42 Dugg Net Worth: Height, Age, Bio, Real Name & Girlfriend

Dion Marquise Hayes, popularly referred to as 42 Dugg, is a well-known American rapper. He is best perceived for his great collaboration songs with renowned rapper Lil Baby.

His hit songs include “Grace” and “We Paid” As of 2021, 42 Dugg net worth is calculated to be almost $1.5 million. Dugg has signed a joint contract with Lil Baby’s 4PF records and Yo Gotti’s CMG.;-

Full Name:- Dion Marquise Hayes

Birth Date/ Age:-November 25, 1994 / 26 years old

Birth Place:- Detroit, Michigan, United States

Source of Wealth: Rapper

Relationship Status: -Single

Net Worth:- $1.5 million


Early life

42 Dugg Net Worth and Career in Music


Dugg was given birth to Dion Marquise Hayes 1994, November 25 in Detroit, Michigan, USA. From an early age, he got into much trouble.

He didn’t attend school much often as he spent more time at parties. Dugg went through a lot of legal trouble early at 15 years of age, due to which he had to spend six years of his life in prison.

Though, he is yet to clarify the real reason for his imprisonment. While in jail, he was involved in fighting with other prisoners. As a result, he was put in solitary confinement in his 5th year of punishment.


While spending his term in jail, he got himself involved in music. He does find relaxing time through creating and listening to music.

As soon as he was being released from prison, He decided he would find a career path in music.


 42 Dugg Net Worth and Career in Music

In 2017, he met a rising rapper, Lil Baby, for the first time. He was working on his few singles titled “The Streets” and “STFU”.

After a year in 2018, he travelled to Atlanta to meet Lil Baby and his team. Lil eventually sang for his label 4PF.

Just after some months, his wonderful rhymes got into the ear of Yo Gotti, who also signed him under his label Collective.

Dugg got famous after he featured on Lil Baby’s song “Grace”, released in February 2020. The song was a massive blow, which enlisted at the 48th spot on Billboard Hot 100.

Then, in May 2020, he got featured on Lil Baby’s other song, “We Paid”. Again, the music was enlisted at the 10th spot on Billboard Hot 100.

Dugg released his mixtape titled “Young & Turnt 2” on March 27, 2020. His early few hit songs with Lil Baby assisted him in getting the hype on his mixtape.

The mixtape was a big hit listed at 58th spot on Billboard 200.


42 Dugg Height, Weight & Measurements

Dugg Height, Weight & Measurements

 Dugg is not tall; he has a short height. He is 5 feet 1 inches or 156 cm tall and weighs around 58 kg or 128 pounds.

His chest size, waist size, and hips are 38 inches, 28 inches, and 35 inches, respectively. Likewise, his hair colour is also black, and his eye colour is dark brown.


42 Dugg’s Girlfriend & Controversies

 Dugg is presently single. In the past, he was an affair with a lady with Jazmin Re’Nae. However, Dugg recently fell into controversies after his ex Jazmin called him A Fat Booty Man.

Dugg was arrested on several occasions in 2020. March 10, he was first arrested on federal gun charges. Later, Dugg was detained by police on August 4, 2020, as he drove his car through a stop sign. He paid a $20,000 fine to get released.

In February 2021, OMB Peezy hip-hop artist fired a gunshot on the music video shooting of Dugg and Roddy Ricch. Dugg got injured in the incident. However, no person suffered from severe injuries during that incident. Police later arrested Peezy on the charge of possession of a firearm.

42 Dugg Net Worth

42 Dugg Net Worth

Starting 2021, 42 Dugg estimated an approximate fortune of $1.5 million. However, he is yet o make a significant mark through his unique musical talent.

Dugg has just begun his career and released a few singles hit. As a result, his net worth figure will expand as he receives more success in the future.


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