Fishbowl menu prices in Australia

Fishbowl serves an option of salads with a unique Japanese twist. The Fishbowl menu is a nutritional and healthy meal with fish, chicken, and vegetarian options.

The list below is the updated Fishbowl menu and the latest and most recent prices for 2022/2023.

Fishbowl menu prices in Australia

Fishbowl menu prices

Step 1 – Choose a Base:

  • Brown Rice
  • Brown Rice & Cabbage
  • Cabbage
  • Sushi Rice
  • Glass Noodles

Step 2 – Choose a Bowl:

  • The O.G = $6.90
  • Lil Umami = $16.90
  • Tokyo Tamari = $16.90
  • Toful Boys = $14.90
  • Big Papi II = $18.90
  • Tokyo Tamari = $16.90
  • Miso Salmon = $18.90
  • Green Room = $18.90
  • Beef Brisket = $17.90
  • Tokyo Tamari = $16.90


Fishbowl is a Japanese-inspired fast-food-style salad bar situated in the inner-west of Collin Street in Melbourne’s CBD. The restaurant serves credible Japanese meals and Australian seafood in a simple set-up. Nathan Dalah and his two friends Casper Ettelson and Nic Pestalozzi created Fishbowl in 2016 while still students at the university.

Fishbowl menu prices in Australia

The food chain begins in a small 30-square meter space in Bondi has 14 outlets through Sydney and Melbourne, Australia, in the present. The idea to create a salad bar started when Dalah witnessed a unique way of dishing poke Hawaiian raw fish on his excursions to the United States American.

He took a lot of time studying and experimenting with several salads and other Japanese dishes to incorporate flavours that society loves and can be prepared in any fast-food setting. The aim is to serve made-to-order salads like in fast foods but healthier than fast-food dishes.

The Fishbowl menu features Australian salmon and tuna dishes, chicken, beef, and vegetarian dishes to choose from. The Japanese salad bar features a famous poke fish as the main attraction in their menu list.

They have the most satisfactorily poke bowl in Sydney using the finest and newest vegetable salad and fish sashimi.

Fishbowls serve the most satisfactorily poke bowl with a Japanese twist. Their idea of making your food bowl is their edge over other restaurants. You can choose from brown rice, cabbage, konbu rice or glass noodles as the base.

For protein, you can select from tuna, salmon, kingfish, and tofu. Just add vegetables with roasted coconut, macadamia nuts and wasabi, to entirely the set.

The O.G. salmon sashimi, sesame dressing shallots, kale, edamame, and seaweed are some of the must-try dishes of the place. The whole Fishbowl menu is formulated to prepare and serve fast food.

Fishbowl is the kind of dish that leaves you feeling healthy, satisfied, and packed at an affordable price.

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