jollibee now has a fantastic Aloha champ burger.

As for its Jollibee classic Jolly hotdogs, its price has gone on an increase and depending on the store you go to, it is sold between ₱10.00 and ₱30.00. Unfortunately, the popular Jollibee Crispy Fries has an increased orientation attached to it now.

However, the Original Tuna Pie and of course spicy Tuna Pie are back. It is a better and tastier alternative to the Jollibee peach mango pie. Now, they have more family savers sets that are amazing for your take-outs.

And, Jollibee has a six-piece chicken joy bucket and Jolly spaghetti family meal for ₱575, though you can include ₱75 for a 1.5 Litre of Coke.

Jollibee is one of the most popular fast food chains

Best Food On The Menu

So many people have asked to know what the best seller food in this restaurant is? Best believe when we say that you have to try out the Jollibee’s famous spaghetti and chicken joy. Yeah, it is not one single food item.

Jollibee’s Chickenjoy is among the major items the restaurant offers customers. It features a crispy fried chicken of awesomeness or as they will say, it is juicylicious and crispylicious.

It is best not to forget to get it parked with Jollibee’s gravy. More so, it is better in a bucket meal for your whole family. But, if you do not want to share then you can have the Chickenjoy in a meal for yourself.

Currently, the Jollibee spaghetti is a must-try. The reason is that this Filipino-style spaghetti is different from every other style you have seen elsewhere.

It is quite tangy and tasty exactly how the Filipinos love it. More so, you will find diced hotdogs inside this meal. Interestingly, you can choose from some of their amazing burgers. The Champ Burger is the most popular at Jollibee and it weighs 1/3 pounds.

It is made with one hundred percent pure beef Patty and very delicious slice cheese. The cheese is garnished with lettuce and fresh tomatoes that are tucked between the soft sesame seed buns.

The cheesy bacon mushroom variant comes with bacon strips and mushrooms that are in Creamy cheese for some additional flavor with each bite you take. Yum!!!



Jollibee Corporation was established by Tony Tan Caktiong. If you never knew, this chain of restaurants began in the Philippines and became popular across the world. Its USA branch was opened in 1998.

Currently, they have thirty-four locations in the US and over one thousand one hundred stores across the globe. Jollibee has gotten diverse awards and in 2013, it was rated among the fifty fastest-growing chains in the United States.

Jollibee Menu prices - Best Food On The Menu


Its design is quite simple and the restaurant is completely kept clean. Your family and friends will enjoy every bit of Jollibee. It is highly kids friendly. More so, its famous Chickenjoy is a crispy deep-fried chicken that has a special taste.

As for its burger patties, they give one a meaty sensation as well as aroma that will get you craving for some more. Aside from its best-selling spaghetti, burger, and chicken, you can try their chicken dippers, halo-halo, and burger steaks.

They have a friendly staff that is always willing to assist people even during their peak hours. Your food is mostly served immediately after you place your order

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