Harvey’s Menu & Prices Canada

Every item you will find on Harvey’s menu is completely made with ingredients that are one hundred per cent of Canadian descent. Note that, these ingredients are vital for consumption by locals and it is easy to see that Harvey’s is a big fan of all that grows in its backyard.

However, we will have to take a deeper look into these one hundred percent Canadian-grown top-quality ingredients like dairy, poultry, and meat. The meat you will find them using at Harvey’s is one hundred percent Canadian beef that has been sourced locally from the beef farmers in Canada.

You will also see the Canadian Chicken that is raised to the biggest standards of quality, freshness, and care by the Chicken farmers in Canada. You will love it as it goes hand in hand with bacon. Of course, the bacon is sourced locally in Canada also.

In other news, all the ingredients you will find on the menu of Harvey’s are one hundred percent Canadian. This restaurant has a long history of graciously serving sumptuous burgers to Canadians.

For sixty years, their restaurants have been owned by a Canadian and served residents of Canada. Nevertheless, those interested in knowing the items on Harvey’s menu and their prices can find them below:


Menu ItemPrice (C$)

Burger Individual

Original Burger$4,89
Original with Cheese Burger$5,59
Original with Cheese & Bacon Burger$6,49
Angus Burger$5,59
Angus with Cheese Burger$6,29
Angus with Cheese & Bacon Burger$7,19
Double Original Burger$6,09
Double Original with Cheese Burger$6,79
Double Original with Cheese & Bacon Burger$7,69

Burger Combos

Original Burger$7,79
Original with Cheese$8,49
Original with Cheese & Bacon$9,39
Angus with Cheese$9,19
Angus with Cheese & Bacon$10,09
Double Original$8,99
Double Original with Cheese$9,69
Double Original with Cheese & Bacon$10,59

Chicken Individual

Grilled Chicken Sandwich$5,79
Buffalo Chicken Sandwich$5,99
Crispy Chicken Sandwich$5,79
Chicken Tenders 4 Pieces$5,89

Chicken Combo

Grilled Chicken$8,69
Buffalo Chicken$8,89
Crispy Chicken$8,69
Chicken Tenders$8,79


Grilled Hot Dog$2,99
Grilled Hot Dog Combo$5,89


Fish Sandwich$4,99
Fish Sandwich Combo$7,89

Value Menu

Jr. Burger$1,99
Jr. Cheeseburger$2,39
Jr. Cheeseburger with Bacon$2,89
Frings Combo Upgrade$0,99
Chicken Tenders 2 Pieces$3,19
Apple Pie$0,99

Kids Combo

Jr. Burger Combo$4,49
Jr. Cheeseburger Combo$5,19
Grilled Hot Dog Combo$4,49
Chicken Tenders Combo 2 Pieces$5,19

Wraps and Salads

Crispy Chicken Wrap$5,99
Crispy Chicken Wrap Combo$8,89
Grilled Chicken Wrap$5,99
Grilled Chicken Wrap Combo$8,89
Buffalo Chicken Wrap$6,19
Buffalo Chicken Wrap Combo$9,09
Grilled Veggie Burger Sandwich$4,69
Grilled Veggie Burger Combo$7,59
Entree Chicken Salad$5,69
Entree Chicken Salad & Drink$7,09


Classic Regular$3,99
Classic Combo Upgrade$1,99
Classic With 20oz. Soft Drink$4,99
Bacon Regular$4,89
Bacon Combo Upgrade$2,89
Bacon With 20oz Soft Drink$5,89


Fries Regular$1,99
Fries Large$2,59
Onion Rings Regular$1,99
Onion Rings Large$2,59
Side Salad$2,29
Deep Dried Pickles$2,99
Add Gravy$0,99


Classic Shake Chocolate$2,99
Classic Shake Vanilla$2,99
Classic Shake Strawberry$2,99
Classic Shake Cappuccino$2,99
Classic Combo Upgrade$0,99
Premium Shake Chocolate$3,49
Premium Shake Vanilla$3,49
Premium Shake Strawberry$3,49
Premium Shake Cappuccino$3,49
Premium Combo Upgrade$1,49


Soft Drinks Regular$1,99
Soft Drinks Large$2,49
Classic Milkshakes$2,99
Premium Milkshakes$3,49
Bottled Juice$2,99
Bottled Water$1,99
We are not affiliated with the providers of the above goods/services in any way. The prices above should serve as a guide only.


Frequently Asked Questions

Harvey’s Menu & Prices Canada

How Can I Get Free Springs?

For those unaware, Free Springs are referred to as extras given to Harvey’s patronizers. However, you have to embark on some things to get this reward. The requirements to get Free Springs to involve:

• You will need to sign up on Harvey’s or create your user account.

• After creating an account, you will have to order a sandwich or burger.

• When this is done, you will get the Free Springs delivered to you alongside your order.

Additionally, those celebrating their birthdays will be getting a special gift. With this, you could be headed towards the beginning of a lovely relationship. Nevertheless, at the registration point, you will have to give them some vital details.

The details range from your email address to your last and first names, date of birth, best location, city, and even your province.

How many locations does this restaurant own?

Since they are based in only Canada, all of their restaurants are within Canada. However, out of the twenty thousand restaurants in the country, roughly three hundred are owned by Harvey’s.

This company has continually expanded and in no time, they will hopefully spread into other parts of the globe.

On the menu, what type of sides can I get?

With Harvey’s menu, you are sure to get diverse sides like the regular and large onion rings, regular and large Fries, frings, side salad, deep dried prickles, and even poutine. You can make your choice.

• Do they have Coke or Pepsi, or other brands of soft drinks?
When Harvey initially started serving drinks, they did it from the coca-cola company but recently, they switched to Pepsi-cola. With this, you cannot buy Coca-Cola products in this restaurant. For them, Pepsi is better but we will never know their reason for this choice.

How much does their burger cost?

On their menu, you will find burger combos and individual burgers. With each item, you will find separate prices. More so, Harvey’s least priced burger is its double original burger with bacon and cheese. It costs $10.59.

Every other burger falls within this price interval.

What can I buy for my kids on their menu?

For your kids, you can purchase the grilled hot dog combo, the chicken tenders combo, the junior burger combo, and even the junior cheeseburger combo.

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