DiBella’s Menu Prices

Submarine sandwiches, also known as subs, are famous in the United States because of their all-in-one quality. Every sub already has three macronutrients – carbohydrates from the bread, proteins from the meat, and fat from the dressing – and the minerals and vitamins and herbs and vegetables, add the spices.

So it’s a light meal or a heavy snack in itself, besides the fact that it’s a portion of excellent on-the-go meals.

DiBellas traditional Submarines, known simply as DiBellas, is among the top sub-centric fast-food chains in the United States. The chain maintains several locations in Connecticut, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Indiana, while its corporate headquarters are in Rochester, New York.

Below are the latest DiBella’s menu prices.



Top Menu Items

Build Your Own Classic Sub$7.56
Dibella's Cheesesteak Sub$8.47
20 oz. Bottled Soda$2.78

Classic Specialty Subs

Godfather Sub$7.57
Classic Dagwood Sub$7.56
Classic Uncle Louie Sub$7.56
Classic Italian Assorted Sub$7.56
Classic Old Fashioned Sub$7.56
Dibella's BLT Sub$9.11
Albacore Tuna Salad Sub$8.47


Build Your Own Classic Sub - MED$9.79

Classic Specialty Subs - Small

Classic Dagwood Sub - SML$7.46
Classic Uncle Louie Sub - SML$7.46
Classic Italian Assorted Sub - SML$7.46
Classic Old Fashioned Sub - SML$7.46
DiBella's BLT Sub - SML$8.39
Albacore Tuna Salad Sub - SML$8.39
Classic Godfather Sub - SML$7.46

Grilled Specialty Subs

Grilled Godfather Sub$7.56
Grilled Dagwood Sub$7.56
Grilled Uncle Louie Sub$7.56
Grilled Italian Assorted Sub$7.56
Grilled Old Fashioned Sub$7.56
Italian Meatball Sub$8.47
Chicken Philly Sub$8.47
Buffalo Chicken Sub$8.47
The Cowboy Sub$10.27

Classic Specialty Subs - Medium

Classic Dagwood Sub - MED$9.79
Classic Uncle Louie Sub - MED$9.79
Classic Italian Assorted Sub - MED$9.79
Classic Old Fashioned Sub - MED$9.79
DiBella's BLT Sub - MED$10.86
Albacore Tuna Salad Sub - MED$10.86
Classic Godfather Sub - MED$9.79

Build Your Own Sub

Build Your Own Grilled Sub$7.56

Classic Specialty Subs - Large

Classic Dagwood Sub - LRG$14.39
Classic Uncle Louie Sub - LRG$14.39
Classic Italian Assorted Sub - LRG$14.39
Classic Old Fashioned Sub - LRG$14.39
DiBella's BLT Sub - LRG$14.86
Albacore Tuna Salad Sub - LRG$14.86
Classic Godfather Sub - LRG$14.39

Grilled Specialty Subs - Small

Grilled Godfather Sub - SML$7.46
Grilled Dagwood Sub - SML$7.46
Grilled Uncle Louie Sub - SML$7.46
Grilled Italian Assorted Sub - SML$7.46
Chicken Philly Sub - SML$8.39
Grilled Old Fashioned Sub - SML$7.46
DiBella's Cheesesteak Sub - SML$8.39
Italian Meatball Sub - SML$8.39
Buffalo Chicken Sub - SML$8.39
The Cowboy Sub - SML$10.19

Specialty Classic Salads

Classic Antipasto Salad$7.46
Antipasto Salad$7.48
Classic Dagwood Salad$7.46
Classic Italian Assorted Salad$7.46
Classic Old Fashioned Salad$7.46
Classic Uncle Louie Salad$7.46
Classic Cheese Salad$7.39
Albacore Tuna Salad Salad$8.39
Garden Salad$6.19
Classic Garden Salad$6.19
Classic Turkey Salad$7.46
Classic Ham Salad$7.46
Classic Roast Beef Salad$7.43
Classic Corned Beef Salad$7.46
Classic Salami Salad$7.46
Classic Capicola Salad$7.46
Classic Spicy Ham Salad$7.41
Classic Turkey & Ham Salad$7.46
Classic Turkey Club Salad$9.16

Grilled Specialty Subs - Medium

Grilled Godfather Sub - MED$9.79
Grilled Dagwood Sub - MED$9.79
Grilled Uncle Louie Sub - MED$9.79
Chicken Philly Sub - MED$10.86
Grilled Italian Assorted Sub - MED$9.79
Grilled Old Fashioned Sub - MED$9.79
DiBella's Cheesesteak Sub - MED$10.86
Italian Meatball Sub - MED$10.86
Buffalo Chicken Sub - MED$10.86
The Cowboy Sub - MED$13.19

Grilled Specialty Subs - Large

Grilled Godfather Sub - LRG$14.39
Grilled Dagwood Sub - LRG$14.39
Grilled Uncle Louie Sub - LRG$14.39
Grilled Italian Assorted Sub - LRG$14.39
Grilled Old Fashioned Sub - LRG$14.39
DiBella's Cheesesteak Sub - LRG$14.86
Italian Meatball Sub - LRG$14.86
Chicken Philly Sub - LRG$14.86
Buffalo Chicken Sub - LRG$14.86
The Cowboy Sub - LRG$16.79

Build Your Own Sub - Small

Build Your Own Classic Sub - SML$7.46
Build Your Own Grilled Sub - SML$7.46

Build Your Own Sub - Medium

Build Your Own Grilled Sub - MED$9.79

Build Your Own Sub - Large

Build Your Own Classic Sub - LRG$14.39
Build Your Own Grilled Sub - LRG$14.39

Vegetarian Subs

Veggie Sub$6.27
Veggie Sub - SML$6.19
Veggie Sub - MED$8.39
Cheese Sub$7.47
Veggie Sub - LRG$10.79
Cheese Sub- SML$7.39
Cheese Sub - MED$9.19
Cheese Sub - LRG$11.99

Specialty Grilled Salads

Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad$8.39
DiBella's Cheese Steak Salad$8.39
Italian Meatball Salad$8.39
Chicken Philly Salad$8.39
Buffalo Chicken Salad$8.39
DiBella's BLT Salad$8.39
The Cowboy Salad$9.98
Grilled Antipasto Salad$7.46
Grilled Dagwood Salad$7.47
Grilled Italian Assorted Salad$7.47
Grilled Old Fashioned Salad$7.47
Grilled Uncle Louie Salad$7.47
Grilled Garden Salad$6.24
Grilled Turkey Salad$7.46
Grilled Ham Salad$7.46
Grilled Roast Beef Salad$7.46
Grilled Corned Beef Salad$7.46
Grilled Salami Salad$7.46
Grilled Capicola Salad$7.46
Grilled Spicy Ham Salad$7.46
Grilled Turkey and Ham Salad$7.46
Grilled Turkey Club Salad$9.14

Build Your Own Salad

Build Your Own Salad$7.46

Sides and More

Pasta Salad$2.23
Macaroni Salad$2.23
Potato Salad$2.23

Grandma DiBella’s Cookies

Box of 12 Mini Cookies$4.79
Box of 24 Mini Cookies$8.99


Pepsi - 20 oz. bottle$2.79
Bottled Pepsi$2.74
Diet Pepsi - 20 oz. bottle$2.79
Bottled Diet Pepsi$2.74
Mountain Dew - 20 oz. bottle$2.79
Bottled Sierra Mist$2.74
Sierra Mist - 20 oz. bottle$2.79
Bottled Mountain Dew$2.74
Bottled Water$2.66



Discovered in 1918, the chain of DiBellas restaurants kicked off as a family-owned delicatessen in New York. But the deli’s prepared foods became more demand than its grocery items, so its management decided to focus more on what the people wanted.

Today, the family-owned and –operated chain has roughly 50 stores and specializes in great subs (bread).

DiBellas’ main attraction is its classic American subs with distinct tastes. According to its management, the subs are the core of what they do and who they are; indeed, they are an American success story based on perseverance and hard work.

They take pride in the loyal patronage, wherever its restaurant is situated, thanks to the exceptional quality of its subs.

Its Rochester location continues to earn points from its customers as the “Best Sub in Rochester” based on the votings done by local newspapers; we can confidently say that such excellence also extends to its other restaurants across the world!

Every sub has bread as its base and the DiBellas bread is definitely among the best in the industry. The bread is always freshly baked on-site to assure customers of the freshest hot-off-the-oven pastry. The fillings for the bread consist of herbs, spices, premium meats, cheeses and vegetables, and condiments.


The submarines are the main reason to become a regular customer at your nearest DiBellas restaurant! We have even heard of many people browsing online for the closest DiBellas whenever they find themselves in the abovementioned locations. The subs are satisfying and filling, so no wonder it has a cult following in its own right!

The bread comes in several versions, the everything-in-it type, namely, plain, sesame and multigrain. These items are also available in small, medium and large portions, with many people saying that the larger version is too much for just one person.

The Godfather is the most famous because of its delicious combo of Genoa salami, spicy ham, and capicola, while the Assorted Italian skips with the spicy ham option. The Dagwood is a meat lover’s favourite with its generous servings of turkey, corned beef and ham.

The same may also be said for the Genoa salami, turkey and ham of the Old Fashioned and the roast beef, turkey, ham, and the Uncle Louie version. DiBellas is a meat lover’s haven where subs are concerned.

But vegetarians may also build their subs with the assorted vegetables available. The DiBellas restaurants also offer build-your-own-sub service for people who have specific tastes. You can select from up to three meats with your sub, such as turkey, corned beef and Genoa salami, combined with your choice in cheese and vegetables.

The freebies for the subs include ranch, mayonnaise, mustard (i.e., plain, honey, and spicy) and horseradish. The sauce selection includes steak, blue cheese and BBQ, while the vegetables are lettuce, tomato, onion, sweet peppers, hot peppers, and banana peppers.

You will not run out of options in your personalized subs because the chain offers new ones on a seasonal basis, besides the year-round selections of meats, vegetables, sauces, and cheese.

We love the speciality subs, as well, which may be pricier than the regular subs but are worth every extra penny. The subs are available in small, medium and large sizes. The options include:

  • Chicken Philly.
  • DiBella’s Cheesesteak.
  • Italian Meatball.

They even have a sub fit for cowboys – The Cowboy with barbecue sauce, thick-cut bacon, all-white meat, and cheddar cheese on top.

The sides like pasta salad, macaroni salad and potato salad, as well as the cookies (e.g., chocolate chip with walnuts), are to-die-for, too. Let’s say that every item on the menu is an American classic, so every visit to a DiBellas outlet feels just like home.

Every DiBellas store has a retro theme design, particularly tracking to the mid-90s. The chain also manages small and large get-togethers in offices, schools, restaurants, and homes. 

Sometimes you’d have to wait 10 to 20 minutes but the staff members are friendly, so it doesn’t seem to take so long.

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