Emily Skye Net Worth 2022 – Income, Salary, Career, Height, Bio

Emily Skye is a well known Australian social media sensation, fitness model and, of course, a YouTuber. She has a net worth of thirty-six million dollars and is among the top five fitness models across the globe.

Emily is a health professional that has assisted thousands of her fans in building their aesthetic physique. More so, she is a model that has successfully earned millions through the fitness industry.

She is highly appreciated as a model and popularly known for her outstanding physique, strong abs and shapely toned body. Emily is the role model for most women around the globe.

She has a massive following on social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram. However, she is best known for her fitness program on her Emily Skye Fit website.



Net worth Of Emily Skye

In 2018, Emily was worth thirty million dollars, and this figure increased to $32m in 2019. However, it grew to $33m in 2020 and moved upwards to $35m in 2021.

Currently, her net worth is thirty-six million dollars with hopes to rise higher. Emily is rated among the richest Australian fitness models and has earned cool sums of money from her fitness program.

She has a monthly income of over $180k, and most of her income is from her interests, the fitness industry and the events plus programs she is known to organize.

In 2017, she was listed on Forbes’ Top Influencers Fitness and got a lot of cash from her training program and YouTube channel.

Aside from all these, her wealth comes from diverse supplement and fitness brand commercials, sponsorships, and, not to forget, modelling. Her yearly income is over two million dollars.


NameEmily Skye
Net Worth 2022 $36 Million
Monthly Income$180,000 +
Yearly Income$2 Million

Personal Life And Career


Personal Life And Career of Emily Skye


She was born on the 7th of January 1985 in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. Emily was two years old when her parents separated, which led to her depression. When she was eighteen, she attempted suicide.

She is very private about her personal life and has successfully managed to not share so much about her parents. She was twenty-four years old when she began dating Declan Redmond.

On the 18th of December 2017, they were blessed with a daughter called Mia Elise Redmond. They have a son as well.

Growing up, Emily was not interested in the fitness industry, and by 15, she began her modelling career.

During her career as a model, she noticed her declining health, which practically led to her interest in fitness.

This made her focus on boosting her lifestyle. As a result, when she became a fitness model, she was placed in the Women’s Health Magazine cover in 2017.

Emily has been featured in Today, HuffPost and BBC because of her progress and good physique. She has earned much from her fitness career and made an appearance on Television in the talk show Today in 2016.

Her career turning point was when she debuted her online fitness program known as emilyskyefit.com. She provides weight training and strength, nutritional, beauty and stretching classes here.

In addition, she runs two successful businesses and is the co-founder of James Cosmetics and Emily Skye FIT, my fitness app. Emily has been signed to lots of brands like LUMIX, one of the lead digital camera brands all over the globe.

In addition, Skye endorses various brands like Goodlife Health Clubs, Lucozade Sport FitWater, Reebok, and others. Emily lives in a beautiful house situated in Gold Coast, Australia. She lives here with Declan and their kids.

She has other luxury properties and has embarked on some investments.


Emily’s Training

Emily’s Training - Net worth Of Emily Skye


Emily is 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs 60kg with a beautiful aesthetic physique. She enjoys training fewer reps with more sets as she prefers to get the ideal posture.

She says it is more important than lifting those heavier weights. Emily majorly concentrates on her abs, arms, butt and legs. She is not known to take breaks between her workouts as it helps her burn more fat as she stays focused.

As for her diet plan, she follows up on a strict diet and tries avoiding junk foods plus sugary drinks. Her best drink is green smoothies which she drinks early in the morning. And, she takes BCAA Amino.


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