Hitman Holla Net Worth: How Rich is the Rapper Actually?

Hitman Holla has a net worth of $ 3 Million. His real name is Gerald Fulton Jr, and his source of income is a battle rapper.

He is also recognized as Hitman Holla, an American battle rapper featured in various seasons of Wild N Out’s hit MTV comedy show.

Hitman was born in St. Louis in Missouri state in the United States of America. He was initially interested in sports but switched to battle rapping and became famous after joining Wild n Out from season 6 onwards.

Hitman Holla Biography


Hitman Holla is an American battle rapper featured in various seasons of Wild N Out's hit MTV comedy show.


Hitman Holla is a well-known American actor and battle rapper born on March 29, 1988, in St. Louis, Missouri, the USA, to Gerald Fulton and Sue Fulton. His parents are Gerald Fulton and Sue Fulton.

Hitman’s younger brother, famous by his stage as Show Out, is also a battle rapper, and in the early days of his career, his videos were viral on WordStar HipHop.

Hitman loves playing sports while still at college, and he spent his free time playing basketball as he studied. He was given the scholarship to fund his education at California State University, Northridge, obtained his degree.

In 2016, Hitman collaborated with rapper Jeff on “Diddy Dum Dum,” published on the Hitman Records label.

In 2020, Hitman Holla will appear as an actor in the film ‘She Ball,’ released.

Hitman Dumps on His Girlfriend

The Lash U Studio brand ambassador, Cinnamon, is the Hitman Holla. As things stand, Hitman uploads pictures of himself with Cinnamon frequently on his Instagram account.

Hitman has a son named Jeremiah Fulton, though he has revealed the identity of his son’s mother. Furthermore, HitmanHitman and his girlfriend, Cinnamon, have their own pair-specific YouTube channels to discuss their life story as a couple.


Full NameGerald Fulton Jr.
Birth DateMarch 29, 1988
Birth PlaceSt. Louis, Missouri, U. S.
ProfessionBattle Rapper
Net Worth$3 million


The net worth of Hitman

The estimated Net Worth of Hitman Holla: 

His rap battle career, which has given him close to $30k for a single rap battle, and his apparel line, ‘Ball Game,’ have contributed to his net worth. In addition, he has amassed more than 46 million total views on his rap battle YouTube channel to date.


Hitman Holla has a net worth of $ 3 Million


Hitman with a booming career

In reality, HitmanHitman started his professional career as an athlete, but he became more interested in rapping as he got older. At the time, he was a big follower of X-Factor and Mook tunes, and he was inspired by their lyrical skill and overall musical approach, which he incorporated into his work.

The Hitman started his music career by competing in the ‘Flight Klub league.’

By partaking in his first rap fight with Remy D and other members of the Flight Klub league, he developed and enhanced his rhyming abilities. Finally, a tiny quantity of fame came his way when he won over his Bill Collector, his opponent, in a battle of rap verses.

Hitting the ground and running in the music industry, Hitman Holla became the second rap battle artist to appear on the MTV program “Wild N Out.” In reality, he came to know later, collaborating with rapper Jeff in 2017 and releasing his new album, “Diddy Dum Dum,” the following year.

Hitman Holla has also competed in rap battle leagues such as Battle America, the SMACK/URL, and similar organizations.

Later, he threatened to beat up one of the ULR’s members, Forbes, and as a result, he was suspended from performing in SMACK/URL for the rest of the year.




HitmanHitman started his professional career as an athlete


Before the suspension, Hitman had fought a slew of battle rappers, and he expected to fight many more in his future as a battle rapper. Furthermore, he has had several triumphs and disappointments during his rap career.

Following his suspension, Hitman Holla participated in the famous television program ‘Wild’ N Out,’ where he became the second battle rapper to appear on the show following Conceited.

He has faced well-known battle rappers such as Conceited, Math Hoffa, Arsonal, Hollow Da Don, and Goodz.

On June 11, 2013, Hitman released his first single, “Ball Game,” produced by DJ Khaled. Bill Game is currently available for purchase on Amazon for the low price of $8.91.

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