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Grill’d Menu Prices in Australia


The Grill’d Restaurant is an Australian meal chain that specializes in burgers. Simon Crowe founded the chain in 2004 in Hawthorn, Melbourne.

Five new restaurants were established by the end of 2005, 35 restaurants in 2010, and 125 restaurants in late-2016.


Grill’d Restaurant Main Menu With Price

Here is the latest Grill’d Restaurant menu prices in Australia. Discover everything Grill’d Restaurant has on offer.

Monday11:00 am – 9:00 pm
Tuesday11:00 am – 9:00 pm
Wednesday11:00 am – 9:00 pm
Thursday11:00 am – 9:30 pm
Friday11:00 am – 10:00 pm
Saturday11:00 am – 10:00 pm
Sunday11:00 am – 9:00 pm


Function At Grill’d


Favourable energy & mindset Daily.

Private push & perception in every other will attain greatness.

There’s a desire for meals grades & understanding.

There are permitted to offer” wow minutes” to make loyal, committed fans.



There is a make life simple for our teams & peers.

Plan & establish clear expectations of functionality.

We provide our customers purposeful opportunities for personal & professional development.

There constantly listen, communicate and associate with each other.

Constructively challenge the status quo’ with insights to Enhance customer and business chances.


Grill’d Menu Prices in Australia



You will find the Grill’d encounter all the time Reliable and accountable for performance because of teams and individuals.

Resilience & Perseverance are a part of the success being achieved.

There is maintenance for the esteem restaurant property as like our very own property.



The Restaurant will be conducted as though it’s your own, understanding we have always got your back once you require assistance.

Your leadership livelihood skill at Grill’d begun using a four-month onboarding training.

Get a skill that will serve you for life, such as how to provide a customer a great WOW minute or create a better hamburger than your mates in your next BBQ!

Learn all facets of hospitality and acquire nationally-recognized qualifications as part of your work.

At Grill’d, you’ll be a member of a team that leads to the larger good and creates a difference.



Don’t want the venue services, just the food alone? The chain had got you covered.

Our catering menu has chips, sliders and salads, to get your party started. Covering all bases of dietary (vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free) and non-dietary requirements.

They’ve got salads and sliders chips to get the party commenced and keep even the fussiest of eaters delights — appearing at you Cherie from Revenue. Covering all types of dietary ( vegan vegetarian, gluten-free) and non-dietary demands – props for you four-burger Terry.

There are only a couple of small questions to get through until and They confirm your purchase, then you may go immediately and tick that infant off your to-do list.


Support Office

The support office is super slim, but you’ll gain a considerable effect. You will not be just another mechanism in the wheel, so your task will be exhaustive, and you’ll be subjected to occurrences and receive possession.


Frequently Asked Questions 


The Grill’d at the southland is the best burgers ever, but they don’t offer delivery services or uber eats!



Grill’d is an Australian food chain that specialized in burgers. Simon Crowe founded it in 2004 in Hawthorn, Melbourne. Five restaurants were established by the end of 2005, 35 restaurants in 2010, and 125 restaurants in late-2016.



The Griil’d food is vegan. They cook their chips in a blend of high oleic sunflower, high oleic canola and cottonseed oil. All our oil is non-GMO. In addition, their Traditional, Panini, and Gluten-Free buns are purely vegan.



The hourly pay at Grill differs from a minimum of AU$12.90 to AU$21.15 per hour.

The Grill’d Duty manager earned the highest average hourly at the rate of AU$23.15, while employees called the Fast Food Worker received the least amount with an average hourly rate of AU$12.90.



While they’re no green juice available, these burgers are the healthiest options at each of the following fast food spots.

Steak ‘n Shake.

Carl’s Jr.

Burger King.


Shake Shack.



In June 2015, the public noticed that the Toowong franchise had chosen the pro-life group Cherish Life to get money from the regional Topics program. Creator Simon Crowe apologized for its alleged error, saying that Grill’d was pro-choice.

The restaurant chain struck a dispute in July 2015 when accusations arose that Kahlani Pyrah, a former worker of this Camberwell franchise, was dismissed from his place after starting a commission case with the Fair Work delegation to overturn a contract that place pay under the minimum award rate.

Grill’d formally denied the allegations. It asserted that the bullying of supervisors was the main reason for the dismissal.

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