Dominos menu prices in Australia

Dominos pizza is one of the most popular pizza brands in Australia. The Domino’s menu list entails pizzas categorized as the New Yorker Range, Premium, Traditional, Vegetarian, Vegan and Value. They are well known in Australia for having the cheapest takeaway pizza and they also offer coupon deals frequently.


Dominos pizza are are well known in Australia for having the cheapest takeaway pizza .



Patrons can select from any crust type that satisfies their cravings:

  • Thin N Crispy
  • Classic
  • Deep Pan
  • Cheesy Crust $3.45
  • Gluten-Free sourdough $2.95
  • Extra Large (with additional toppings and more pizza)

Underlisted is the most recent Dominos menu prices. These prices are as current as September 2021.


Menu itemPrice


New at Domino's

Value Chicken Mega BoxFrom $10,00
Cheese & Garlic ScrollsFrom $5,00

New Yorker's Range

The Big Cheese


Extra Mozarella Cheese: $3

Rasher Bacon: $3
From $17,95
The Big Pepperoni


Extra Mozarella Cheese: $3

Rasher Bacon: $3
From $17,95
The Big Ham & PineappleFrom $17,95
The Big Pepperoni, Sausage & Mushroom


Extra Mozarella Cheese: $3

Rasher Bacon: $3
From $17,95
The Big Three Meats


Extra Mozarella Cheese: $3

Rasher Bacon: $3
From $17,95
New Yorker Half N' HalfFrom $20,95

Premium Pizzas (Customise)

Chicken ParmyFrom $16,60
Garlic Chicken & Bacon RanchFrom $16,60
Chicken, Bacon & AvocadoFrom $16,80
Loaded SupremeFrom $17,10
Mega MeatloversFrom $16,75
Chicken & CamembertFrom $17,20
Peri Peri ChickenFrom $16,20
BBQ Chicken & Rasher BaconFrom $16,70
Garlic PrawnFrom $17,20

Traditional Pizzas (Customise)

Loaded Pepperoni (Loaded with 50% more of your favourite Domino's Pepperoni)From $8,20
Avocada VegFrom $13,70
Fire BreatherFrom $13,95
GodfatherFrom $13,20
VegoramaFrom $13,85
HawaiianFrom $13,20
SupremeFrom $14,20
BBQ MeatloversFrom $14,00
Double Bacon CheeseburgerFrom $14,00

Value Range (Customise)

Simply Cheese$5,00
Cheesy Garlic with Crème Fraiche$5,00
Beef & Onion$5,00
Ham & cheese$5,00
Spicy Veg Trio$5,00

Vegan Range

Vegan Fire BreatherFrom $16,70
Vegan GodfatherFrom $17,15
Vegan HawaiianFrom $16,15
Vegan Ham & cheeseFrom $14,15
Vegan Beef & OnionFrom $14,15
Vegan Spicy Veg TrioFrom $7,95
Vegan MargheritaFrom $7,95
Vegan Avocado VegFrom $16,65
Vegan Cheesy Garlic BreadFrom $6,95

Vegetarian Plant Based

Vegetarian Plant Based HawaiianFrom $13,20
Vegetarian Plant Based Fire BreatherFrom $13,75
Vegetarian Plant Based GodfatherFrom $14,20
Vegetarian Plant Based Ham & cheeseFrom $11,20
Vegetarian Plant Based Beef & OnionFrom $11,20

Gluten Free

Vegetarian Plant Based HawaiianFrom $16,15
Vegetarian Plant Based Ham & CheeseFrom $14,15
Vegetarian Plant Based Beef & OnionFrom $14,15
Gluten Free Vegan MargheritaFrom $10,90
Vegan Spicy Veg TrioFrom $10,90
Vegan Avocado VegFrom $19,60
Vegan HawaiianFrom $19,10
Vegan Ham & CheeseFrom $17,10
Vegan Beef & OnionFrom 17,10
Loaded PepperoniFrom $11,15
MargheritaFrom $7,95
Avocado VegFrom $16,65
Garlic Chicken & Bacon RanchFrom $19,55
Chicken, Bacon & AvocadoFrom $19,75
GodfatherFrom $16,15
Chicken & CamembertFrom $20,15
Loaded SupremeFrom $20,05
Mega MeatloversFrom $19,70
SupremeFrom $17,15
BBQ MeatloversFrom $16,95
Simply CheeseFrom $7,95
Cheesy GarlicFrom $7,95
Double Bacon CheeseburgerFrom $16,95
Fire BreatherFrom $16,90
Beef & OnionFrom $7,95
BBq Chicken & Rasher BaconFrom $19,65
HawaiianFrom $16,15
Ham & cheeseFrom $7,95
PepperoniFrom $7,95
Spicy Veg TrioFrom $7,95
VegoramaFrom $16,80
Garlic PrawnFrom $20,15
Peri-Peri ChickenFrom $19,15

Make your own

Build Your Own (upto 4 toppings included)From $12,95
Half N Half (Combine any 2 pizzas in 1)From $14,95


Sliced Avocado$2,00
Rasher Bacon$2,00
Ground Beef$2,00
Seasoned Chicken$3,00
Camembert Cheese$3,00
Mozarella Cheese$2,00
Sweet Cherry Peppers$2,00
Chilli Flakes$0,00
Fire Roasted Peppers$2,00
Garlic Sauce$1,00
Cherry Tomato$2,00
Cherry wood smoked leg ham$2,00
Hickory BBQ Sauce Swirl$1,00
Hollaindaise Sauce Swirl$1,00
Red Onion$1,50
Plant Based Beef$2,00
Plant Based Ham$3,00
Peri-peri sauce swirl$1,00
Pork & Fennel sausage$2,00
Ranch Sauce$1,00
Italian Sausage$2,00
Baby Spinach$2,00
Spring onion$0,50
Fresh Tomato$1,50
Tomato Capsicum Sauce Swirl$1,00

Savoury sides

Cheese and Garlic ScrollsFrom $5,00
Garlic BreadFrom $3,95
Cheesy Garlic BreadFrom $5,00
Vegan Cheesy Garlic BreadFrom $6,95
Two 375ml cans & Garlic BreadFrom $5,00
Oven Baked ChipsFrom $5,00
Dipping Sauces$1,00

Chicken Sides

Value Chicken Mega BoxFrom $10
Southern Fried Chicken Pieces 5 Pk$5,95
Southern Fried Chicken Pieces 5 Pk (No sauce)$5,95
Southern Fried Chicken Pieces 10 Pk$10,95
Southern Fried Chicken Pieces 10 Pk (No sauce)$10,95
Buttermilk Chicken Pieces 5 Pk$6,95
Buttermilk Chicken Pieces 10 Pk$12,95
Buttermilk Chicken Pieces 5 Pk (No Sauce)$6,95
Buttermilk Chicken Pieces 10 Pk (No sauce)$12,95
Southern Fried Chicken bites 20 Pk$5,00
Southern Fried Chicken bites 20 Pk (No Sauce)$5,00
Creamy Ranch chicken wings 5 pack$5,95
Creamy Ranch chicken wings 10 pack$10,95
Oven roasted Chicken wings 5 pack with no sauce$6,95
Oven roasted Chicken wings 10 pack with no sauce$12,95
Korean sticky wings 10 Pk$12,95
Korean sticky wings 5 Pk$6,95
Chicken mini meatballs (No sauce)$5,50
Creamy Ranch chicken mini meatballs$5,95
BBQ chcicken mini meatballs$5,95
Aioli dipping sauce$0,75
Ranch Dipping sauce$0,75


Malted Vanilla ThickshakeFrom $5,95
Malted Vanilla Thickshake with cream & malt syrupFrom $6,95
Salted caramel ThickshakeFrom $5,95
Salted caramel Thickshake with cream & caramel syrupFrom $6,95
Chocolate Malt ThickshakeFrom $5,95
Chocolate Malt Thickshake with Cream & Choc SauceFrom $6,95
3 cans of 375mlFrom $5,00
1 can 375mlFrom $2,60
1.25 L drinkFrom $5,00
Cool Ridge water 600ml$3,00


Salted Caramel Sundae 4 PkFrom $9,95
Salted Caramel SundaeFrom $2,95
Choc SundaeFrom $2,95
2 Choc SundaesFrom $5,00
Choc Sundaes 4 PackFrom $9,95
Hot Choc Fudge BrowniesFrom $5,95
Oven Baked Churros 4 packFrom $5,95
Oven Baked Churros 12 packFrom $11,95
Choc Lava CakeFrom $4,95
Mini Dutch PancakesFrom $3,95
Salted Caramel Chocolate MousseFrom $4,95
Chocolate Dipping SauceFrom $0,75

 Dominos meal deal prices

  • data-preserver-spaces=”true”>Dominos offers various meal deals that allow you to save money when buying a pizza, garlic, drink and bread. Here are the latest offers at dominos for 2021:
  • Large pizza, garlic bread and 1.25L drink = from $25
  • Large pizza, garlic bread and 1.25L drink = from $32
  • Large pizza, garlic bread and 1.25L drink = from $18

This deal includes Traditional, Vegetarian, Value pizzas and Plant-Based

Dominos lunch menu

Looking for some Fancy, quick and cheap pizza for lunch? Dominos has a great lunch break offer which consists of:

  •  Large pizzas
  • 375ml drink
  • Garlic bread
  • For ten dollars

Details about the Domino’s restaurant menu

Domino’s brand is one of the most famous pizza chains across the world, and with over 700 stores in Australia, the chain is also by far the largest pizza chain in the country.

The brand opened its first Australian restaurant in 1983 and hasn’t looked back since. Their remarkable growth and success have come from innovative technology to connect people with “faster, fresher quality food”.

They lead the industry using Artificial intelligence voice assistants, drone delivery, and app ordering.

This desire to improve on the delivery experience makes it easy for patrons to enjoy and explore the incredible variety of pizzas, pasta, sides and desserts offered on the Domino’s menu from the comforts of their own home.

Whether for a social gathering of friends and family or simply a relaxing dinner in front of the television, ordering delivery from this excellent pizza place is never a bad option.

Details about the Domino’s restaurant menu

The Domino’s menu options pride themselves on its fantastic pizza, which comes in more than 36 varieties of flavours and six different types of Crust, with new limited-time flavours and crust options coming out all the time.

Toppings options range from all-time favourites like the Hawaiian and Pepperoni to more exotic combinations like the Camembert & Chicken.

Do not forget to save room for the many offers of sides, including the famous Cheesy Bread, and try out their wide range of chicken appetizers, from the classic Chicken Meatballs to Seasoned Chicken Wings and Boneless Chicken Tenders.

Complete your meal with their signature Thickshakes, which come in Salted Caramel, Chocolate Malt and Malted Vanilla flavours, and finish off with a dessert like the Lava Cake from their dessert menu.

There is always something on the Domino’s menu for everyone, and do well to check out all the great deals frequently being offered before ordering!

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