Hästens Mattress Pricelist In Nigeria:(2023)

When a good night’s sleep is worth millions to you, a mattress like Hastens that provides comfort, relaxation, and enjoyment comes in useful. The luxury bed manufacturer has been around since 1852, as evidenced by its plant in Köping, Sweden. The manufacturer upholds high standards in producing these handmade mattresses with a premium delivery. The company’s team of craftsmen put in hundreds of hours of labor to produce each bed, so there is a lot of work involved. Horse hair, cotton, wool, and flax are just a few of the pricey materials used to make each Hästens mattress. As acknowledged by music rapper Drake, whose bedroom interiors were decorated with the $390,000 Grand Vividus model by his interior designer, Ferris Rafauli, who had been a repeat customer to the Swedish company for over 10 years before finally partnering with the firm, extended box springs are also used to aid balance and support weightlessness, which tends to make one feel like they are floating.

Hastens is the oldest bed manufacturer in the world, and their historical familiarity with beds and resting bodies sets them apart.

I used to be skeptical, but I can honestly say that I’ll never sleep on memory foam or a standard box spring mattress again. It took me some time to warm up to the Hastens sleep system, but that’s just what makes it so amazing: a bed that’s customized for you and your body.
But it appears that others have had a similar experience as well, as seen by the low return rates, as this is the last sleep solution for their bed they will ever need again.

You might be wondering why some famous people spend so much money on this mattress and why you should, too. Dr. Michael Breus, a high performance sleep specialist with A-list clients, answered that query. According to him, sleep, bodily health, and mental health are all directly related. He continues by saying that beds like these enable him to help his clients remain more productive because they might be considered a form of healthcare (more like a one-stop package).

The pricing of these beds will eventually include the complimentary 3- to 5-times-per-year mattress massage treatments provided to clients. Let’s just say that Hastens does not engage in mass production because the company only wants to provide the best mattresses possible. There are only a few of these labor-intensive, handcrafted goods manufactured annually—roughly 12. Learn more about the maker of beds here.


Hästens mattress price list in Nigeria 2023

Hastens does not provide mass pricing for its services because the price is determined on the client’s needs, according to Linus Adolfsson, the owner of a sleep spa who also serves as the North American point of contact for the most recent Grand Vividus. But according to records found so far, the cost of a Hastens mattress ranges from (#7,000,000) to (#280,000,000). The Grand Vividus appears to be the priciest Hastens bed in 2023, while the King Hastens Excel appears to be the least expensive.

Bed NameDescriptionPrice sold(#)
Hästens ExcelA refuge that increases energy#9,229,500
Hästens SuperiaThe greatest bed frame ever constructed#11,539,500
Hästens MarangaThe height of comfort, like a cloud#13,286,000
Hästens EalaThe bed that combines durability with fluffiness#19,866,000
Hästens AdjustableThe bed with the most features#22,599,500
Hästens HerlewingThree spring methods to elevate your level of relaxation#27,986,000
Hästens 2000TThe ultimate bed#37,926,000
Hästens DremerThe trip to wounderland#46,746,000
Hästens Marwari Special EditionElegant attention to even the smallest detail#48,919,500
Hästens VividusThe next-most costly bed#203,693,000
Hästens Grand VividusA prosperous life#280,000,000
Hästens Round or CustomCall for Pricing#0.00

Uniqueness Of Hästens mattress

Perfect Support and Sleep Posture

The words “support” and “comfort” are frequently used interchangeably, however they refer to two quite different concepts. Support is the alignment of the spine and the relaxation of the muscles, which enable your discs to enlarge and open up and, ideally, prevent back discomfort.
In a standard Normal foam mattress, the foam deforms as you toss and turn, so depending on how you sleep from one night to the next or even during the same night, you’ll experience varying degrees of support. Heat transmission causes Normal foam to react. Technically speaking, you can’t push Normal foam down because it pulls away from your body’s heat and doesn’t change until it cools. That explains why so many people who use Normal foam beds find up adjusting their backs. When they turn over, they anticipate finding support, but instead discover a hole and, frequently, a sore back.

In contrast, Hastens. The sleep system is distinctive; it depresses and creates a distinct profile of the sleeper on design rather than by accident in order to align with your body and support your sleeping position. Furthermore, unlike memory foam, the unique postural profiles are preserved, offering consistent support from night to night and giving your body somewhere to sleep. Additionally, because you are supported comfortably, you move less.

You shouldn’t be concerned that a sleepless night will affect how much support you provide. As a result of the support being genuinely tailored to your body, backaches brought on by improper spinal alignment at night start to fade.

Perfect Comfort

The length of time you can stay in a comfortable posture is what defines comfort, not how soft or firm a mattress or sleep system is. There is a distinction between sleeping in a bed and sleeping on a bed. We all sleep on beds far too often without advantage of constant support.

Given that the Hastens sleep system is tailored to you and has real, sensitive box springs, you get that consistency, and comfort levels over time make a significant impact in terms of both spine alignment and muscle support. Hastens sleep systems’ box springs are what preserve that position and hold it meaningfully rather than just responding to temperature and body heat changes.

Hastens beds are made up of three parts.

You receive a real box spring with legs and a topper in addition to a mattress. That top layer matters because of the carefully selected layers of materials that enable it to conform to your body. You’re undoubtedly interested in what I stated previously, I realize that. You don’t even need a standard bed frame if you have a complete sleep system like Hastens. The platform that we typically picture as serving as a bed frame is actually the box spring, which has legs.
Of course, if you choose, you may maintain the legs and attach a headboard to the wall or just remove them and use your standard bed frame. They had me try the bed on the floor to simulate how the mattress would feel in a bed frame because the bed can also be ordered without the box springs.


The fact that the Hastens sleep system wasn’t just a clever marketing gimmick and actually improved my sleep caught my attention the most, I believe.

Cotton and Wool

I often emphasize the value of breathable fabrics, and cotton has always been my material of choice over synthetics since it keeps you dry. Wool was particularly helpful because it is heat and water resistant, keeping my spouse and I cool on warm nights and will be useful in the winter.

Swedish Pine

I can imagine what you’re thinking: why should you be concerned with the bed’s frame or its origin? However, in this instance, you might because the wood develops more slowly than conventional wood and I noted it seemed more sturdy and long-lasting.

Flax and Horse Hair

Flax may have looked like an odd option, but for my spouse and me, it meant fewer bed vibrations and fewer early morning awakenings.

However, the one component I wasn’t a fan of was horse hair. My wife suffers from some severe allergies. However, I soon understood that she was allergic to pet dander, which is not a problem with cleansed horse hair. I adore the springiness it offered and how well it wicked away moisture, preventing night sweats from waking us up.

Box Springs

Okay, I hope I’m not losing you here, but Hastens uses a dual spring system that combines bonnell and pocket springs in a novel way. While pocket springs are extremely sensitive to weight and move with your body, bonnell springs have an hourglass form and offer stability. The sleep system’s springs are all made of heat-treated steel, which keeps its flexibility over time. Translation? I got a much more tailored, pleasant night’s sleep.

When purchasing a Hastens bed, you actually receive a sleeping solution pack that consists of three layers (components) and weighs a half-ton in total. It is available in a number of popular sizes, including Twin XL, King, Queen, and Cal King. Given that Hastens has a long list of customers waiting for their products, it is usually wise to place your purchase early. The bed maker has offices in a variety of nations, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, India, and many others.

The business also sells bed accessories such down pillows and comforters, bed legs, mattress protectors, headboards and coverings, pajamas, bed skirts, down boots, and other children’s clothing in addition to foam. It is none other than Jan Ryde, who acquired ownership of the business in 1988, who serves as the company’s Executive Chairman and current Owner.

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