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The first thing to know about Jojo Siwa is the fact that she is an American singer, actress, dancer, reality TV personality and model.

Jojo Siwa has a net worth staked at fourteen million dollars. She rose to fame when she appeared in Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition. From here on, she began appearing on Dance Moms.

But, even though reality TV helped place her on the map, her real success came after thoroughly establishing herself on YouTube.

Most of her videos have gathered hundreds of millions of views, and Jojo has close to twelve million subscribers. Jojo Siwa has been named among the most influential people on the globe.



Jojo Siwa’s Early Life

Born Joelle Joanie Siwa on the 19th of May 2003 in Omaha, Nebraska, she rose to prominence with music videos such as I can make u dance and boomerang on YouTube.

Note that Jojo Siwa started performing in sold arenas after her tour in the year 2018.

This tour first went through fifty-two cities in the US and Canada. Then, it expanded to places like Australia and the United Kingdom.


Net Worth in 2021USD $20 million
Net Worth in 2020 USD $14 million
Source of IncomeYoutube, Dance
Who is Jojo?Dancer, Singer, Model, YouTuber
Full NameJoelle Joanie Siwa
Nick Name JoJo
Birth PlaceOmaha, Nebraska, United States
BirthdayMay 19, 2003
Age18 years old (as of 2021)
Height5 feet 9 inches
Sun SignTaurus
Girlfriend MattyB, Mark Bontempo (2020)
FatherDr. Tom Siwa (Chiropractor)
MotherJessalynn Siwa (Professional Dance Instructor)
SiblingsJayden Siwa (Older Brother) (Vlogger)

Sales of Bow Tie

Sales of Bow Tie


According to her fans, Jojo Siwa’s net worth may be significantly higher than 14 million dollars as Jojo has reportedly sold over forty million bow ribbons.

Even though this figure has not been independently validated or reported in any business journal, Jojo undoubtedly earns pretty good cash from product sales.

And even if the forty million figure is correct, it does not mean that Jojo is personally making hundreds of millions of dollars off the bow sales.

When it comes to the product line of celebrities, the celebrities often get paid only after a specific sales milestone is reached.

And this is after the costs of marketing and production have been recouped.

So, if Jojo Siwa has sold forty million ribbons, it is pretty clear that such a milestone has been reached and even surpassed. Thus, Jojo is indeed earning some percentage of the profits.

When we use the industry average cost per goods sold on a nine dollar bow, it can be estimated that every sale generates a net profit of $2.5.

Due to similar celebrity endorsement deals we have seen, Jojo Siwa will be pretty lucky to get twenty percent of profits after high costs are recouped. This is $0.54 per sale before tax.

More so, if Jojo indeed sold forty million bow ribbons, she will presumably have to sell ten million to recoup the initial costs.

This will surely leave her with a total earning of sixteen million dollars before tax. This will be eight million dollars after tax.

With the above calculations, it is pretty evident that Jojo Siwa is earning a serious amount of money from product sales alone.

Nevertheless, everyone knows Jojo Siwa and her signature bows of sturdy colours.


Where Does Jojo Siwa Live?


Where Does Jojo Siwa Live?


In February of 2020, Jojo Siwa paid $3.5 million for a home in the Los Angeles suburbs of Tarzana, California.

At the time, she was sixteen, and the property was shown on her YouTube channel. Interestingly, some of her loyal fans had the chance to be taken on a grand tour.

This home features six thousand square feet of living space, a gourmet kitchen, marble floors, French doors, and many indoor features.

Bear in mind that not everybody can earn so much at such a young age as Jojo.

Jojo Siwa has been making money since she was nine years old, plus she has continuously been in the limelight for years.

More so, her success is due to the efforts put in by her parents, Tom and Jessalyn Siwa.

As a result, she has fully established herself as a social media sensation and YouTuber.


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