Getta Burger menu prices in Australia

Getta Burger is a burger chain that specialises in making beef patty burgers with only Australian prime ground beef. The favourite on the Getta Burger menu has to be the Getta ‘Lot’ burger, which features a USA mayo, beef patty, bacon, cheese, grilled onions, tomato sauce, lettuce, special BBQ sauce, mustard, pickle, dished on a milk bun. Tasty!

Getta Burger menu prices

Check out all of their latest prices on the underlisted menu. The prices are as current as of December 2021.

The menu consists of beef patty, vegetarian burgers, chicken, pork and brisket.


Beef Burgers
Getta CheeseA$9.9
Getta Cheese - BigA$11.9
The Getta BurgerA$10.9
The Getta Burger - BigA$12.9
Getta ‘Lot’A$13.9
Getta ‘Lot’ - BigA$15.9
Getta BBCA$15.9
Getta BBC - BigA$19.9
Getta FilthyA$13.9
Getta Filthy - BigA$16.9
Getta Mr MustardA$13.9
Getta Mr Mustard - BigA$16
Getta Junior BeefA$8.9
Getta Junior Beef - BigA$10.9
Getta Father and SonA$9.9
Getta Father and Son - BigA$12.9

Getta Burger menu prices in Australia


Chicken Burgers

  • Getta Grilled Chicken for $13.90
  • Getta GFC for $13.90
  • Getta Chicken Parmy for $15.90
  • Getta Pulled Pork BBQ Melt for $9.90
  • Getta Beef Brisket BBQ Mel for $9.90


chicken burgers Getta Burger menu prices in Australia

Pork and Brisket

Pork and Brisket

Vegetarian and Salad

Vegetarian and Salad

Kids and Sides

Kids and Sides


Beef Burgers

Beef Burgers

  • Getta Cheese for $9.90
  • The Getta Burger for $10.90
  • Getta’ Lot’ for $13.90
  • Getta BBC for $15.90
  • Getta Filthy for $13.90
  • Getta Mr Mustard for $13.90
  • Getta Junior Beef for $8.90
  • Getta Father and Son for $9.90

About the Getta Burger restaurant chain

Getta Burger shares an unforgettable story that dates back to 2008 when its founders Amy Poulter and Brent travelled all over the USA, carrying a backpack. They grew up in Australia, where they had fresh and excellent quality food alternatives.

They both had an intimate relationship with food and knew precisely what excellent customer service and great food looked like. As time went by, the couple noticed a degradation in the quality of service in many other outlets in the country offering substandard products.

The Poulters took advantage of this opportunity and set on a mission to transform the food market. In 2013, they opened a food truck called “That BBQ Joint” and the support and trust they received from their customers inspired them to hit the next level. In 2014, they began the Getta Burger in a small space in carina, Queensland.

In no time, they became popular among the locals for their great-tasting burgers and exceptional service. Getta Burger now has its production facility and 16 stores in Queensland. The passion and consistent commitment of the couple paved the way for what Getta Burger is today.

Getta Burger is well known for its delicious burgers, which they offer in two sizes. While the Big One is most in-demand, their Regular burgers also share quality and ingredients. The beef patties are freshly prepared without any added preservatives, giving an authentic tang to relish.

Getta Burger is a burger chain that specialises in making beef patty burgers with only Australian prime ground beef.

The enhanced flavour of their burgers is achieved by their signature BBQ sauce made in-house to protect the recipe. The “Tom’s Tomato-Relish” is a family recipe Brent inherited from his dad, Tom.

Getta Burger offers you a range of delicious burgers, including chicken, beef patty, pulled pork, and beef brisket, where you have over 15 items to pick from. All the burgers from Getta Burger are made with gluten-free buns, except those with ranch sauce and coleslaw.

You can combine your burger with Getta Filthy-Fries or some extras like nuggets or bacon while your kid can enjoy a Getta-Junior-Burger. If you are a vegetarian, check out their vegan burgers and meatless sides. Getta Burger is the ultimate food destination to satisfy your burger cravings with something to suit every palate.

At Getta Burger, they say, “Burgers made the hard way. Our beef patties are made from 100% rump, have no fillers or preservatives and are cooked fresh. Just good burgers & customer service.”


The Getta Burger chain is unique based on its history and passion story. They have become a favourite of mine because of their consistency in good customer service and delicious burgers, yes, very delicious burgers. Still, you don’t have to take my word for it; make a trip down there and attest to my testimony.

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