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iPhone Prices In Australia (2021)


Market overview

During the summer, the “Apple slump” was described as having “almost fully recovered” after the recent launch of the iPhone X in Australia.

But it could be considered over – though for now, we see minimal variation across price ranges. 

As the iPhone X has dropped to $3499 now, it has once again become somewhat “priced in.” And Apple’s overall prices have remained comfortable and unchanged since the launch of the iPhone X. 

For 2018, Apple has already dropped the price of the iPhone 7 to $2999, and it is to be debated that level of discounts will occur for the rest of the year.


Most Recent Prices of Apple iPhones in Australia


iPhone prices in Australia

iPhone 13 Pro Maxfrom A$1,849
iPhone 13 Profrom A$1,699
iPhone 13from A$1,349
iPhone 13 Minifrom A$1,199
iPhone 12from A$1,349 A$1,199
iPhone 12 Minifrom A$1,199 A$999
iPhone 11from A$849
iPhone SE (2020)from A$679


Who’s there? No one. – Sir Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. Last Friday, iLeakster Steven Overly put out a post that revealed the new Apple iPhone prices in Australia

Without a single iDroid board engineer and iPhone user on the supply chain to help, Overly’s post is credible on the new phone pricing of the Apple iPhone X, iPhone XS, and iPhone XR. 

In the past, the Australian TechCrunch team has had a working relationship with Overly, who helped us find all the iPhone leaks during last year’s phone release cycle. 

We hired Overly to help us research the iPhone X launch last year.

Overly’s latest tweet is accurate to the latter. Although he leaves a critical piece of information out: the iPhone X is no longer available at a ‘budget’ price.


What to Consider When Buying a phone

Apple and Samsung may be making the best mobile phones, but there are plenty of other great manufacturers out there. There are over 200 different mobile phones from which to choose. 

The next question is, ‘which one?’ Ultimately, it comes to your preference for the price you are willing to spend and your ideal specifications.

For example, you might like to consider spending a bit more on a top-end handset to get a great camera or processor or a lower price to fit in more storage space or longer battery life. 

Every smartphone you can buy on Amazon will work on all networks, and they can be delivered to Australia. So how much does your phone cost?


The best deals on the market

Here’s an updated round-up of the best deals on iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c on the market today.

Please note that while these deals represent the best prices available right now, they are only valid for the promotion duration. 

Occasionally, the price of the device will increase before the promotion ends. We can’t promise they won’t, but it does happen sometimes. Check our website for more info. 

For a couple of weeks, we’ve seen Apple reducing the prices of the older iPhone 5 models by $100 each.

However, these latest deals come with a special extra, making them even more appealing: FREE activation on the iPhone Upgrade Program.

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