Henny Penny menu prices in Australia

 Henny Penny is a group of takeaway restaurants located in the Newcastle area of NSW, Australia.

Henny Penny chickens are known for their high quality right throughout the Hunter region.

Henny Penny menu prices in Australia



Menu prices 


Dinner Menu

Dinner includes roll, coleslow, sauce, and fries or rice and drink.

1. Fish 4 Pieces

2. Chicken 4 Pieces
$6.99- -

3. Jumbo Shrimp 6 Pieces

4. Seafood Platter
$7.99- -

5. Calamari Dinner
$6.99- -

6. BBQ Chicken
$7.99- -

Family Bucket

Buckets includes: one quart of fries, one pint of coleslow and sauce.

1. Bucket of Fish 16 Pieces
$43.98- -

2. Bucket of Chicken (8 Pieces)
Served with coleslaw and fries.

$14.99- -

3. Bucket of Shrimp 20 Pieces
$19.99- -

5. Jumbo Shrimp 10 Pieces
$12.99- -

Family Plate

Chicken Plate (8 Pcs)
$14.99- -


1. Quart of Onion Rings
$2.29- -

2. Quart of Fries
$5.99- -

3. Garden Salad
$2.39- -

15. Clam Chowder (10 oz.)
$4.31- -

6. Vegetable Soup (10 oz.)
$2.29- -

7. Fish Sandwich
$6.99- -

8. Chicken Sandwich
$2.49- -

About Henny Penny

Henny Penny is your classic chicken shop, with nine stores located throughout the Hunter region in NSW.

They’ve been existences since 1968 and in that time have perfected making good quality, affordable and tasty chicken.

They offer two services, dine-in and drive-through and can they offer their customers a warm, nourishing meal at a fast-food place.

The stores are minimalist, set up to ensure that the service is efficient, effective, and focused on the food.

In an industry where large, international brands usually produce fast food, Henny Penny is a great way to support local businesses and create and get a high-quality product at fast-food value.

Henny Penny menu prices in Australia


Henny Penny offers a broad range of options when it comes to its menu. It has a series of chicken burgers, including a schnitzel burger, which only cost around $10 each.

They also have chicken rolls served up in soft, white buns. A fun snack to get if you’re just in the mood for something small is the chip and gravy roll, which only costs around $4 and is guaranteed to tide you over until your next meal.

As well as subs and wraps, Henny Penny also provides a range of warm meals, including fried chicken and quarter pieces of chicken. These are served with coleslaw, gravy, and fries, providing a more homely and filling alternative to burgers and rolls.

The most wholesome thing on their menu, however, has to be the roast dinners.

Whether you’re eating for one or providing for a family, this feast will evoke the best of a home-cooked meal at very affordable prices.

So if you’re looking for some high-quality, cheap Australian fast food, Henny Penny is perfect.

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