Fasta Pasta menu prices in Australia

Are you living in or visiting Australia soon and you are a lover of light, delicious meals? Then, Fasta Pasta restaurant is the place to be for you. The restaurant specialises in providing a range of quality meals such as pasta, garlic bread, pizza, risotto, and drinks that are well made in a certified environment, following all sanitary protocols.

The Fasta Pasta chain is an Italian themed restaurant located in Queensland, South Australia, and Victoria. The Fasta Pasta menu includes many family favourites, including risotto, pasta, garlic bread, pizza, and drinks. However, as the name suggests, pasta is their primary speciality and what they do best.


Fasta Pasta  specialises  restaurant in providing a range of quality meals such as pasta, garlic bread, pizza.


This article contains the Fasta Pasta menu items and updated prices valid for December 2021 till further notice.

Entree prices

Garlic Bread$2.40
Cheesy Garlic Bread$2.90
Pizza Bianca$7.30
Four Cheese Pizza$11.50
Trio Of Dips$12.90
Olive Pizza Bread$13.90
Bowl of Chips$6.50
Potato Wedges$9.90
Italian Loaded Fries$11.90
Minestrone Soup$6.90

Photos from the Official Fasta Pasta printed menu

The restaurant has locations across different cities in Australia, such as Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Mildura, Murray Bridge, Penrith, etc. The restaurant works every day and opens at 11:30 and closes by 21:30.

The above information may be of value to customers; however, the main thing that drives the willingness to buy a product aside from the quality is the price. The quality of meals provided and services rendered by Fasta pasta is undoubtedly excellent; now we shall shift our attention to the costs of the products offered by Fasta pasta.

Anyone conversant with the pasta menu will surely agree that the prices listed above are as fair as possible for the sumptuous menu Fasta pasta has to offer. So what are you still waiting on? First, locate the nearest quick pasta shop near you to get the best pasta experience at reasonable prices.



Is Fasta Pasta on Menulog?

The answer is YES. You can find fast pasta restaurants on the menu log and make your orders from there.

Can I get Fasta Pasta from Uber eats?

YES, short pasta does Uber eats. However, it’s worth it to order faster pasta on uber eats because, for every Fasta pasta order above $20, uber eats offers free delivery to customers.

Does fast pasta offer gluten-free options?

Fasta pasta has the restaurant providing gluten-free options as a range of vegetarian and gluten-free menus.

How many pasta stores are operational in Australia?

Fasta pasta currently has 19 fully operational outlets in Australia.


About Fasta Pasta stores

Fasta Pasta, as the name itself implies, is a Pasta Restaurant chain popularly known in the Australian region. The restaurant has served authentic Italian pasta for over thirty years and is now one of Australia’s biggest independently owned new pasta restaurants.

Local restaurateurs Mary Donato Frank, Taddeo, Nino Pollina, Jim Rinaldi, George Belperio, Walter Ventura, Jane Hanna and Bruno Donato launched the restaurant in 1984. The restaurant chain now has close to forty stores across the country.

With its innovative and ever-growing menu that provides outstanding service and healthy options, Fasta Pasta got nominated in Roy Morgans’ Quick Service Restaurant of the Year in 2018. Fasta Pasta primary goal is to become the best local Italian restaurant chain in the Australian region.

That is why they consistently deliver tasty and fresh, nutritious meals to all patrons. Suppose you are looking to be a franchiser with Fasta Pasta. In that case, you have to undergo an extensive training programme of twelve weeks to get familiar with the operations, the restaurant’s management and bookwork.

The Fasta Pasta menu list is mainly known for its pasta and Italian-style pizza. The chefs in their restaurants always put in maximum effort to provide their patrons with creamy lasagna, mouth-watering spaghetti and fully-loaded pizza. A must-try, by the way, is their Fettuccine Carbonara recipe.

It is so hot and creamy when dished; you can taste all the fresh spices. If you are looking for gluten-free food, they serve gluten-free pasta with Milanese sauce, which has a great taste that will leave you craving more. Finally, you can try their roasted vegetable, which is worth every dime for vegetarians.

Their restaurants give an excellent ambience for hangouts with friends or family enjoying delicious pizzas or spaghetti and meatballs amongst many other cuisines.

Other extraordinary dishes on their menu are the calamari with well-seasoned crumbs and the beef burger with a pure beef patty. They also have linguine marinara combined with seafood cooked to perfection. Fasta Pasta is a great place for family meals because of its generous servings. Try it out!


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