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One of the highest-grossing movie industries globally, Bollywood has produced several acting sensations. Hindi movies are popularly known for the infusion of songs & dance in their scripts, and their talented actors keep up with such expectations. One of these many talented actors is John Abraham, a film director and ex-model.

This article throws more light on the career of the famous Hindi star, his net worth, his assets, biography and endorsements. In addition, we also get to look at his lifestyle and personal life.


Personal Life & Biography

John Abraham, whose birth name is Farhan Irani, was born 17th of December 1972 in Kerala, India. His father is Abraham John, an architect, and his mother is Firoza Irani.

His parents are of different religious backgrounds as his father is Syriac Christian and his mother is a Zoroastrian. However, John Abraham sees himself as a spiritual person without recognizing any actual religion. 

John Abraham studied at the Bombay Scottish School in Mumbai and the Jai Hind College. He also attended the University of Mumbai and the MET Institute of Management, still in Bombay, where he obtained an MBA degree.

John got married to Priya Runchal on the 3rd of January 2014. Priya Runchal is into the financial analysis as an investment banker.

The 6ft actor avoids parties and functions because he abstains from alcohol and smoking. He is a fitness model who enjoys football, and he is also a sportbike collector. He has attained an immeasurable height in the world of Bollywood, with as many as 9.8 million followers on Instagram.

Abraham attended the Kishore Namit Kapoor Acting Institute before his career in acting. He did so while earning his living as a model.

Farhan Irani, was born 17th of December 1972 in Kerala, India


He started as a model at the beginning of his career, featuring in many music videos. John never knew he would turn out to become a star in the world of Bollywood.

However, his modelling career took him beyond Bollywood as he also modelled in Hong Kong, London, New York, etc. At that time, John barely considered himself a good actor, and to improve, he took a course in film and acting.

As every actor has their rise and fall, so did Abraham. It wasn’t easy finding acting gigs. Sometimes, roles were either unavailable or came as minor roles. Eventually, good movie roles started coming, and fame came knocking on his door. He became a household name in Bollywood.

John Abraham has appeared in top-grossing Bollywood movies with fellow prominent actors. The rising star made his movie launch in the film “Jism”, an erotic thriller released in 2003. 

John depicted the role of Kabir, a thief and the antagonist in the 2004 movie “Dhoom”. The movie was directed by Sanjay Gadhvi and co-starred Abhishek Bachchan, Rimi Sen and Uday Chopra. “Dhoom” became the third highest-grossing movie in the Box Office, gaining a nomination at the Filmfare Awards. 

The famous Indian actor played a part in another award-nominated movie in the 2005 film “Water”. The movie was set in 1930 British-India about the tales of Hindu widows and directed by the Canadian Deepa Mehta. Abraham’s first international movie role became popular, receiving a Best Foreign Language film nomination at the 2006 Academy Awards. 

Abraham has not only appeared as an actor but also as a tremendous producer. Movies like “Madras Café”, “Savita Damodar Paranjpe”, and “Vicky Donor” (his debut movie production) were accepted with open hands by his fans and critics alike. 

The actor who has featured in many movies tried his hands as a film producer. He doubles between playing the good guy and the bad guy in films. John Abraham produced his film “Sardar and Grandson”, released on Netflix as of 2021. 

He started as a model at the beginning of his career, featuring in many music videos


Salary and Net worth

According to Forbes, John Abraham’s net worth is estimated at $34 million in 2022. He obtains his wealth from promoting various brands and a monthly salary of approximately $179,000, which increases yearly to $2 million. In addition, for every movie he features in, he earns between $827,000 to $965,000. He is a rich man indeed! 

The 49-year-old actor is a great lover of motorcycles and cars, and he has a fantastic collection of exquisite automobiles. He spends so much money on cars and motorcycles. From the latest to old brands of vehicles, one can say he knows his onions.

NameJohn Abraham
Net Worth 2022$34 Million
Net Worth In Indian Rupees 251 Crore
Monthly Income 1.3 Crore
Yearly Income 15.5 Crore
Per Movie Income 6 To 7 Crore
ProfessonActor, Model, Producer


Brands such as Garnier men, Yamaha, Reebok, Castrol Power 1, Van Heusen, Grasim shoots and so on have all made John Abraham brand ambassadors. Also, he is endorsed by India’s largest gadget and electronic accessories, U&I. Several other brands are still looking to have him under their umbrella as he is highly loved by many.

Brands such as Garnier men, Yamaha, Reebok, Castrol Power 1, Van Heusen,



John Abraham is very charitable and never fails to give back in any way he can. As an animal lover, he partakes in Habitat for humanity and PETA. The Indian movie star is also a big advocate that supports Indian refugees in the country. He is a charitable man who doesn’t fail to show selfless love always.

It is not surprising that hard work always pays in the end, and one should never despise humble beginnings.


What is John Abraham’s real name?

  • John Abraham’s real name is Farhan Irani.

What was John Abraham’s career before acting?

  • John Abraham was a model before becoming an actor.

How old is John Abraham?

  • John Abraham is currently 48 years old.

Where did John Abraham study?

  • John Abraham studied at the University of Mumbai and the MET Institute of Management, Bombay.

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