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Gong Cha is a restaurant that offers a wide range of delicious flavoured tea. The Australian Gong Cha menu list consists of both fruit-based teas and milk to select from.

Mentioned on this page is the Gong Cha menu available for locations throughout Australia. Not sure which Gong Cha drink to purchase on your next visit? Have a view of the list below to see what are the overall favorite drinks at Gong Cha.

Note: the following prices were taken from their Sydney Central Plaza store under Myer in Westfields. Prices in this article are as current as of March 2021.

Gong Cha is a restaurant that offers a wide range of delicious flavored tea.

Menu Item Price (AUD)

Top 10 Best Sellers

1. Milk Foam Green Tea $6.20
2. Royal Pearl Milk Tea $6.20
3. Lychee Oolong with Aloe $6.20
4. Earl Grey Milk Tea with 3Js $6.90
5. Mango Alisan $5.50
6. Grape Green Tea with Basil $6.20
7. QQ Passionfruit Green Tea $6.50
8. Lemon Roasted Melon Tea with Basil Seed $6.20
9. Taro Milk Tea $5.80
10. Matcha Red Bean $6.20

In the last decade, Gong Cha was the first tea brand to construct a strong foundation in Asian tea firms


About the Gong Cha menu

In the last decade, Gong Cha was the first tea brand to construct a strong foundation in Asian tea firms. It was established in 2006 and till this very day shows no signs of declining in growth.

It esteems itself as having superior quality, hence the name ‘Gong Cha,’ which directly translates to ‘tribute tea,’ a tea served to the Emperor of China in ancient times.

It is well known to have the best quality of all beverages. In the year 2012, Gong Cha was extended to Korea. The Koreans loved the famous Taiwanese bubble tea and in the year 2017, seventy percent of the chain ownership got sold to Euiyeol Kim.

From Taiwan to Asia, then all around the globe, Gong Cha has established fashion tea and has developed a modern-day tea shop culture, mastering innovation, quality, and service to its patrons.
From tea, fruit juices to coffee, Gong Cha has a wide range of options to pick off.

Their variety of flavoured teas is sourced from the most distinct and famous Taiwan tea estates, making them stand out. Their teas are processed every 4 hours to make sure that the taste and quality stay optimal.

The Gong cha milk tea specials are also one of the most sought-after products, especially those who love sweets. With different combinations such as the Oats Milk Tea, Strawberry Chocolate Milk Tea, Oats Milk Tea and many more, you will indeed see what you’re craving to satisfy that sweet tooth.

Their creativity doesn’t just apply to the beverages they serve but also to their restaurants. They used the colors white and red very effectively and creatively to depict a very Asian vibe that gives the customers a peaceful aura.

If you’re looking for a tea that will clear your mind, then Gong Cha is the restaurant to visit!


The Gong cha menu is full of delightful tea recipes and I would gladly give a good review as they also make me feel good about myself as far as the satisfaction of cravings, health and good hygienic products is concerned.

Visit Gong Cha today and thank me later.

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